Chapter 1148: It's Mine?

After extensive research conducted by countless generations of blacksmiths, it was finally discovered that the most worthwhile purpose that it served was as an intermediary agent during fusions of metals.

Tang Wulin had only seen this Goldwater Consonance metal in Zhen Hua's forging room, and this was a piece of metal that was so precious that even Zhen Hua couldn't bear to use it himself!

The fact that this was something held in such high regard even by a Divine Blacksmith was a testament to just how outrageously precious it was.

Just the value of this small piece of Goldwater Consonance alone was comparable to that of a divine-grade mecha, yet Zhen Hua was offering to give it to him. He was undoubtedly intending for Tang Wulin to take this piece of metal so he could fuse more types of metals into his suit of three-word battle armor, thereby maximizing its power. This was an immeasurably precious gift.

"Uncle-teacher, this is too precious for me to accept," Tang Wulin couldn't help but exclaim.

Zhen Hua scoffed, "What? Do you think it's yours already? Quit dreaming! If you want Goldwater Consonance to act as an intermediary agent between soul refined metals, you'll have to soul refine it first. It's the most fickle and unpredictable metal, so it won't be that easy for you to soul refine it. If it weren't for the fact that it's impossible for this piece of metal to be heavenly refined, I wouldn't be generous enough to offer it to you!"

Goldwater Consonance couldn't be heavenly refined? This was the first time that Tang Wulin had heard of this. But then again, it made sense that only a Divine Blacksmith was aware of this information as only he had the ability to attempt to heavenly refine Goldwater Consonance.

Goldwater Consonance was extremely precious, and anyone who came into possession of it would undoubtedly regard it as a treasure of immeasurable value. Those who possessed it and wanted to have it heavenly refined were undoubtedly all beings who stood at the pinnacle of the entire continent, so they naturally weren't going to leak this information to lower the value of Goldwater Consonance.

"You can begin now. If you can successfully soul refine it, then it's yours. Otherwise, you'll have to pay for it, or I'll be taking it back," Zhen Hua said in a serious manner.

"Alright." Tang Wulin didn't make any further attempts to turn down this offer. Goldwater Consonance really was something that was extremely useful to him. Originally, he had planned to only fuse four types of metals into his suit of three-word battle armor, but he could now add at least two additional types of metals. He had already decided on the two additional types of metals that he was going to use, and alloys constructed from six types of metals were extremely rare, even among suits of four-word battle armor, so that would definitely enhance his future suit of three-word battle armor to an extreme extent. With the addition of Goldwater Consonance, his chances of success would be increased significantly, and he could also drastically improve the harmony rate between the metals, thereby forging a strong foundation.

If he could attain such a suit of three-word battle armor, he was confident in his ability to combat a Titled Douluo, even if they were also a three-word battle armor master.

After shifting the Goldwater Consonance to the center of the forging bench, Tang Wulin didn't immediately begin to forge it, nor did he begin to calcine it. Instead, he slowly closed his eyes and used his spiritual power to sense the piece of metal.

After reaching the Spirit Domain realm, his spiritual power was virtually a substantial force, and it spread itself over the piece of Goldwater Consonance, thereby allowing him to glean the metal's special characteristics and unique properties.

Zhen Hua and Mu Chen were standing not far behind him, and Mu Chen failed to sense anything, but a hint of astonishment suddenly flashed through Zhen Hua's eyes.

As a Divine Blacksmith, his combat prowess couldn't compare with the most powerful Titled Douluos, but his spiritual power was not inferior to that of any Titled Douluo.

It was impossible for anyone to complete heavenly refinement without Spirit Domain realm spiritual power as a foundation, and one of the major factors behind his ascension to become a Divine Blacksmith was his brilliant spiritual power aptitude.

As such, in the instant that Tang Wulin released his own spiritual power, Zhen Hua immediately sensed his virtually substantial spiritual power, as well as its ability to perfectly integrate itself with the outside world. These were all clear indications that he had already reached the Spirit Domain realm! Within a certain area, Spirit Domain realm spiritual power was capable of generating a domain-like effect, thereby allowing one to sense the most minute of details.

No wonder he managed to improve so quickly; his spiritual power has already reached this level! This is incredible! 

Zhen Hua couldn't help but nod in approval, and he became even more confident that Tang Wulin would be able to become a Divine Blacksmith in the future.

A faint smile appeared on his face, and he made a hand gesture to Mu Chen. Initially, Mu Chen was still oblivious to what Zhen Hua was trying to convey, but after Zhen Hua communicated something to him via voice transmission, Mu Chen's eyes immediately widened.

Even as an eighth-rank Saint Blacksmith, he was currently still very far away from the Spirit Domain realm, and that was one of the major obstacles dictating his inability to ever become a Divine Blacksmith, but he didn't think that Tang Wulin would've already reached this level.

Tang Wulin was completely oblivious to the communication taking place between Zhen Hua and Mu Chen. His attention was focused entirely on the piece of Goldwater Consonance in front of him, and using his spiritual power to sense the piece of metal was completely different from appraising it with his eyes.

Within his spiritual world, he could sense that this piece of Goldwater Consonance was filled with vitality. Was this its innate life force energy?

This meant that this piece of metal's basal state was similar to that of a normal piece of metal after undergoing spirit refinement; how could he not be stunned by this?

After careful assessment, he discovered that Goldwater Consonance's internal structure was very stable, but also very active. Metal and water elements were perfectly integrated within the piece of metal without any disharmony; there was no other way to describe it than perfection.

However, the metal elements were constantly flowing and changing within the water elements, thereby causing the structure of the metal to constantly fluctuate.

Even the most unstable metals that Tang Wulin had seen couldn't compare with the Goldwater Consonance, which possessed vitality that was akin to flowing water. It was like it possessed its own unique tiny space, within which metal and water elements were constantly revolving and flowing into different forms.

This was truly an extremely interesting piece of metal.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he wasn't fazed in the slightest by the difficult process that soul refining this piece of metal would undoubtedly entail. Instead, he was raring to go. Other people may not be able to comprehend its complexities, but with his immense spiritual power, he was able to constantly sense the changes taking place within the piece of metal.

It was undoubtedly the case that there was no set pattern to the changes taking place in the piece of Goldwater Consonance. There was no way that a normal blacksmith would even be able to grasp its unique characteristics, let alone soul refine it, or even hundred refine or thousand refine the piece of metal.

However, this didn't apply to him. Seeing as this was a metal that combined two elements and resembled a life form, he could use his spiritual power to try and control these innate metal and water elements. He didn't have to stabilize these elements; all he had to do was guide them to move in a set pattern, which would therefore make them a cooperative force in his forging.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin's spiritual power had already surged forth before revolving around the piece of Goldwater Consonance. His spiritual power enveloped the piece of metal and constantly pulsed as it seeped into the metal, attempting to affect its internal structure.

From Mu Chen and Zhen Hua's perspectives, they could see a layer of dazzling golden and blue light appearing over the surface of the piece of Goldwater Consonance. The light permeated in a misty manner like water vapor, and it also began to fluctuate, not in an overly violent manner, but the fluctuations were definitely discernible to the naked eye.

That's amazing!

Mu Chen couldn't help praise Tang Wulin internally. He was naturally also capable of refining Goldwater Consonance through his own method, but he definitely couldn't replicate what Tang Wulin was doing; just Tang Wulin's ability to directly influence this piece of metal with his spiritual power alone was beyond the realm of his capabilities.

Tang Wulin's smile widened, and he suddenly opened his eyes. Two beams of substantial purple light abruptly shot forth from within his pupils; this was none other than his Purple Demon Eyes.

Purple Demon Eyes provided him with a spiritual attacking ability, as well as a method to significantly enhance his eyesight, but at the same time, it was also a spiritual power training method.

Tang Wulin wasn't able to reach the highest level of the Purple Demon Eyes, but after his spiritual power reached the Spirit Domain realm, his Purple Demon Eyes had already reached the third level.

Purple Demon Eyes had a total of four major levels; Surveyance, Totality, Mustard Seed, and Boundlessness.

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