Chapter 1127: Alternative Soul Fusion Skill?

The Dragonslaying Saber also instantly turned into a golden color, and nine giant dragons rose up from its blade, causing Sima Jinchi's body to also adopt the same golden hue. Bear Lord had originally already locked the Dragonslaying Saber firmly in his grasp, but he was suddenly struggling to hold on.

A golden halo also proliferated from Tang Wulin's body, and the lavish golden halo instantly encompassed the entire battlefield along with his powerful bloodline aura.

This was his Violent Golden Dragon Domain!

In the face of this enemy, who was very likely a Limit Douluo level powerful being, he didn't dare to hold back in the slightest.

His Violent Golden Dragon Domain instantly enhanced the powers of all of his allies significantly, and among them, Sima Jinchi was the one who was reaping the most benefits.

An extremely elated cry suddenly rang out from his Dragonslaying Saber, and an enormous burst of suction force suddenly erupted from the blade, instantly dragging his body into it, causing him to adopt his martial soul true body state again. However, on this occasion, everything had happened automatically beyond his control.

The Dragonslaying Saber shuddered violently, and a peerlessly vicious aura abruptly erupted from its blade.

Even the immensely powerful Bear Lord was unable to hold onto it any longer, and the Dragonslaying Saber rose straight up into the air. Brilliant golden light radiated from the saber, and a series of symbols quickly began to appear as if some kind of seal were being undone.

Tang Wulin immediately sensed what was happening, and as he unleashed his Path of Regal Domination toward Bear Lord with all his might, his seventh soul ring also lit up.

This was his martial soul true body!

He didn't become a massive Bluesilver Emperor vine. Instead, his suit of battle armor suddenly liquefied, immediately following which the golden scales on the surface of his skin suddenly became thicker and heavier. He had transformed into a golden dragon in the blink of an eye.

The golden dragon was only around five meters in length, but Bear Lord's expression changed drastically as soon as it appeared.

The golden dragon extended his front left paw forward, and the Dragonslaying Saber up above instantly descended into his grasp.

The saber was only gently slashed through the air, and a golden line appeared on the Path of Regal Domination, surging directly toward Bear Lord along the dazzling golden Path of Regal Domination.

Bear Lord's pupils contracted violently, and he abruptly threw his head back to let loose a violent roar of fury. His dark golden fur stood up on end, and a peerlessly powerful aura erupted from his body.

The Path of Regal Domination was instantly shattered, and at the same time, Bear Lord swept his Duskgold Dreadclaws through the air. Even though the claws weren't as intimidating as they were when he was in his giant form, they were still imbued with devastating might that threatened to tear through heaven and earth.


A crisp clang rang out, and the golden line unleashed by the Dragonslaying Saber clashed with the Duskgold Dreadclaws.

The golden line was destroyed, but Bear Lord's body shuddered violently as if he had been electrocuted. He then immediately hurtled into the distance like a dark golden shooting star, vanishing from view in the blink of an eye.

Tang Wulin's Purple Demon Eyes enhanced his vision, and allowed him to clearly see that a series of rice-sized chinks had been inflicted onto Bear Lord's peerlessly sharp Duskgold Dreadclaws by the golden line he'd just unleashed. The chinks weren't large by any means, but those were true Duskgold Dreadclaws!

As for why Bear Lord had displayed such a violent reaction, that was beyond him.

The golden dragon's body swayed before reverting back to Tang Wulin's human form.

This was the first time Tang Wulin had adopted his martial soul true body state, and it was truly a wonderful feeling. However, he was rather perplexed about why he had automatically adopted his Golden Dragon King form as his martial soul true body rather than his Bluesilver Emperor form.

After heaving a long sigh of relief, Tang Wulin turned to A'Ruheng. "Are you alright, Senior Disciple Brother?"

A'Ruheng flexed his right fist, which had been crushed by Bear Lord earlier, revealing to Tang Wulin that it had already completely healed. "I'm fine, it'll take a lot more than a broken hand to slow me down."

Tang Wulin's wrist shuddered, and the golden Dragonslaying Saber flew out of his grasp. The golden light faded, and Sima Jinchi also reappeared. However, he currently wore a very peculiar expression, and he was looking at Tang Wulin as if he had seen a ghost.

Tang Wulin was also looking back at him in a very perplexed manner. He didn't know why the situation from before had happened, either!

They had all departed from the Blood God Legion base in high spirits, yet they had encountered such a powerful being after really only just beginning their journey. Tang Wulin wasn't feeling smug or pleased that they had managed to force Bear Lord into retreat. Instead, he was filled with wariness and caution. It was undoubtedly the case that Bear Lord definitely possessed the power to wipe out their entire squad, and he had only been reduced to such a sorry state as he didn't know enough about his enemies.

Tang Wulin, A'Ruheng, and Sima Jinchi had already unleashed all of their most powerful trump cards, and Sima Jinchi's Dragonslaying Saber had even taken on an unexpected transformation in the end, but they were still unable to truly harm Bear Lord.

The three of them were the most powerful members of the Blood Dragon Squad, but in reality, it was instead Long Yuxue who had turned the tides of that battle.

As such, after exchanging a few glances, all three of them turned to appraise Long Yuxue in the end. Just what was that soul gun of hers? How had it managed to wound Bear Lord despite his immensely powerful defenses?

"Let's descend onto the ground and find a place to rest." Everyone required some time to recuperate, and there was no telling if and when Bear Lord would suddenly return. Tang Wulin didn't know why Bear Lord was so intent on killing him, but he had to make sure that everyone was in the best possible condition to face him should he decide to return.

Thus, everyone landed on the ground, and Tang Wulin knew that his top priority was to understand more about his new set of companions.

He had thought that he possessed a good understanding of everyone's abilities as he had faced A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi in battle in the past, and he had fought alongside everyone else during prior battles against the abyssal plane.

However, it now appeared that he didn't know anywhere near as much about his companions as he thought he did, so he had to learn more about them.

The members of the Blood Dragon Squad quickly constructed a makeshift fort, and all types of sensory devices and miniature radars were quickly set up.

It took less than 10 minutes for the 24 black mechas to establish the fort, and A'Ruheng didn't know much about military operations, so he wasn't overly surprised by this, but Sima Jinchi was so astonished that there were veins bulging on his forehead.

He had always thought that the Southern Legion was the federation's most powerful legion, yet just from witnessing these super black mechas alone, it had become quite apparent to him that the Southern Legion couldn't even hold a candle to the Blood God Legion!

One had to realize that all black mecha pilots in any legion were extremely proud and arrogant, and every single one of them held very important positions in their respective legions.

Black mecha pilots were all at least colonels and corps commanders, but what about these black mecha pilots?

These 24 black mecha pilots were like the most ordinary soldiers, willing to follow all of Tang Wulin's orders without any complaints or objections. Furthermore, they were far more efficient than black mecha pilots from other legions, and even setting aside how advanced these black mechas were, just the weapons that they were equipped with were quite alluring to Sima Jinchi, even though he never even used mechas.

Not only had Long Yuxue's blue laser wounded Bear Lord, all of the other black mechas' red lasers had also managed to injure him!

What kind of superweapons were these? They definitely weren't readily available to any other legion in the entire federation!

Tang Wulin turned to Sima Jinchi, and suddenly said, "Was that a soul fusion skill between us just now?"

Sima Jinchi was still lusting over the weapons that the black mechas were equipped with, and he immediately turned around with a dark expression upon hearing Tang Wulin's words. "Of course not! When have you ever seen someone involuntarily use a soul fusion skill?"

He was feeling extremely dispirited! Right after Tang Wulin had released his Violent Golden Dragon Domain during the battle against Bear Lord, he had become completely unable to control himself. His Dragonslaying Saber had evolved, and when he had fused as one with his saber, he had been struck by a sliver of enlightenment that took him closer to make that elusive breakthrough, but that was all beside the point! The fact of the matter was that he had become completely unable to control his own powers, and he had even been forced to adopt his martial soul true body form just so he could be used as a weapon by someone else!

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