Chapter 1122: The Holy Lord's Wisdom is Unmatched

The divine realm that corresponded with the Douluo Continent had first made it impossible for soul beasts and animals to become gods, and a long time ago, the divine realm disappeared without a trace. This was why no one had been able to ascend during the past 10,000 years.

However, there was definitely more than one person in human history to have ascended to the divine realm, and this was the fundamental difference between the two realms.

The Holy Lord had been plotting for countless years, constantly searching for an opportunity to elevate the abyssal plane into a divine realm in one fell swoop. It had been searching for this opportunity for far, far too long, and it had finally found the Douluo Continent, a world that was teeming with life force energy. However, much to its surprise, the abyssal plane wasn't able to take over the Douluo Continent in the initial battle over 6,000 years ago, and now, their plane was at risk of being attacked by the Douluo Continent instead.

"Holy Lord, was that really the power of a god? Didn't the divine realm that corresponded with the Douluo Continent already disappear a long time ago?" the Black Sovereign asked in a perplexed manner.

If it weren't for the fact that they had sensed that the corresponding divine realm of the Douluo Continent had already disappeared, they wouldn't have dared to connect with and invade the Douluo Continent plane!

The divine realm normally wouldn't interfere with lower realms, but it would definitely intervene if a plane belonging to an alternate divine realm attempted to invade one of its subsidiary realms. The abyssal plane was indeed very powerful, but it was nothing compared to a true divine realm.

The Holy Lord replied in an indifferent voice, "I'm not sure about the exact details, either, but the power that they released in the end was definitely true godly power. Those two humans perhaps don't possess such godly power, but they possess a godly seed. They were able to draw upon the power of the Douluo plane to forcibly release godly power. Otherwise, how would they have been able to force me back? I truly didn't think that such power existed on the Douluo Continent; no wonder that human is able to devour abyssal energy. 

"He has the shadow of a god behind him, and he also possesses the seed of life; after this recent battle, he's become a lot more powerful. If I can find him and devour him, then all of the life forms on the Douluo plane will be forced to relinquish their life force energy to our abyssal plane."

A hint of excitement crept into the voice of the Holy Lord as it spoke, and all of the abyssal emperors and abyssal sovereigns were quite surprised. They had thought that the Holy Lord had been in a constant state of extreme fury during the past few abyssal days, but it seemed that this was actually not the case.

The Holy Lord continued in a cold voice, "I've been searching for so many years and finally found a shortcut to elevate our abyssal plane; how could we give up on this opportunity so easily? Human greed is infinite, and we can use that to our advantage to manipulate our human allies into doing our bidding. Get into contact with them, and I'll express our 'sincerity' to them in person. We appear to have failed on this occasion, but in reality, we've discovered where the seed of life of the Douluo Continent lies, so this is a huge victory for us. So what if he devours all of you? As long as I can devour him in the end, all of the life force energy on the entire Douluo Continent will become a part of our abyssal plane. When that time comes, I'll forcibly elevate our plane into a brand new divine realm!"

"The Holy Lord's wisdom is unmatched!"

All of the abyssal emperors and abyssal sovereigns knelt down onto the ground to extend respectful salutes.

The Black Sovereign lowered her head with a contemplative look in her seductive eyes, and it was impossible to tell what she was thinking.


The feeling of flying freely through the air was truly an intoxicating one.

After making a breakthrough to become a Soul Sage and reaching the Spirit Domain realm, Tang Wulin was able to experience this freedom in far greater depth than before.

There seemed to be countless particles of all types of elements revolving around him in an elated manner. The wind elements were carrying his body, the water and fire elements were dancing around him, the light elements were nourishing his body... All of this made Tang Wulin feel as if the entire world had completely changed.

Was this the true Douluo Continent?

After receiving the blessings of the entire Douluo Continent plane, he had naturally made a breakthrough to the Spirit Domain realm. At the same time, his sensory of all elements had become countless times more potent than in the past, and he possessed a level of elemental affinity that was far superior to all other Soul Masters.

This was the result of the blessing of the entire plane, and this made it far easier for him to absorb natural energies.

As particles of all elements surged naturally through his body, he basked in the pleasure of being one with nature.

He couldn't help but heave an internal sigh as he thought back to how difficult things had been for him when he had first begun his cultivation journey. Back then, he had put in more effort than anyone else, yet only reaped a fraction of the rewards.

He could still recall the crushing pain and disappointment when he had purchased Goldsong with the money that he had earned so arduously over such a long time.

At the time, he truly considered giving up on cultivation. After all, he only possessed a trash martial soul, and even the soul spirit that he had purchased with his hard-earned money was a defective one.

Thankfully, he persevered in the end. His forging had taught him the importance of persistence, and his resolute will had allowed him to finally reach the point that he was at today.

All of this was naturally directly related to the Golden Dragon King seals within his body, but his persistent efforts and unbreakable will had been even more important.

Now, he could finally consider himself to be a powerful cultivator, and he could finally set off in search of his parents, as well as her. No matter how difficult the road ahead was going to be, he was definitely going to overcome all obstacles that came his way.

No matter what kind of arduous circumstances he encountered, nothing would be an issue as long as his will and spirit remained strong.

Jiang Wuyue looked on at Tang Wulin, who was flying up ahead, and a sense of powerlessness welled up in his heart.

When he had first met Tang Wulin, the latter was still just a newbie, yet he was already a battalion commander at the time.

During their first sparring session, there didn't seem to be that much of a gap between them, but as time passed, Tang Wulin continued to grow at a constant, insane rate. His rate of growth was simply terrifying and unfathomable to Jiang Wuyue.

During the most recent battle, Jiang Wuyue had witnessed Tang Wulin's peerless power in person. While it was indeed true that he had drawn upon the power of the Blood God Array, the fact of the matter was that he'd opposed the entire abyssal plane on his own! At the very least, that was what had happened in Jiang Wuyue's eyes. In the past, he had regarded Tang Wulin as his rival in love, but that notion had already been completely swept out of his mind.

How could they be rivals when they weren't even on the same level?

Thankfully, he already had a girlfriend. Was the woman who had appeared near the conclusion of the battle his girlfriend? In that case...

With that in mind, Jiang Wuyue turned to appraise Long Yuxue, who was flying beside him.

Aside from Tang Wulin, Sima Jinchi, and A'Ruheng, everyone else was flying in black mechas. After all, it was quite taxing to fly for extended periods of time for all Soul Masters below the Soul Sage level, even if they were to wear their suits of battle armor. The main benefit of using a mecha was that it didn't exhaust the mecha pilot's power.

Long Yuxue's black mecha was filled with a sense of streamlined beauty. Compared to others, her newly constructed black mecha was very delicate and graceful in appearance. It was only around 7 meters tall, and it was very lithe and slender, just like her captivating figure. Aside from a massive soul gun, the mecha had no other weapons that were outwardly displayed. This gun was over eight meters in length, and it had to be carried on a slant, even on the back of her black mecha. The gun was entirely dark blue in color with countless fine symbols inscribed on its surface. The barrel of the gun alone exceeded three meters in length, and in reality, it was more appropriate to call it a cannon than a gun.

Even with Jiang Wuyue's powers, he was struck by a sense of sharp pain all over his body at the mere sight of that thing.

Long Yuxue also had her eyes fixed on Tang Wulin as she flew through the air in her mecha, and compared to Jiang Wuyue's powerlessness and dejection, her heart was filled with far more complex emotions.

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