Chapter 1124: Arrival of the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear

Following the evolution he had recently undergone, his suit of two-word battle armor had become more dazzling than ever, and he instantly became the core of the entire Blood Dragon Squad.

In particular, everyone was struck by a sense of reinvigoration as his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his hand, and this feeling was most pronounced for A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi, who were standing right beside him.

They had both fought Tang Wulin during the recently concluded competition, so they had thought that they were quite familiar with Tang Wulin's powers. However, as Tang Wulin released his weapon and battle armor before them, they suddenly felt as if he had become a completely different person.

His aura...

Both A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were quite stunned by his growth. 

There was a very peculiar sensation being released from Tang Wulin's body. It wasn't as powerful as the blood essence fluctuations in the distance, but what was quite alarming was that they couldn't even sense Tang Wulin's existence unless they were to look directly at him.

Was this what it was like to become one with nature?

However, one had to possess Spirit Domain realm spiritual power before they could enter this state, so only extremely powerful beings with immense spiritual power could achieve this state of oneness with nature. Even Sima Jinchi could only accomplish this when releasing his saber intent and saber repulse; he definitely couldn't enter this state as easily as Tang Wulin could. 

The competition had only just concluded a few days ago! How had he become this powerful already?

Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng exchanged a glance with one another, and both of them could see their own confusion mirrored in each other's eyes.

Their astonishment was exacerbated even further at the sight of the seven soul rings that were slowly rising up around Tang Wulin.

There were four black, one greenish-golden, and two orange-golden soul rings.

The first thought that occurred to the two of them was, did Tang Wulin really come from the Douluo Continent? This soul ring configuration shouldn't be something that a normal Soul Master could attain!

They had heard of orange-golden soul rings in the past, but what was that green one all about?

Before they had a chance to delve deeper into this matter, the dark golden ball of light had appeared in their field of view before suddenly rising up into the air like a cannonball. In the instant that it rose up into the heavens, a deafening boom rang out from the ground down below. From the air above, one could clearly see that the ground down in a diameter of around 100 meters had caved in significantly, as if it had just been stomped on by a terrifying gargantuan creature.

The dark golden ball of light reached everyone in the blink of an eye before stopping and revealing its true appearance to be an extremely burly man.

A'Ruheng was already quite muscular and imposing, but even he was completely dwarfed by this man, both in height and musculature. There was a layer of faint golden color on the surface of the man's skin, and he was only wearing a singlet, revealing a pair of thick musclebound arms that were comparable to mecha arms. His entire body was radiating extremely powerful blood essence fluctuations, and his eyes were shimmering with a vicious light.

Even in the face of over 20 black mechas, he still remained completely unfazed. He then quickly caught sight of Tang Wulin, upon which his eyes immediately lit up.

"Are you Tang Wulin?" His voice was very deep and filled with an indescribable sense of power.

"I am. Who are you?" Through his immense spiritual power, Tang Wulin was instantly able to sense that this man didn't harbor any benevolence toward him at all.

"I am Bear Lord, and you can refer to me as such. I'll give you a chance to commit suicide so I won't have to dirty my hands," Bear Lord said in a nonchalant manner.

Even before Tang Wulin had a chance to say anything, A'Ruheng immediately flared up with rage. "Who the hell do you think you are?"

A'Ruheng had quite a fiery temper to begin with, and he was extremely frustrated by the mistreatment he'd recently received, so even though he was aware that this was an extremely powerful being, he still charged into battle without any hesitation.

Powerful blood essence fluctuations abruptly erupted from A'Ruheng's body, perfectly exemplifying the might of the Body Sect's congenital secret method.

Even though he only had a very short distance to cover, A'Ruheng still left a trail of afterimages in his wake while all of the other members of the Blood Dragon Squad looked on from behind him. His fist reached Bear Lord in virtually the blink of an eye, and his extraordinary strength had even torn through space, causing the surrounding air to twist and warp violently.

A hint of disdain appeared on Bear Lord's face, and he instantly raised his left hand before his palm turned into a dark golden color.

"Bam!" A muffled thump erupted from Bear Lord's palm, and violent shockwaves immediately erupted forth alongside a layer of powerful reddish-golden light.

Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi's pupils contracted almost in complete unison as they could see that A'Ruheng's immensely powerful punch had struck Bear Lord's palm, but the latter didn't even move so much as a single inch. He was like an impregnable fortress that remained completely unmoved by A'Ruheng's strength.

A cold smile appeared on Bear Lord's face, and he suddenly brought his fingers together to clamp down on A'Ruheng's fist in his own hand.

"Crack!" The sound of cracking bones made everyone wince involuntarily.

A'Ruheng had cultivated arduously for so many years before finally completing the Body Sect's congenital secret method and attaining such a powerful body, yet his right fist had been completely crushed by Bear Lord's palm.

This was downright unimaginable, and Tang Wulin's expression darkened as he instantly sprang into action. He flapped his wings, and his body shot forth like a shooting star while his spear was thrust toward Bear Lord like a bolt of golden lightning.

He didn't know why he was being targeted by Bear Lord, but at a time like this, he could only go into battle.

Bear Lord swept his left hand through the air to toss A'Ruheng away, sending him hurtling directly toward Sima Jinchi, who had sprung into action almost at the exact same moment as Tang Wulin. At the same time, he thrust his right hand toward Tang Wulin.

Only when truly facing Bear Lord was Tang Wulin able to sense just how terrifying he was. There didn't seem to be anything special about Bear Lord's attack, but in reality, when his palm reached Tang Wulin, the latter felt as if there were a massive mountain crashing toward him.

He was instantly struck by a sense of asphyxiation, there seemed to be no way to escape this palm. He felt as if he were about to be reduced to dust, and his expression darkened even further.

In the past, he would've had no choice but to think of a way to fall back and take evasive measures in this situation. However, he was no longer the same Tang Wulin that he once was after integrating all of the fruits that he'd reaped during his battle against the abyssal plane.

A loud dragon's roar erupted out of his mouth, and his Golden Dragon King bloodline fluctuations were fully unleashed. His dragon core contracted violently before expanding, then contracting again, and extremely powerful blood essence fluctuations radiated from his body.

He began to emit an unimaginably powerful aura, and a huge golden dragon head emerged with his body at its very center. Even with Bear Lord's extraordinary powers, he couldn't help but be slightly alarmed by that thunderous Golden Dragon Roar.

This Golden Dragon Roar made him feel as if he were facing the Golden Dragon King itself, and the peerlessly powerful blood essence fluctuations forcibly restricted Bear Lord's bloodline aura, causing his palm to falter slightly as he thrust it through the air.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear reached him, and the massive golden dragon head had already transformed into a giant dragon. The dragon then immediately opened its mouth in an attempt to devour Bear Lord whole.

After inventing Path of Regal Domination and All or Nothing, Tang Wulin's Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon had undergone a complete transformation. His Golden Dragon Roar transitioned into Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, and at the same time, he unleashed his blood soul fusion skill. His soul power and bloodline power instantly combined before erupting forth, and it was as if countless bluish-golden giant dragons had fused into his spear strike.

The aura of the giant golden dragon drew a slight change in even Bear Lord's expression, and he clenched his palm into a fist as he let loose an explosive cry.


Terrifying energy fluctuations wreaked havoc through the air!

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