Chapter 1137: It's Her

This was an extremely attractive and scantily-clad young woman who was in an inebriated state; it was difficult for passersby NOT to pay attention to her, and if she were to encounter some sinister individuals, she would be in some trouble.

However, Tang Wulin wasn't interested in sticking his nose into other people's business. She was dressed like this and had gotten herself intoxicated to this extent, so perhaps a one-night stand was what she was looking for anyway. In any case, he was certainly in no place to do anything about this.

As such, he turned around to leave, yet right at this moment, an enraged voice suddenly sounded beside his ears. "Where the hell are you, you bastard? When are you going to get out of my dreams!"

Tang Wulin's footsteps faltered upon hearing this. He was suddenly struck by a sense of familiarity upon hearing this voice, and he seemed to have heard similar interrogative words in the past.

He reflexively turned toward the woman again, and right at this moment, five or six young men in colorful attire caught up to her.

 The man at the forefront of the group wore a yellow singlet with a pair of floral shorts and expensive-looking sandals.

"Haha, I'm here for ya, lil' cutie! Why were you in such a hurry to leave? Didn't you say you were going to the bathroom? What are you doing here? Let's go back and drink some more." The man quickly strode forward before latching onto the woman's arm as he spoke.

"Let go of me! I don't want to drink anymore. I'm telling you, you better get away from me; I'm from the m, military!" The woman seemed to have retained a shred of consciousness, and she violently shrugged off the young man, causing him to stumble back unsteadily.

The man wasn't irked in the slightest by this. Instead, he chuckled, "You're from the military? That's great! My dad's a member of parliament; we make a perfect match! Come on, brothers; help her back to the restaurant, and let's drink some more."

The other young men in the group also approached the young woman with sly grins on their faces.

The military?

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly as he looked at the young woman, and he finally began to realize who she was. Was it really her? He was struggling to reconcile her current image with the image as a cold and forbidding female military official. If it were really her, then wouldn't the bastard that she was referring to be him?

A peculiar look appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he gave a resigned shrug. Seeing as this was someone that he knew, he couldn't just stand by idly and watch. In any case, it would be a simple matter for him to help her out anyway.

With that in mind, he quickly strode forward before gently tapping his left foot onto the ground, and a gentle burst of shockwaves instantly proliferated forth.

All of the young men's bodies instantly stiffened, and they were rooted to the spot. These were just ordinary people, and not only had the shockwaves immobilized them, even their thoughts had been scattered.

Tang Wulin latched onto the young woman, and he didn't seem to be moving very quickly, but the two of them soon disappeared after veering into another street.

Only after several seconds had passed did the group of young men return to normal.

"Where'd she go? Where is she?" The young man in the yellow singlet immediately flared up with rage.

Unbeknownst to him, even though Tang Wulin had taken the woman away, he had actually saved their lives.

Even a drunk Soul Master would instinctively defend themselves in the face of danger, and for normal people like them, if the woman were to release her martial soul, she would be able to easily take their lives.


Tang Wulin was standing relatively far away with his brows tightly furrowed as he looked at the woman, who was throwing up on the side of the road.

The pungent odor of alcohol and gastric acid was truly abhorrent, and if it weren't for the fact that this woman was technically an acquaintance of his, he really wanted to get far away from her.

After vomiting for close to 15 minutes, the woman finally seemed to have recovered somewhat, but she was struggling to stand up.

Tang Wulin walked up behind her before pulling her to her feet, then quickly striding into a nearby public restroom.

He then tapped his left hand against her waist and pressed her head into the faucet with his right hand right before the astonished eyes of the passersby on the street. He opened the tap, sending a stream of icy cold water washing over her head, and she immediately tried to struggle, but Tang Wulin had rendered her completely feeble and powerless with that tap to the waist, so she could only conform to what he was doing.

"Wh, what are you doing?" A middle-aged woman who was passing by approached Tang Wulin with an appalled expression.

Tang Wulin sighed, "This daughter of mine is constantly going out drinking and hanging out with shady characters, so I have to teach her a lesson. Can you smell the alcohol on her? I swear she'll be the death of me!"

"Ngh, wh, who's your..." The woman was already returning to her senses under the stream of icy cold water, and she wanted to yell out, but was unable to say anything. Streams of water were being forced into her nose and mouth under Tang Wulin's control, thereby forcing back her words.

The middle-aged woman's expression immediately changed upon hearing this, and she adopted a critical expression as she scoffed, "The young people these days really are getting more and more unruly! I support you; what you're doing is right!"

Tang Wulin currently had the appearance of a middle-aged man, so no one was suspecting his claim to be the woman's father.

After being blasted with cold water for a full 10 minutes, the woman's consciousness was beginning to fade once again, and only then did Tang Wulin pull her head out of the faucet. He waved a hand through the air, and a gentle burst of soul power forced the water out of her hair. He then dragged her out of the public restroom and onto the street again.

Shen Xing was shivering as she was dragged out into the open. The water from the tap was very cold, and she had thrown up most of the alcohol that she had ingested, so she was finally fully conscious now. However, her hair was still quite damp, and her entire head was numb from the cold water. Her body was trembling, and her lips were pale and devoid of blood, but she was finally able to clearly see the man standing before her.

"You, you..."

After being blasted by water for so long, her heavy makeup had already been cleansed away, revealing a set of facial features that were far more beautiful than her original appearance.

It really was her.

Tang Wulin wore a resigned expression as he said, "If you're conscious now, then go home. A girl like you shouldn't be drinking so much." He then turned to leave. He didn't have any duty to take care of her, and he had only stepped in as he didn't want to see her get into any trouble. 

"Stop right there!" Shen Xing suddenly yelled.

However, Tang Wulin completely ignored her and continued to walk away.

A hint of fury flashed through her eyes, and her body abruptly flashed as a series of soul rings emerged from beneath her feet. She now had a total of five soul rings, and she was extraordinarily fast, appearing in front of Tang Wulin to block his path in an instant.

"Do you need something?" Tang Wulin appraised her with a calm expression.

Shen Xing was panting slightly, but as her soul power circulated within her body, the inebriation and cold sensation was quickly fading away.

"Who are you? Why is it that I don't recognize you, but you seem so familiar to me?"

As an outstanding prodigy in the military, Shen Xing had grown up in a military family her entire life, and now that she had fully regained her consciousness, she was immediately able to sense that something was amiss. This mundane-looking middle-aged man that she'd definitely never met before somehow struck her with an indescribable sense of familiarity. Furthermore, her sixth sense was very sharp, and she could clearly sense that she would regret letting this man go.

All of a sudden, golden light began to shimmer from within Tang Wulin's eyes. "Sometimes, it's best not to know everything."

He raised a hand and extended it toward Shen Xing as he spoke. Shen Xing faltered momentarily, and she reflexively tried to evade. In her eyes, there was no way that he would be able to resist a five-ring Soul King like her, and she was going to detain this man before figuring out who he was.

However, she was then stunned to discover that she was somehow unable to evade this simple-looking palm no matter what she tried. She could only look on as his palm struck her forehead, and her vision turned black as she slumped to the ground.

 However, in that instant, Shen Xing's mind suddenly became extremely clear. That familiar aura, that familiar voice at the end, and those familiar golden eyes...

It was him!

She was yelling with all her might in her heart, but she was unable to utter so much as a single sound. The blackness in her vision persisted for close to 20 seconds before she could see again, and by then, Tang Wulin was long gone.

He was here! He had come to Bright City! This thought immediately appeared in her mind.

Ever since Shen Xing had returned to Bright City from the Northsea Legion, her nightmares had begun once again. In the beginning, they were rather abstract and indistinct, but they were becoming clearer and clearer.

She was clearly supposed to be full of hatred toward the man who had taken her as hostage in the past, but for some reason, she was unable to muster up any anger toward him. What was even more unsettling was that she had developed many unimaginable emotions toward him. The fact that she was dreaming of him every single night was a testament to just how much of an impression he had left on her, and as a result, she was suffering from severe insomnia, to the extent that she was unable to fall asleep without the assistance of alcohol.

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