Chapter 1150: Another Blood Sacrifice

Of course, the current Tang Wulin clearly didn't have to worry about this issue as his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power could support him in any forging he attempted.

A faint smile appeared on his face, and a burst of bright light flashed through his eyes. The speed at which his Heavy Silver Hammers fell increased, and the dragon's roar he was letting loose grew louder and louder.

As opposed to using only his dragon's might, he was now also combining it with his Golden Dragon Roar. The combination of the two was injected into his forging, thereby allowing him to intimidate the metal and water elements within the Goldwater Consonance, forcing them to act in the way that he stipulated. At the same time, he was infusing his dragon's might into the piece of metal to forge a greater level of synergy between it and himself.

He wasn't going to give up this Goldwater Consonance for anyone as it provided a brilliant opportunity for him to maximize the power of his future suit of three-word battle armor. As such, he was certainly going to give it his all during this forging process.

All he wanted to do now was to complete soul refinement of this piece of Goldwater Consonance at all costs, and he was also going to do his best to make the soul refinement as perfect as possible.


10 minutes later, both of Tang Wulin's hammers fell at the same time, striking the surface of the Goldwater Consonance in a vicious manner. The blue and golden light emanating from it abruptly congealed, and immediately thereafter, a blue and golden vortex appeared out of thin air around the piece of metal before absorbing all types of natural elements from the surrounding area in a frenzy.

He had succeeded in spirit refinement, thereby bestowing life upon this piece of metal!

The rich life force energy that erupted from it made Tang Wulin feel as if they had been teleported into a forest, and the elation radiating from the Goldwater Consonance was affecting every other piece of metal in the forging room.

Some of the metals of higher calibers began to emit a faint buzzing sound in reciprocation, as if to celebrate and praise the Goldwater Consonance.

Bestowing life upon a piece of metal was a miracle that took place during spirit refinement, and the higher the caliber of a piece of metal, the more difficult spirit refinement was going to be to complete.

The blue and golden vortex fluctuated violently, and Tang Wulin took a step backward while panting slightly. In the next instant, his eyes suddenly lit up again, and he abruptly slammed the Heavy Silver Hammer in his right hand into his own chest amid a dull thump.

The sound of a violent heartbeat rang out immediately thereafter, and Tang Wulin opened his mouth to expel a jet of blood that shot forth and landed directly at the center of the Goldwater Consonance vortex.

Blood sacrifice!

This was the second time that Tang Wulin had ever offered a blood sacrifice, and the first occasion he had done this was on the Heavy Silver Hammers that he was currently using. This second blood sacrifice had been given to this piece of Goldwater Consonance, and this blood sacrifice was countless times more potent in its efficacy than his first one.

The current Tang Wulin had already broken 11 of his Golden Dragon King seals, and his blood was no longer purely that of a human being; it could even be said that he was a half-dragon being.

This mouthful of Golden Dragon King blood was infused with the purest life aura of a supreme life form, and both the richness of its life force energy, as well as the purity of the Golden Dragon King bloodline, were completely unmatched.

As such, as soon as this mouthful of blood landed on the surface of the piece of metal, a loud ringing sound immediately rang out from the Goldwater Consonance. Immediately thereafter, this ringing sound transformed into a dragon's roar, and the blue and golden light instantly took on the shape of a dragon in mid-air before revolving around the piece of metal in an elated manner.

With this blood sacrifice, he had significantly elevated the caliber of this piece of Goldwater Consonance, and the blue and golden dragon projection was constantly weaving in and out of the piece of metal, cleansing and reforming the life that had just been created.

Tang Wulin's face was slightly pale. What he had just expelled was not just a normal mouthful of blood. Instead, it was a mouthful of his quintessential blood, and it was an indication of just how much he wanted to perfect the soul refinement of this piece of Goldwater Consonance.

Zhen Hua raised an eyebrow upon seeing this. He was rather surprised by Tang Wulin's decisiveness, and at the same time, he was also made aware of just how confident Tang Wulin was in himself.

Quintessential blood was extremely important to a Soul Master, and the more powerful a Soul Master was, the more precious their quintessential blood became as it would contain more and more energy as their powers increased. The expulsion of a mouthful of blood essence could take more than several months to recover from, and in extreme cases, it could even dent one's cultivation rank.

As such, Tang Wulin's actions were a clear testament to just how high a regard he held this piece of Goldwater Consonance. Furthermore, following this blood sacrifice, this piece of Goldwater Consonance wouldn't be able to be used by anyone else aside from him, even if he couldn't successfully complete soul refinement. His blood sacrifice had already branded his mark onto this piece of metal, so it could only belong to him. Zhen Hua couldn't help but chuckle internally at how much of a cheapskate Tang Wulin was, but at the same time, he was greatly assured by this as it was an indirect declaration of Tang Wulin's confidence.

If he still couldn't complete soul refinement following a blood sacrifice, then that would be a massive loss.

Tang Wulin's soul core and dragon core pulsed in unison as he silently sensed the intimacy from the piece of Goldwater Consonance after it fused as one with his own bloodline. His Golden Dragon King bloodline was extremely overbearing, and it almost instantly fused with the piece of metal.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. He could clearly sense that during the blood sacrifice, the final remnants of impurities within the piece of Goldwater Consonance had been eradicated. Furthermore, it had already formed a profound connection with his spiritual power.

Through his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, Tang Wulin was able to control all of the natural energies and elements in the air, but he couldn't directly control the internal structure of a solid object unless he were to unleash a spiritual attack.

However, following his blood sacrifice, he was able to use his spiritual power to control this piece of Goldwater Consonance through the bloodline connection he had established with it. A blood sacrifice entailed a significant expenditure, but at the same time, it laid a solid foundation for his soul refinement.


A loud dragon's roar rang out from Tang Wulin's mouth, and golden scales abruptly surfaced over his skin. His entire body became slightly taller, and following the injection of his Golden Dragon King bloodline power, his Heavy Silver Hammers had also turned golden in color.

No matter how one looked at the current Tang Wulin, he didn't seem to be a human being anymore. Dragon's might erupted from his body, and even Mu Chen and Zhen Hua reflexively took a few steps backward as their expressions changed drastically. Immediately thereafter, Tang Wulin resumed his forging.

"Is he this powerful already? Why do I feel like I might be no match for him anymore?" Mu Chen transmitted his voice to Zhen Hua in a stunned manner.

Zhen Hua replied in an exasperated voice, "There's no 'might' about this; you ARE no match for him! If I'm not mistaken, he seems to have already become a seven-ring Soul Sage, and with his bloodline power, you'd have no chance against him in a one-on-one battle. Of course, he's still far from my level."

"Tch, quit spouting nonsense! How about you fight him without your four-word battle armor, then? You can't tell me you can beat him without your battle armor. You can't use your divine-grade mecha, either; are you confident in beating him in a one-on-one battle?" Mu Chen immediately retorted.

Zhen Hua harrumphed in response, "I am the president of the blacksmith association, and I'm beyond the primitive neanderthals who only know how to settle things through senseless battle."

Mu Chen couldn't help but burst into laughter. At the same time, he was quite stunned by Zhen Hua's response. The fact that he was dodging the question was an indirect indication of his lack of conviction, which meant that even as a Titled Douluo, he wasn't confident in his ability to defeat Tang Wulin on an even playing field. Was he really this powerful already? Mu Chen was suddenly forced to see Tang Wulin through new eyes. It was no wonder that he dared to return as he was now; he really had built up a significant foundation of power.

After that, Mu Chen and Zhen Hua ceased their conversation and continued to appraise Tang Wulin's forging with rapt focus.

From his forging techniques alone, they could see that Tang Wulin was close to the eighth-rank level, but he was still some way away from truly becoming an eighth-rank blacksmith. However, he was using some alternative methods to assist himself in his forging, and these were resources that no normal blacksmith had access to!

Each and every strike of his Heavy Silver Hammers was accompanied by a deafening dragon's roar, and it was a good thing that they were in Zhen Hua's forging room; if they were doing this anywhere else, the massive commotion would've already attracted hordes of people to the scene.

With each dragon's roar and hammer blow, there seemed to be a golden dragon being injected into the Goldwater Consonance, and the blue and golden light radiating from it became brighter and brighter.

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