Chapter 1154: Molten Crimson

Tang Wulin was one of the best students that Shrek Academy had to offer, and there was no other entity in this world that had a greater knowledge base of martial souls than Shrek Academy did.

As such, the first thought that occurred to him was that after soul beasts cultivated to the Great Beast level, they could adopt human forms. However, even in their human forms, they could still draw upon their enormous strength, and their human bodies could still bear this strength.

It was undoubtedly the case that the Golden Dragon King was a being that was far superior to the average Great Beast, so it was definitely also able to manifest a human form. In that case, what would its bodily structure be like after it adopted its human form?

With that thought as a premise, Tang Wulin was struck by a sense of enlightenment; he could make use of the perforation process to ascertain how to make his body better equipped to handle such enormous exogenous power.

As such, his skeletal structure was constantly adjusting itself, and his muscles, blood, and meridians were also undergoing subtle enhancements. Through cultivating the Body Sect's congenital secret method, he could adjust his body toward its perfect form; even he hadn't thought that the Body Sect's congenital secret method would assist him to such a great extent.

Just the first perforation stage was able to adjust his body and significantly enhance his bodily abilities. Now that he was able to unleash his Golden Dragon True Body, he could familiarize himself with the Golden Dragon King's bodily structure after he adopted that form. In doing so, he would be able to experience how the Golden Dragon King stored and used its energy, then use the Body Sect's congenital secret method to adjust his own body to better resemble that of the Golden Dragon King.

After ascertaining this path, the congenital secret method that Tang Wulin was cultivating had already become an ability that was unique to him, rather than the original congenital secret method of the Body Sect.

What A'Ruheng was frustrated about was that during the perforation process, not only was Tang Wulin not displaying any signs of pain, he was even smiling from time to time!

This world was so unfair! Where was the justice?!      

Thus, one day passed by after another. Tang Wulin forged in the morning, cultivated the Body Sect's congenital secret method in the afternoon, and sparred with A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi at night. All of his days were spent in a busy manner, and he contacted the Blood Dragon Squad every week to enquire about their experiences and observations from visiting the areas near Heaven Dou City.

Even though he didn't ask her to do so, Long Yuxue had already paid a visit to the original site of Shrek City, and she had sent him some information and photos surrounding her trip there.

The current Shrek City had already become a massive lake that was more than 10 times the size of the original Sea God's Lake. The lake encompassed virtually the entire former area of Shrek City, and its diameter was too massive for one to see from one side to the other.

The government had named this the Sea God's Lake, rather than Lake Shrek, and this was clearly in an attempt to gradually make the general public forget about the existence of Shrek Academy and Shrek City.

This wasn't something that could be accomplished in just a day or two, but all of the major powers were undoubtedly working toward that collective goal. Since the destruction of Shrek Academy, there had been many voices on all sides proposing the revival of the academy, but none of those voices had amounted to anything thus far.

After all, no matter how powerful Shrek Academy had once been, it was still an academy. The alumni of the academy naturally held it in high regard, but the issue was that following their graduations, they now all belonged to different powers, so before they did anything, they had to take into account the potential reactions from the powers that they belonged to. As such, no matter how furious or grief-stricken they were, all of them were bogged down by too many societal responsibilities to do anything.

This was why Tang Wulin had always been aware that if he wanted to revive Shrek Academy, then a leader would have to rise up to unite everyone; only then would all of the alumni of Shrek Academy all over the continent be united under a single banner, but it was also undoubtedly the case that this leader would become public enemy number one in the eyes of all of the major powers.


A melodious clang rang out, and a burst of crimson light rose up into the air. Golden light flashed and transformed into a giant dragon that lingered and circled around in the air. In the end, it transformed into a piece of armor that settled onto the forging bench in a peaceful manner.

This was a molten crimson piece of battle armor with layers of scale on its surface, presenting an antiquated and bold design that was also not lacking in luxury.

For some reason, as he had become more powerful and fused more and more of the Golden Dragon King's bloodline, Tang Wulin had become fonder and fonder of lavish things. Perhaps he had been affected by the preferences of dragons, so during his construction of his own suit of three-word battle armor, the outward design was a lot more lavish than it had been in the past. Every single dragon pattern was extremely intricate, and he didn't even need to carve them himself as the Goldwater Consonance could naturally alter the form of the alloys at his behest.

Even with the assistance of the Goldwater Consonance, fusing six different types of metal into an alloy had still been a very difficult undertaking, and it had taken him three whole months to forge the foundational metals.

During this time, he had also forged the metals required for A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi's suits of three-word battle armor. Furthermore, with the uncommon metals provided by the blacksmith association, he had been able to further enhance their suits of battle armor. As such even though both of them had been quite frustrated with their sparring sessions with Tang Wulin, they didn't have any complaints.

After all, being able to forge their suits of three-word battle armor with support from the blacksmith association headquarters was the best possible outcome that they could've envisioned.

"Is it ready, Junior Disciple Brother?" A'Ruheng had always been very interested in forging, so he was often present to watch Tang Wulin during his forging sessions.

"Yes, it's finally done; all that's left now is to carve the core circuits." A smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. It was finally complete! He had forged the foundation for his suit of three-word battle armor, and all that was now required were the finishing touches. Of course, prior to that, he was essentially deprived of his suit of battle armor.

It was time he gathered his friends together again; everyone was due for an upgrade to suits of three-word battle armor, and he had already prepared the metals required for everyone. All that was left was for them to gather together and cooperate to complete their suits of three-word battle armor.

Yuanen Yehui and the others were going to be responsible for the construction of the suits of battle armor, and he also had something that he had to do; he had always been planning to construct an ideal mecha for himself, and he had already finalized the blueprints, so it was time for him to put his plans into practice.

After all, not only was he a battle armor master, he had also become an exceptional mecha pilot!

"Let's go for another sparring match; there's no way your body is more powerful than mine right after completing perforation! Sima is also raring to go."

During the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, they had both been evenly-matched with Tang Wulin or perhaps even slightly superior to him when it came to overall power. However, the rate of Tang Wulin's development had been truly fearsome during the past few months, to the extent that he and Sima Jinchi currently had next to no chance against him on a one-on-one basis; how could they not be frustrated by this?

However, through battling one another, all three of them were reaping significant benefits, both in terms of accumulating practical combat experience, as well as in assessing their own abilities.

A'Ruheng had already become a Titled Douluo, so his powers had been drastically enhanced, and even though Sima Jinchi hadn't made that breakthrough yet, he was rapidly building up a strong foundation, and his Dragonslaying Saber had become vastly more powerful under the stimulus of Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear. On top of that, it had already been confirmed that he did indeed have a soul fusion skill with Tang Wulin. No matter how disgruntled Sima Jinchi was by this notion, he had no choice but to accept it.

There was a huge underground drill ground beneath the blacksmith association building, and it was used to test various types of weapons, primarily battle armor. Zhen Hua had already given Tang Wulin the highest level of access to the drill ground, and the protective facilities here were far superior to those in the Star Battle Net. The drill ground here could withstand clashes between Titled Douluos, but of course, that was also limited to those at or below the three-word battle armor master level.

When Tang Wulin and A'Ruheng arrived at the drill ground, Sima Jinchi was already there, and he was sitting with his legs crossed in a corner with his Dragonslaying Saber resting over his knees. There were eight soul rings pulsating around his body and releasing a faint light.

As soon as he sensed Tang Wulin and A'Ruheng's arrival, he opened his eyes and cast his gaze toward them. All of a sudden, he let loose a loud roar. "Tang Wulin, take this!"

Immediately thereafter, his aura suddenly swelled explosively before forming a massive black dragon behind him.

The black dragon was extremely menacing, and its crimson eyes were filled with ferocity. The dragon was only around 10 meters in length, but its sheer presence made it feel as if it were over 100 meters long. Rich darkness elemental fluctuations surged over the entire drill ground, and even the surrounding area had dimmed significantly.

Right at this moment, the Dragonslaying Saber that was resting over Sima Jinchi's knees suddenly let loose a buzzing sound before rising up into the air. It was unknown which of his soul rings had lit up, but the giant black dragon suddenly let loose a wail of anguish before surging into the Dragonslaying Saber in a frenzy.

The Dragonslaying Saber remained the same size, but the saber projection that resembled inky-black mist instantly began to swell, as if it were threatening to part heaven and earth.

His saber intent manifested into a saber soul, and it was as if the Dragonslaying Saber had sprung to life. The saber projection flashed, and it dragged a shimmering gash that was over 100 meters through the air before slashing directly toward Tang Wulin.

Meanwhile, A'Ruheng had already leaped into the distance, and the events that were currently unfolding had been repeated countless times during the past three months.

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