Chapter 1152: Preparatory Work Will Only Speed up the Process

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "I was just going to propose to stay here for a while longer. The Goldwater Consonance has already fused into my suit of two-word battle armor, and I want to take this opportunity to forge the base for my suit of three-word battle armor."

Zhen Hua's expression changed slightly upon hearing this. "You want to progress to the three-word battle armor master level? I guess it's about time you did that. You've already become a Soul Sage, right?"

Tang Wulin nodded in response.

Despite the fact that they had already guessed this, Zhen Hua and Mu Chen were still quite stunned to hear this notion being confirmed, and they couldn't help but exchange a shocked glance. Mu Chen couldn't help but exclaim, "As expected of a little monster from Shrek Academy! Our projections are struggling to keep up with the rate of your development!"

Zhen Hua asked, "I know a few ninth-rank mecha makers; do you want me to ask them to assist you in the construction of your three-word battle armor?"

Only after the core circuits were carved could Tang Wulin truly attain a suit of three-word battle armor.

However, Tang Wulin shook his head in response. "There's no need for that; I have friends who are high-grade mecha makers, and they'll help me complete the construction process."

Tang Wulin's battle armor had been designed by Gu Yue, and the construction had always been taken care of by Yuanen Yehui and the others, just as all of his friends' suits of battle armor had been forged by him. They were a single entity, and they were assisting one another and better familiarising themselves with each other in the process.

As their captain, Tang Wulin had absolute trust in his friends, which was why he was going to entrust his friends with these tasks.

In the past, Gu Yue had completed the designs for his suit of three-word battle armor, and at the time, she had been unable to design suits of four-word battle armor. As for what path he was going to take to attain his suit of four-word battle armor in the future, that was something that Tang Wulin hadn't put too much consideration into as that would only be a relevant issue once he reached at least the Titled Douluo level. For now, his suits of battle armor had to be constructed by his friends.

"Alright." Zhen Hua didn't insist on the matter; he was naturally aware that everyone had their go-to mecha makers, not just because of familiarity, but also for confidentiality. After all, everyone's suit of battle armor had their own unique characteristics, especially suits of three-word battle armor, which bestowed upon their wearers domains.

Mu Chen encouraged, "Preparatory work will only speed up the process, so it's a good idea for you to go into seclusion."

Tang Wulin asked, "Teacher, Uncle-teacher, a senior disciple brother of mine from the Body Sect is going to be coming here later; can he stay here to help me?"

Zhen Hua replied, "I have no objections as long as you trust him. Is the guy you're talking about that Strength King?"

Tang Wulin nodded with a smile.

Zhen Hua and Mu Chen exchanged a knowing smile. They naturally recognized A'Ruheng.


After A'Ruheng arrived at the blacksmith association, Tang Wulin took him directly to the forging room.

"Senior Disciple Brother, I plan to go into seclusion here for a while to complete the foundation for my suit of three-word battle armor. You still have a suit of two-word battle armor, right? I can help you forge your suit of three-word battle armor as well. What's your secondary occupation?"

A'Ruheng replied, "I'm a mecha mechanic, but my skills in that area are pretty ordinary. As you know, I cultivated our Body Sect's congenital secret method, so I'm constantly being tortured and barely have any time to work on my secondary occupation!"

Tang Wulin paused momentarily before continuing, "What about Sima Jinchi? What's his secondary occupation?"

"He's a mecha maker; even his own suit of battle armor was constructed by himself. He hasn't attained a suit of three-word battle armor, either; should we call him over as well?"

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly upon hearing this. "Senior Disciple Brother, do you think he's trustworthy?"

A'Ruheng replied without any hesitation, "For sure. He's practically addicted to fighting, and if it weren't for the fact that you saved our lives, he would've challenged you long ago. I think it's a good idea to get him over here so that the three of us can go into seclusion together. I'm sure he'll be extremely grateful to you if you can forge a suit of three-word battle armor for him. With his powers, he should've upgraded to a suit of three-word battle armor long ago. If all three of us can become three-word battle armor masters, then we won't have to be afraid of that Bear Lord guy."

The fact that A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were able to participate in the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition clearly indicated that neither of them were three-word battle armor masters, but with their powers, they were well overdue for an upgrade. Even Ma Shan had already become a three-word battle armor master at this point.

"Alright, that sounds like a good idea. I'll invite Brother Sima over as well, and we can all go into seclusion together."

The situation on the continent was currently very unclear, and it was very likely that his cover had been blown in Bright City, so it would not be a bad idea for him to keep a low profile for now.

Sima Jinchi's Dragonslaying Saber and A'Ruheng's congenital secret method were both related to Tang Wulin's cultivation, so it would help all three of them if they could go into seclusion and cultivate together.


Countless specks of gentle golden light converged before fusing into the four pristine white wings.

An altar that was as pristine white as jade lay underfoot, and there was nothing in the surrounding area aside from boundless empty space. The dark space was the source of the specks of starlight, which was converging toward the wings as gentle glowing radiance.

The owner of the wings had faint golden flames burning all over his body and a head of golden hair. His skin was as translucent and fair as jade, and there seemed to be golden light circulating within his body, giving him the appearance of a regal holy angel.

When the final speck of golden light fused into his body, the golden flames around him also slowly receded.

A faint sound rang out from his body, and it resembled a delightful holy song.

"You are the first person in our clan in the past 500 years to have completed the second ritual in their twenties. I have high hopes for you." An almighty voice reverberated throughout the boundless space before finally trailing off into silence.

A pillar of dazzling golden light abruptly erupted from the body of the man who was standing on the altar, and the pillar of light seemed to have appeared out of thin air, enveloping his entire body before cleansing his entire being. In the next instant, he suddenly vanished.


At the summit of a valley, a woman was seated in silence with her legs crossed, and a longsword was placed over her knees.

She was sitting in a completely still manner, making her appear as if she were a stone statue that had become one with her surroundings.

Within the valley, there was a waterfall that was several hundred meters tall in the distance. The waterfall plunged into the clear lake within the valley, and relentless rumbling booms were echoing throughout the majestic valley.

She slowly opened her eyes, and the waterfall was reflected within her pupils, which also seemed to contain something else. 

In the next instant, she sprang into action, and a dazzling sword projection was sent hurtling into the distance. The sword projection was constantly expanding as it flew through the air, engulfing her longsword, as well as her body. In the end, the sword projection vanished into nothingness, and she reappeared at the summit of the valley. She was still seated with her legs crossed, and it was as if nothing had happened.

Several seconds later, the deafening booms abruptly ceased, and looking from the distance, it could be seen that the massive waterfall had been sliced in half down the center with the two halves separated by an extremely smooth and even incision.

In the instant that the waterfall parted, a man was revealed beyond it, sitting on a massive rock.

He was only wearing a tight-fitting pair of shorts, and despite his chubby body, he struck the onlooker with a sense of prestige and authority. His hands were moving in front of him in a rhythmic manner, and there was a layer of white and purple light flowing around his body.

All of a sudden, the white was injected into the purple, and the light around his body also instantly took on a dark purple color that threatened to dominate the onlooker's entire field of view.

In the next instant, the chubby figure raised his palms to the sky, and the waterfall that had just begun to descend again was instantly reduced to nothingness as it rushed into the dark purple light. Meanwhile, the purple light swept upward and devoured the entire waterfall.


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