Chapter 1142: The Military Family That Supports the Dove Faction

Little Bai's expression changed slightly. "Get out of my way!"

The lieutenant colonel appraised her with a cold expression and refused to move a single inch. 

Little Bai took a step to sidestep him, and he immediately followed suit.

Little Bai's brows furrowed slightly as she turned toward Mo Lan. As a member of the Central Federal Guard Bureau, she had a great level of autonomy when Mo Lan came under threat, but there was no direct threat to Mo Lan's safety at the moment, and this was quite a high-ranking military official, so she was still rather wary of him. As such, she wouldn't be able to do anything in this situation unless she received an explicit order from Mo Lan.

"Is the military free to do whatever they want and oppress people as they please?" Right at this moment, a clear voice suddenly sounded, immediately following which a hand appeared on the lieutenant colonel's shoulder.

The lieutenant colonel turned his head, and was greeted by the sight of a handsome face. Just as he turned to look at this man, he was stunned to discover that his pupils had suddenly turned vertical. Even as a six-ring Soul Emperor, he was instantly struck by an overwhelming sense of fear that made all of his fine hairs stand up on end.

He was then dragged off to the side, unable to offer even a single shred of resistance.

The horror in his heart was making his entire body tremble slightly, and even though Tang Wulin was only laying a hand on his shoulder without exerting any force, he still didn't dare to do anything reckless.

Little Bai was still taking photos, and at this point, a confrontation between the military and the police force had already ensued.

Under normal circumstances, the high-ranking police officer would perhaps turn a blind eye and let things slide, but he couldn't do that here! With Mo Lan present to supervise the proceedings, he would most likely be out of a job tomorrow if he dared to let the soldiers go.

"Stop!" The high-ranking police officer stood in the way of the soldiers. However, these soldiers only took orders from their direct superiors, and the soldier walking at the forefront of the group raised his soul laser gun before swinging the butt of the weapon toward the police officer. The order he had received was to recover the detained soldiers; everything else could wait until later.

However, the high-ranking police officer was no slouch, either. Light flashed from his body, and four soul rings rose up from beneath his feet. He caught the butt of the soul laser gun with one hand before throwing the soldier off to the side.

All of the soldiers instantly aimed their weapons at him, and it seemed that the situation could spiral out of control at any moment.

"Stop!" Right at this moment, a delicate cry sounded, and a figure rushed out from the distance.

It really was her!

Tang Wulin's expression instantly darkened at the sight of her.

Compared to the sorry state she had been in the night before, Shen Xing seemed to have transformed into a completely different person today. Her military uniform gave her a very sharp and crisp appearance, and the epaulets on her shoulders indicated that she was a lieutenant colonel. It was already quite a feat for someone of her age to have climbed up to such a high rank in the military.

Tang Wulin appraised her with a cold expression. She was undoubtedly the one behind this farcical situation. She wanted to capture him, but everything had escalated into a major incident. However, this was also a clear indication of just how powerful her backers were. Otherwise, she wouldn't dare to mobilize military forces so recklessly in Bright City like this.

Shen Xing quickly strode over to the high-ranking police officer with a slightly apologetic look on her face, and she said, "My apologies, please hold off on detaining my men for now."

After that, she quickly strode over to Mo Lan before giving her a massive hug right before Tang Wulin's astonished eyes.

"Sister Mo Lan, what are you doing here?"

Mo Lan also faltered slightly upon seeing her. "I could ask you the same, Little Xing."

Shen Xing laid her chin on Mo Lan's shoulder and whispered something into her ear, upon which a peculiar look instantly appeared on Mo Lan's face.

"This is absurd! The military is there to serve the federation, not to act as your personal army! What if they had hurt innocent civilians?"

Shen Xing hung her head like a guilty little girl, and pleaded, "I'm sorry, I know what I did was wrong, and I'll never do it again. Please don't tell my father and my big sister or I'll be in big trouble. If the higher-ups hear about this, it'll be over for me! Please?"

Tang Wulin was already completely flabbergasted as he looked on from the side. Shen Xing had whispered into Mo Lan's ear in a very quiet voice earlier, but as a Soul Sage, his hearing was naturally sharp enough to overhear their conversation.

What she had told Mo Lan was that Tang Wulin was her boyfriend, and the two of them had had a lover's quarrel. She was really angry about the situation and wanted to force him to come back to her, so she had deployed members of the military in a moment of senseless rage.

Tang Wulin was completely speechless. This was downright bullsh*t! When had he become her boyfriend?!

However, Tang Wulin could sense from Mo Lan's expression that things were rather complex. As a representative of the Dove Faction, it was quite clear that she definitely wasn't fond of the military, but from her attitude toward Shen Xing, it was quite clear that the latter was no ordinary person. Her backers were either powerful enough to make even Mo Lan quite wary, or they were people whom she had no choice but to appease. Otherwise, her attitude would be completely different.

Mo Lan turned to look at Tang Wulin, and the latter remained silent. In a situation like this, it was best not to say anything. After all, he also wanted to reduce the scope of the incident to prevent his cover from being blown.

"Alright, this is the only exception I'll make, but I have to tell your big sister about this. As for your father, you'll just have to beg your sister to keep this a secret from him," Mo Lan grumbled.

"Thank you! You're the best, Sister Lan!" Shen Xing was ecstatic, and she latched onto Mo Lan's arm before swinging it from side to side.

Mo Lan could only heave a resigned sigh in response. "You really are a little trouble-maker! It's a pity..."

She was clearly referring to how it was a pity that she couldn't use this incident as leverage against the military.

Now that Mo Lan had agreed to let things slide, everything else flowed very easily. The police force was more than eager to release the soldiers in question, and the military also cleared up the scene before departing as quickly as they could.

Shen Xing stood beside Mo Lan and glowered at Tang Wulin with an enraged expression, thinking to herself that no good situations could arise with him involved. She was furious that she had been caught abusing her power by Mo Lan!

The key behind Tang Wulin's discovery lay in the cigarette salesman who had passed by him in front of the cafe.

The Shen Family controlled an enormous information network, and this network included all of the traveling salesmen in the city. Shen Xing had posted a picture of Tang Wulin on the internal information network, and the entirety of Bright City was searching for him. As such, the salesman instantly reported his presence to her after seeing him outside of the cafe, and that was what led to this situation.

Shen Xing had actually already been here for a while. She was hoping to remain in the shadows and observe the situation while Tang Wulin was captured, but she didn't think that he would be able to take care of four mechas with his bare hands so easily. She then caught sight of Mo Lan, and she was naturally aware of Mo Lan's attitude toward the military. The situation was threatening to spiral out of control, so she had no choice but to rush out and mediate.

"It's all your fault!" Shen Xing mouthed a silent accusation at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin could tell what she was trying to say by reading her lips, and he turned his head away while putting on his wide-brim hat, completely ignoring her in the process.

Shen Xing was instantly infuriated as she began to imagine what she was going to do to him if he ever ended up in her hands. However, he seemed to have become even more handsome than before, and an additional facet had also appeared in his character.

As someone who had lived all her life in a military family, she was very sensitive toward the demeanor of a soldier, and she could sense a familiar disposition from Tang Wulin that was akin to that of her father and grandfather. She didn't want to admit this, but she knew that Tang Wulin was only burrowing deeper and deeper into her heart.

"You can go back now, but don't do something so wilful and reckless again," Mo Lan said to Shen Xing in a resigned manner.

Shen Xing stuck out her tongue and pointed at Tang Wulin. "Can I take him back with me? I..." Her words trailed off, and she blushed as she spoke.

Her acting skills really were top-notch! Could it be that she had been to the demonic island as well?

Tang Wulin was struck by a sense of speechlessness at the sight of her pitiable display.

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