Chapter 1140: It's Him!

"Captain, it's him!" Right at this moment, the other purple mecha suddenly raised a hand and pointed at Tang Wulin. 

Tang Zihao immediately made a decision, and yelled, "Get him!"

The purple mecha beside him raised its soul cannon and immediately unleashed a cannon blast. A ball of light shot forth out of the barrel before quickly exploding, forming a lightning-net-like attack that hurtled directly toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin stepped forward to shield Mo Lan behind him. Sure enough, they really were targeting him. He had only just arrived at Bright City, so who could possibly be plotting against him? There definitely wasn't an issue in the Tang Sect. If there were a spy in the Tang Sect, they would be aware that he would be with a federal parliament member, and they definitely wouldn't deploy military units to try and capture him under broad daylight. If the problem hadn't arisen in the Tang Sect, then could it be...

The inebriated woman from the night before instantly surfaced in his mind.

He lashed out with a direct and simple fist.

A dull boom immediately rang out in the air, and he didn't use any skills or abilities; it was just an ordinary punch.

However, the lightning net seemed to have encountered some kind of barrier in the face of his punch, and it was instantly stopped before fizzling out into nothingness.

"How dare you!" Mo Lan was both alarmed and enraged at the same time.

Meanwhile, Little Bai didn't do anything. Her duty was to protect Mo Lan, and she wasn't required to protect anyone else. Furthermore, Tang Wulin had taken care of a bunch of soldiers so easily in the cafe earlier, and she also wanted to see just what he was capable of.

Two massive claymores crashed down toward Tang Wulin from both sides almost in complete unison; the two yellow mechas had also sprung into action. Tang Zihao aimed his soul cannon toward Tang Wulin, and his thought process was very simple; all he had to do was capture Tang Wulin as quickly as possible, and his higher-ups would take care of all of the resulting repercussions.

Thus, all four mechas attacked Tang Wulin at once, both from long range and at close quarters. The fact that they were mecha pilots in Bright City indicated that they were definitely all elite military soldiers, and they were extremely adept both in power and battle tactics. They were clearly more powerful than mecha pilots of the same level, but they had no idea what kind of opponent they were facing.

This was the Dual Champion King of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, also known as Golden Dragon King. He was touted as the most powerful being of the younger generation, and was the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters!

"Clang, clang!" The air seemed to have congealed as soon as the two claymores fell. All four mecha pilots were completely stunned by what they were seeing.

In the face of the two oncoming claymores, Tang Wulin didn't release his martial soul, nor his battle armor or mecha in retaliation. Instead, he did something extremely simple; he merely raised his arms and extended his hands outward.

The pair of claymores then struck his palms, or in other words, he had reached out to grab the two claymores, which were crashing down with unstoppable force,  and the explosive power generated was definitely in excess of 10 tons.

The two yellow mecha pilots felt as if their mecha's claymores had struck a peerlessly resolute chunk of metal rather than a human body.

The two claymores came to an abrupt halt, and both of the mecha pilots were stunned by the absurdity of the situation. How could a human body withstand the attacks of mechas without relying on any martial soul or weapons? Was this guy really a human?

They were rooted to the spot in shock, but Tang Wulin certainly wasn't. In the next instant, he abruptly raised his arms, and the two yellow mechas were instantly hoisted up into the air before being slammed heavily onto the ground.

At the same time, the yellow mechas' claymores were forcibly wrenched out of their hands, and Tang Wulin hurled them through the air as massive projectiles, which struck the cannon blasts from the two purple mechas with unerring accuracy. The cannon blasts were diverted up into the air as a result before exploding like dazzling fireworks, but were unable to harm Tang Wulin in the slightest.

Even Little Bai, who had been appraising Tang Wulin with a cold expression this entire time, was completely flabbergasted.

Was this guy really a human? In her eyes, Tang Wulin was like an almighty humanoid dragon! He had caught those two claymores with his bare hands, and she didn't sense any soul power being released from his body. This meant that he had crushed two yellow mechas and blocked the attacks from two purple mechas with nothing more than his bare hands and his physical strength.

There was no way that this guy was human!

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin had already risen up into the air, and he almost instantly appeared in front of Tang Zihao's purple mecha before he lashed out and kicked one of his mecha's knees. An explosive boom rang out from the knee joint of the massive purple mecha, and its leg was completely destroyed. Tang Wulin used its leg as a springboard to propel himself up into the air before slamming a fist into the purple mecha's waist.


Tang Zihao could feel that his beloved mecha was toppling over to the side and hear the piercing sirens that had been set off, but he was still in a state of complete shock.

He was a mecha squadron commander of the Bright City garrison, and he possessed quite an abundance of battle experience, but he had never encountered an opponent like this before! 

This had to be a soul beast in human form! That was the only thought in Tang Zihao's mind. In the next instant, his mecha topped heavily onto the ground. 

At the same time, Tang Wulin forcibly changed directions in mid-air. Wind-attribute elements converged toward him at his behest, carrying his body toward the final purple mecha in a maneuver that seemed to have completely broken the laws of physics.

"Boom!" The soul cannon was finally fired once again, and the massive cannon blast instantly engulfed Tang Wulin's entire body.

Mo Lan couldn't help but let loose an alarmed cry. She had indeed become a lot more assertive and overbearing than before, but she was still a woman, after all! Without a martial soul to enhance herself, there was nothing that she could do; it was too late even for her to ask Little Bai to help him.

However, in the next instant, her concern transformed into astonishment. From Mo Lan's perspective, it was as if the soul cannon blast that had struck Tang Wulin's body had instantly vanished without a trace.

Tang Wulin emerged from the shockwaves of the cannon blast, hurtling toward the purple mecha like a shooting star.

The mecha's protective barrier was activated to its full extent, and at the same time, it swung its left fist through the air. This purple mecha pilot's reactions were quite exceptional, but in the face of Tang Wulin's absolute power, anything he did was destined to be in vain.

"Boom!" Tang Wulin's fist looked as if it had been carved out of pristine white jade, but it was imbued with downright terrifying explosive power. The purple mecha's protective barrier was destroyed, and even its metal fist was completely demolished while its massive body was tipped backward.

Tang Wulin swung his left fist through the air, and as he did so, one could clearly see that the air surrounding his fist was compressed by an invisible force, thereby forming a layer of twisted light. Immediately thereafter, a thunderous boom erupted, and the purple mecha seemed to have been struck by a gigantic invisible sledgehammer, sending it flying backward before crashing heavily onto the ground.

Air Cannon!

Of course, Tang Wulin hadn't actually mastered Yuanen Yehui's soul skill; he had merely emulated her ability through his pure strength.

He had taken on four mechas on his own, and throughout the course of this entire battle, he had completely dominated the entire battlefield with nothing more than his strength and spiritual power. This had truly been a display of absolute crushing power!

He landed gently onto the ground, and the four mechas had already been reduced to scrap metal. It was also right at this moment that the police vehicles arrived on the scene with their sirens on full blast before quickly surrounding the site of the incident.

Mo Lan grumbled, "The police are always a step too late!"

She then turned to glare at Little Bai, as if to chastise her for not helping Tang Wulin earlier.

Little Bai gave her a resigned shrug, but when she looked back at Tang Wulin, her cold expression had been replaced by an extremely intense gaze that was only reserved for those whom she considered to be formidable opponents.

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