Chapter 115 - Martial Soul Awakening?

Chapter 115 - Martial Soul Awakening?

Wang Jinxi was overwhelmed with shock. He knew that under the suppression of Tang Wulin’s tyrannical aura, he could only exert, at most, half of his strength. And even if he wasn’t opposing Tang Wulin, the suppression he felt was still too much.

Tang Wulin’s hands began to grow, his joints becoming thick and solid as his hand transformed into the Golden Dragon Claw.

That dazzling Golden Dragon Claw was covered in fragmented scales while the three inch claws were as smooth and glossy as a mirror.

Honglong, kacha!

A number flashed on the screen, but not a moment later, the place on the machine where Tang Wulin had punched it exploded into bits of metal fragments, leaving only a hole behind.

This was the effect of the Golden Dragon Claw’s ‘crushing.’

It really did break…

Then just how strong was he?

Having just witnessed Tang Wulin absolutely destroy the strength testing machine, the four students were completely in shock and couldn’t even recall the number that had briefly flashed on the screen.

Only Wu Zhangkong had been able to catch the number.

He recorded it into his book, silently writing down ‘3998 kilograms’.

Even the steady and ice-cold Wu Zhangkong couldn’t help but swallow a gulp of saliva somewhat uncomfortably.

Zhang Yangzi felt his legs ache, but at the same time, he no longer felt that the condition his legs were in was that bad anymore. If he didn’t have the defensive powers of a soul fusion skill at that time, he feared that he wouldn’t have gotten off so lightly with only broken legs.

I don’t want revenge against this guy anymore. At that moment, Zhang Yangzi only had this thought filling his grieving heart.

Wang Jinxi was simply at a loss for words as he stood there in shock. His expression gradually returned to normal, but a slight trembling in his hands could still be seen.

“Next, reaction speed test.”

Just as expected, Xie Xie had the best reaction speed. What was surprising, however, was that it wasn’t Zhang Yangzi in second place, but Tang Wulin. Following Tang Wulin in third place was actually Gu Yue, leaving Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi in fourth and fifth place respectively.

After seeing the results of this test, Zhang Yangzi’s self-doubt only grew greater and greater.

In addition to reaction speed, they continued to test all aspects of the body. Number one was Tang Wulin, followed closely by Gu Yue.

Are they even human? Are they human? Human?

Did they eat the fodder for beasts of burden when they were growing up?

“The testing is finished now. Today’s tests were primarily on your body’s abilities and doesn’t represent everything. Martial souls are still crucial to Soul Masters, so some students shouldn’t be discouraged. Now, class dismissed. Tang Wulin, follow me.” Wu Zhangkong gracefully walked away with Tang Wulin in tow.

Zhang Yangzi stood there, as if a cold wind was blowing on his forehead.

Some students? Which ones?

Wu Zhangkong’s office.

“Take a seat,” Wu Zhangkong said as he pointed at a sofa.

“Thank you, Teacher Wu.” Tang Wulin sat down.

Wu Zhangkong indifferently said, “I want you to tell me what’s going on with your body. Tell me how your spiritual power increased by a third in such a short period of time, how you gained control of the scales on your arm, and what that dragon claw ability is. Your strength has increased immensely in addition to the increase in your reaction speed and resilience. According to the recent events, something should have happened to you during the hurricane. Am I correct?”

Tang Wulin had already guessed that this was what Wu Zhangkong had called him for. He also knew the he wouldn’t be able to hide it, especially those things that could be seen on the surface.

“Teacher Wu, the bloodline transformation I talked to you about previously occurred. I endured immense suffering during the hurricane, and after I woke up, my body was like this. I’m not quite sure what happened either, but it seems that there’s some sort of special energy within my blood. It transformed my body and even my Bluesilver Grass and spirit soul.

As he spoke, Tang Wulin released his Bluesilver Grass and Goldlight to show Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong exclaimed in astonishment when he saw that the little snake had grown and its scales now golden. “Even your spirit soul transformed? This sort of situation is very rare… This should mean the energy within your bloodline is extremely powerful. Hmm. I think I’ve seen this kind of situation in some ancient records before.”

There’s something like this in the ancient records? Tang Wulin was startled. If that was true, then it would be great for him. At the very least, he would be able to find out how this sort of thing progressed from here

Regardless, he wouldn’t speak of Old Tang. After all, it was simply too outrageous to tell someone else.

Wu Zhangkong paced back and forth within his office, his eyes shining as he pondered things over.

A while later, he suddenly stopped and raised his head. “I remember now. Your situation is similar to a martial soul awakening.”

“Martial soul awakening?” Tang Wulin was a bit confused.

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “That’s right, a martial soul awakening. Think about it; what is the most likely thing to cause a spirit soul to change?”

Tang Wulin spoke without the slightest hesitation. “It’s when a Soul Master fuses with it. When the martial soul and spirit soul fuse, the spirit soul will be influenced by the martial soul and experience some mutations.” When he had first fused with Goldlight, the changes Goldlight experienced weren’t that large due to how weak his Bluesilver Grass was. If it had been a powerful martial soul, the influence would have been much larger.

Wu Zhangkong said, “Correct. Your spirit soul’s change is similar to the mutation a spirit soul experiences when first fusing with a martial soul. There is an example of this in the history records. That example was caused due to a second martial soul being hidden within your body. This martial soul wasn’t able to awaken during the awakening ceremony, but as the Soul Master’s body grew, it began to awaken and caused a series of mutations. It influenced both the Soul Master’s martial soul as well as the Soul Master himself.”

Tang Wulin understood one thing after hearing Wu Zhangkong’s words: the two situations were completely different! Within Tang Wulin’s body was the unfathomable mystery of the Golden Dragon King’s soul and the eighteen seals, not a second martial soul.

Wu Zhangkong continued. “These types of situations usually have two paths  of development. Fortunately, both are good. The first is to completely awaken the second martial soul, so you will become like Xie Xie with his twin martial souls. The second one is to fuse it with your current martial soul, causing your current martial soul to transform even further and for the two powers to begin complementing each other. The martial soul will become much more powerful like this. It seems that your current situation is similar to that of the second path as mutations keep occurring.”

Tang Wulin was secretly admiring Wu Zhangkong in his heart. Although Wu Zhangkong’s guess wasn’t exactly correct, he had still been able to guess much of the true situation. At the very least, this was proof of how vast Wu Zhangkong’s knowledge base was. Moreover, his explanation based on his observations was the best one Tang Wulin currently had.

“That sounds about right,” Tang Wulin said with a monotone voice.

Wu Zhangkong gave a slight nod. “But during the martial soul’s mutation process, you may encounter danger. This is because your body needs to be able to endure the mutations too. So the next time you feel something wrong with your body, you must immediately come to me. I will protect you and help ensure your mutation succeeds. I will minimize the danger you face.”

Tang Wulin nodded as a trace of warmth filled his heart.

Although this shockingly handsome Teacher Wu always had a cold expression, Tang Wulin felt that on the inside, Wu Zhangkong wasn’t as ice-cold as his exterior.

“En. No need to think about it too much. These changes you are experiencing will only bring you benefits. It will strengthen your body, which will be very useful to you in the future. Thus, you just need to silently bear with it. The more changes you experience, the greater your future potential. Do you understand?”

“En. En. I understand. Thank you, Teacher Wu.”

“Head back then!” Wu Zhangkong bluntly sent him back.

Tang Wulin quickly got up to leave.

But right at that moment, Wu Zhangkong suddenly stopped him. “Hold on a moment.”

Tang Wulin halted in place before turning around to face Wu Zhangkong. He was curious as to what else Wu Zhangkong had to say.

Wu Zhangkong’s brows were furrowed,and his eyes filled with a pensive light. After a moment, he began to speak. “Do you still remember the footwork I used during combat training? Are you interested in learning it?”

Tang Wulin’s eyes were colored with surprise. “Of course I’m interested. Teacher Wu, are you going to teach us it?”

Wu Zhangkong heavily said, “This footwork is actually very mystical and doesn’t actually belong to me. It belongs to a very powerful organization. If you wish to learn it, you must first join this organization. Unfortunately, I don’t have the authority to directly recruit you and can only recommend you to take their entry test.”

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