Chapters 1123: Sudden Warning Signs

It's no wonder that he doesn't want me; his lover is so beautiful and powerful in equal measure. 

She had seen the exquisitely gorgeous woman with silver hair and purple eyes with her very own eyes. At the time, she had appeared out of thin air beside Tang Wulin and fused as one with him during his time of dire need.

They had only stood beside one another for a very short time, but Long Yuxue could clearly see that during that brief period of time, they only had eyes for each other. She had never seen such an expression from Tang Wulin before.

Even though his eyes were filled with astonishment at the time, the shock was intermingled with boundless passion. His heart was only big enough to contain her, and she was so exceptional and powerful.

But why did she leave? She left without saying anything to anyone, and Long Yuxue hadn't even learned her name.

Only a woman like her was worthy of him. Even Long Yuxue herself wasn't sure why she had insisted on being a part of the group that was selected to accompany Tang Wulin on his journey.

She had told her father that she wanted to broaden her own horizons by seeing the outside world, but was that really the truth?

She was naturally aware of how Jiang Wuyue felt about her, but one's first love was always going to be their first choice! She knew that it was impossible for a relationship to blossom between them, but he was her first love, and she was still unwilling to give up on him, despite her better judgment.

He was a major general and the captain of the Blood Dragon Squad, while she was only his subordinate, so it couldn't be a bad thing for her to follow him and see more of the world.

In contrast with everyone else, A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi's thought process was completely different. They flew out of the snowy mountain ranges behind Tang Wulin in an extremely eager manner, and the first feeling that they were struck by was a sense of freedom! In that instant, these two burly man-mountains were struck by the urge to weep tears of joy!

They were finally free! They had almost been executed under the most farcical circumstances imaginable! In their eyes, the Blood God Legion base was like hell on earth, and they never wanted to come back to this place for as long as they lived.

At the same time, their hearts were filled with gratitude toward Tang Wulin. If he hadn't swooped in to save them, then they would've truly been in a lot of danger.

Aside from them, most of the other members of Tang Wulin's Blood Dragon Squad were around 30 years of age, and they were all among the elite of the elite in the younger generation of the Blood God Legion. For them, leaving the Blood God Legion was a very new and exciting experience. It had been so long since they'd left the legion base that they'd almost forgotten what the outside world was like.

In reality, almost all of the soldiers in the legion wanted to join the Blood Dragon Squad. Aside from a desire to follow the heroic Blood Dragon who had saved the entire legion, they also wanted to see the outside world as well! This was particularly true for the younger soldiers of the legion. All of them had heavy responsibilities on their shoulders, but if given the opportunity, who wouldn't want to go and explore the outside world?

Now that they were finally able to leave the legion base, all of them were filled with excitement.

Tang Wulin was flying at the forefront of the group, and all of a sudden, he seemed to have sensed something and began to decelerate in his flight.

In order to further sense his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, he had released his spiritual aura to its maximal extent as he flew through the air so he could sense the largest area possible. This was a spiritual power cultivation method that Cao Dezhi had taught him. After one's spiritual power reached a certain level, the best way to continue to cultivate it was to constantly search for their limits.

Just now, Tang Wulin had suddenly sensed an extraordinary burst of blood essence fluctuations through his spiritual power.

What was that? The blood essence fluctuations were even more powerful than his own! This was simply unimaginable!

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly as he cast his gaze into the distance.

These blood essence fluctuations were far more powerful than his own, and if it weren't for his immensely powerful spiritual power, he may not even have been able to sense the fluctuations. What kind of powerful being was this? Why was there such a powerful being here in the westernmost region of the continent?

Those blood essence fluctuations didn't seem to belong to a human at all. He and his senior disciple brother, A'Ruheng, already possessed the most powerful blood essence fluctuations among the human race. However, the blood essence fluctuations that he had just sensed were more powerful than his and A'Ruheng's combined!

Tang Wulin raised a hand, and everyone immediately slowed down slightly.

A'Ruheng arrived beside Tang Wulin, and asked, "What is it, Junior Disciple Brother?"

Tang Wulin pointed toward a certain direction, and replied, "There seems to be an extremely powerful being over in that direction. Should we avoid them or..."

"Why would we do that? Let's go and have a look!" A'Ruheng's eyes lit up before he immediately flew toward the direction Tang Wulin was pointing in without any hesitation.

He was still filled with pent-up fury from the mistreatment he had received at the Blood God Legion, and he wanted nothing better than to clash with a powerful being to vent his frustrations. He was initially planning to spar with Tang Wulin, but Tang Wulin had just saved him and Sima Jinchi, and it didn't seem right for him to challenge his savior. Now that they had encountered a powerful being, he certainly wasn't going to shy away from battle!

"Wait for me, Senior Disciple Brother." Tang Wulin hurriedly flapped his wings to catch up to A'Ruheng. The blood essence fluctuations in that direction were far beyond the normal threshold!

Everyone else also hurriedly followed along. Right at this moment, a loud roar suddenly rang out in the direction that Tang Wulin had detected the blood essence fluctuations from.


In the instant the roar rang out, everyone was struck by the imagery of a gigantic primordial beast stretching its body. In the distance, a layer of dark golden light appeared, and even the natural light in the sky dimmed slightly.

Long Yuxue couldn't help but cover her mouth with her hand in astonishment as she sat in her mecha's pilot room. Good heavens! What kind of being was that? How could it possibly be capable of releasing such a fearsome aura?

Even A'Ruheng, who was flying at the forefront, immediately drew to an abrupt halt as a stunned look appeared on his face.

Just that roar alone was enough to shake the entire heavens; just how powerful did one have to be before they could unleash an aura of this caliber?

Tang Wulin stopped beside A'Ruheng, and for some reason, the roar and aura struck him with a faint sense of familiarity.

Sima Jinchi arrived on Tang Wulin's other side, and mused, "Is it coming for us?"

A hint of befuddlement had also appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes. They had only just left the Blood God Legion base, which was extremely obscure and confidential, so why was there such an unfathomably powerful being in this area?

The first thing they could be sure of was that this wasn't an abyssal creature. Such a powerful abyssal creature wouldn't be able to break through the new seal on the abyssal passageway anyway.

Secondly, this definitely wasn't an Evil Soul Master, either, as this being's blood essence fluctuations were simply far too powerful. It was like a small sun that was filled with an extreme yang-attribute aura, one that no Evil Soul Master could possibly possess.

However, he couldn't recall having any enemies aside from Evil Soul Masters and powerful beings from the abyssal plane! Furthermore, was it really a coincidence that they had encountered this powerful being as soon as they left the snowy mountain ranges? Could it be that this was a powerful being that had just emerged from seclusion?

Tang Wulin shook his head, and said, "Let's avoid a confrontation."

He had extremely heavy responsibilities on his shoulders, and this unknown powerful being was clearly extremely fearsome. As such, it was best to avoid them and move on.

However, some things simply couldn't just be avoided at will. Just as Tang Wulin was preparing to lead everyone toward another direction, the being that was exuding the insanely powerful blood essence fluctuations seemed to have also discovered them.

The powerful blood essence fluctuations almost instantly began to travel toward them at an incredible speed, and from a birds-eye perspective, it looked as if there were an extremely bright ball of dark golden light hurtling toward them.

"Is it really here for us?" A'Ruheng raised an eyebrow.

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly. "Everyone, get ready for battle."

All of the Blood God Legion soldiers accompanying him had extremely extensive battle experience, and they quickly got into the ideal formation even without any further instructions from him. The 24 black mechas quickly dispersed before adopting different positions depending on their respective strengths. The mechas fanned out in a semi-circular formation with Tang Wulin's trio at the very center, and Jiang Wuyue positioned his black mecha in front of Long Yuxue in a very natural manner.

Meanwhile, Long Yuxue's mecha picked up the massive soul gun on its back before carrying the gun on its shoulder.

A hint of blue light began to flash from the surface of the huge gun, and it also began to emit a faint buzzing sound.

Ma Shan had situated himself in front of Ling Wuyue, and his black mecha was wielding a pair of gigantic hammers, ones that were even larger than the pair that Tang Wulin had once used. The hammers were shimmering with faint azure light, and they weren't as simple as their appearance suggested. Both hammers had high-frequency vibration capabilities, and that, in conjunction with Ma Shan's fearsome strength, would allow the hammers to smash through even a black mecha's protective barrier.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he circled his arms in front of him as a burst of golden radiance appeared around him while his suit of two-word battle armor appeared over his own body.

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