Chapter 1139: Who is the Military Going to Detain?

Right at this moment, both Tang Wulin and the white-haired woman's expressions changed slightly, and they cast their eyes toward the entrance of the cafe.

"Slam!" The doors of the cafe were thrown open, and a dozen or so uniformed soldiers holding soul laser guns rushed into the room. They aimed their guns at the customers in the cafe, and a wave of alarmed cries instantly rang out.

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly, and he was clearly rather perplexed by this situation.

From these soldiers' uniforms and equipment, it was quite clear that they were from the military. Why had they suddenly appeared here? Could it be that they had come here for Mo Lan?

A dozen or so soldiers naturally wasn't a cause for alarm, but this was Bright City, and only the most exceptional soldiers were stationed here. Whenever they appeared on a scene, it was very likely that major trouble was going to follow.

No matter how powerful he was, it would be very difficult for him to save Mo Lan if the military were determined to plot against her.

"We're here on official military orders! Everyone, put your hands on your heads and don't move! We're here to search for the suspect of a crime."

The cafe wasn't very large, and with the influx of the dozen or so soldiers, it was virtually completely packed. Tang Wulin wore a heavy expression as he appraised the soldiers.

At the same time, countless thoughts were quickly racing through his mind. Could it be that someone from the Tang Sect had leaked this information? Was there a spy under Ji Qi? Alternatively, could it be that someone under Mo Lan had spread the word?

"Stop!" Right at this moment, Mo Lan strode over to the soldiers who were preparing to search through the customers.

She wore an enraged look on her face, and she interrogated, "Which department are you from? Who gave you permission to search for suspects in a public setting like this? Where is your official military warrant? Where is it? Show me!"

Tang Wulin was standing right beside Mo Lan, and he was surprised to discover that she had truly become different from her past self. In the past, she was strong, brave, and selfless, but she clearly didn't possess such an overbearing side at the time. Her aura alone was rather intimidating, even to him.

The soldiers that were about to spring into action instantly faltered slightly upon hearing her interrogation, and Tang Wulin almost reflexively positioned himself in front of Mo Lan, shielding her from the soul laser guns being aimed at her.

"What right do you have to be asking these questions?" a second lieutenant asked in a cold voice, "Search this place! We'll be held responsible if the suspect gets away."

Mo Lan harrumphed in an enraged manner, "Over my dead body! Does the military just do what it wants now? You're being paid by the federation to protect the general public, not to enforce tyranny on the people! Let me see who's abusing their power like this! Little Bai, make a call to the Bright City Police Station and report the situation here. Wulin, disarm all of these people and make sure none of them get away! I'm not going to let this slide unless the military provides a legitimate explanation for this!" 

Mo Lan's overbearing demeanor immediately made the second lieutenant have second thoughts about his actions. If he had thought that Mo Lan was only bluffing before, then he definitely no longer thought this now. If she were only bluffing, then how could she be putting on such a convincing display?

"Don't move!" he hurriedly yelled in a thunderous voice. He had to control the situation.

However, right at this moment, Tang Wulin had already sprung into action. He used the same tactic he used the night before to immobilize those shady young men, stomping his right foot gently into the ground. With his ultra-powerful spiritual power, he was able to direct the offensive force of his Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth right under the feet of the dozen or so soldiers with unerring accuracy, and the second lieutenant's voice abruptly cut off.

In the next instant, Tang Wulin circled his arms together, unleashing his Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to gather all of the soldiers together before dumping them onto the ground of the cafe.

Only then did Tang Wulin stride over to confiscate their soul laser guns, then struck all of them with his palms to seal off their bloodlines.

After he did all this, the white-haired woman hadn't even finished dialing the number for the police station.

Mo Lan had always known that Tang Wulin was very powerful. After all, it was none other than Tang Wulin who had saved that entire train, and he had also gone on to become the leader of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Even so, Mo Lan didn't think that Tang Wulin would be this powerful already.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he turned around before giving Mo Lan a reassuring nod.

At this point, the call to the police station had already been made, and Mo Lan turned to everyone within the cafe as she said, "Don't panic, everyone; please give me some of your time and attention. I'm parliament member Mo Lan, and I guarantee all of you that you're safe right now. I'll be sure to force the military to release an official statement on the unjust treatment everyone received here, and I apologize on behalf of the federation."

Mo Lan extended a bow toward everyone as she spoke.

"Mo Lan?" The alarmed customers in the cafe were instantly a lot more reassured after hearing this name, and some of them had even begun conversing among themselves. It was quite clear that they had heard Mo Lan's name before.

Mo Lan had consoled the customers, and Little Bai had also finished making her call. However, right at this moment, a deep rumbling noise suddenly sounded outside. With Tang Wulin's understanding of modern weaponry, he was naturally able to immediately identify this as the sound that mechas made during landings.

Following the turn of events that had just unfolded, Tang Wulin was able to verify one thing; those soldiers had most likely not been sent out to target Mo Lan. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been intimidated by her. In that case, who were they targeting? During his prior observation, he had already ascertained that there were no other Soul Masters in the cafe aside from Little Bai and himself.

Could it be that they were targeting him?

Right at this moment, a voice sounded from outside. "Attention, everyone inside the building, someone among you is suspected of having committed a serious crime, so please come out with your hands on your heads. You only have 30 seconds; if you don't come out after 30 seconds, our mechas will begin to attack. In order to avoid undue injury, come out with your hands on your heads right away!"

Mo Lan was enraged to the point of bursting into laughter. "Let me see who's behind all this! I'll go out first."

She strode directly out of the cafe as she spoke.

Little Bai hurriedly followed along beside her. Mo Lan was only a normal person, and if she were to be attacked by mechas, there was no way that she would survive. Prior to walking outside, she aimed a vicious glare at Tang Wulin. If it weren't for him, Mo Lan wouldn't be in such a dangerous situation.

However, she couldn't help but falter slightly as she glowered at Tang Wulin. She had always been standing beside him, so she had only seen his side profile, and only now did she get a chance to see him from the front.

Why was this guy so handsome? Even as a woman, Little Bai couldn't help but be jealous of his looks. What was a man like him doing looking so outrageously good?

Tang Wulin naturally accompanied Mo Lan on her other side, and the trio emerged from the cafe together.

At this point, there were already four mechas outside with their weapons aimed at the cafe. Two of these were yellow mechas, and the other two were purple.

"Put your hands on your heads!" An intimidating voice sounded from within the mecha.

Mo Lan was completely unfazed as she yelled in an enraged manner, "Mechas are major military weapons; were they assigned to you just so you could threaten the general public? I'm going to report you to the federal parliament for this! Little Bai, record their number plates."

All military mechas had a unique number assigned to them, which made it more convenient for the military to manage them.

"This is your last opportunity; put your hands on your head!" Mecha pilots were of a far higher status than normal soldiers, so it was quite clear that these mecha masters hadn't been intimidated by Mo Lan.

Right at this moment, loud police sirens sounded on the streets, and the sound was approaching this direction.

The police force was here?

Tang Zihao's expression changed slightly as he sat in his purple mecha. The military didn't fear the police force, and they were ranked far above the police department, but this was Bright City, and according to federal laws, the police force was responsible for maintaining law and order within the city. They were ordered to detain a certain person here, and if they could quickly complete their mission, then there naturally wouldn't be any issues. However, even though they weren't afraid of the police force, it would undoubtedly be troublesome if the police were to get involved, and most importantly, they would fail to capture their target.

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