Chapter 1120: The Blood Dragon Squad

He hurriedly said, "Legion Commander, please let me explain. I also recognize this Sima Jinchi. I fought him once during the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition. and he's one of the most powerful Soul Masters among the younger generation of the military. He's an official of the Southern Legion, so he's most likely not an Evil Soul Master, and his martial soul seems to have great synergy with mine. As such, I implore you to have mercy and at least do some proper research before making a decision?"

Zhang Huanyun's eyes immediately widened. "Do proper research? I can't even juggle all of the internal affairs in the legion at the moment! You should be well aware of just how dangerous the situation on that day was. If it weren't for those Evil Soul Master spies who infiltrated our legion, we wouldn't have suffered such heavy losses! I would rather kill innocents than risk having more spies infiltrate our ranks; I don't have any time to do research on just any piece of trash!"

Tang Wulin was at a loss for a response to this. In his mind, the Blood God Legion had suffered the severest losses prior to the activation of the Blood God Array, when the abyssal tide had first struck and caught everyone completely off guard. As for after that, the only person who almost died was Blood Nine, and he was saved in the end, so they hadn't really suffered any severe losses from the infiltration of the Evil Soul Masters.

However, he couldn't just pull the rug out from under Zhang Huanyun's feet by pointing that out, so he could only urge, "Legion Commander, I can vouch for his innocence, so please spare him. I'm willing to offer the contributions I've made to our legion in exchange for a fair hearing for him."

Zhang Huanyun appraised him with a cold expression as he harrumphed, "Alright, seeing as you're willing to use your contributions to save him, then you'll be missing out on an opportunity to become a lieutenant general. These two can have their lives spared, but they must be punished for trespassing on our Blood God Legion base. Throw them back into the detention chamber, and I'll pass judgment down on them when I'm ready."

A'Ruheng's mouth immediately gaped open with shock. He had thought that this would be the end of this story, but it appeared that he was going to receive further punishment!

Tang Wulin gave him a reassuring look, and as Sima Jinchi was making his way past Tang Wulin, he whispered, "Thank you."

Even though these were only two simple words, they were filled with strong emotions! If it weren't for Tang Wulin, he would already be dead, so Tang Wulin had saved his life.

Tang Wulin heaved a faint sigh before giving him a gentle nod.

After A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were taken away, the killing intent radiating from Zhang Huanyun's body naturally disappeared as well, and he waved a hand to dismiss Tang Wulin as he said, "Go back and cultivate; I'll release them when you decide to leave. These two ruffians have to be polished before they can come into their own."

Tang Wulin was rather speechless to hear this. This method of "polishing" was way too extreme! It was almost comparable to the horrendous training one had to undertake on the demonic island!

Seven days later.

A long cry erupted into the heavens as Tang Wulin finally concluded his meditation and came out of seclusion.

He didn't immediately depart from the legion base after that. Instead, he took 10 more days to forge all of the metals he required, including the metals for his mecha, in his forging room in the legion base.

In terms of the construction of the mecha, he had provided a set of instructions to the legion's mecha maker, and he would be able to collect the completed mecha once he returned. As for his battle armor, he didn't ask the legion's mecha maker to construct it for him. Not only were all of the metals he had prepared for his suit of three-word battle armor all soul refined metals, he had also incorporated more metals together. During the battle armor construction process, he had to be present on the scene to provide his assistance. Otherwise, there was no way that the suit of battle armor could be constructed. As such, he simply took the metals with him so he could construct his suit of battle armor when the right opportunity arose.

When Tang Wulin saw A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi again, both of them had become noticeably thinner. There was no way for them not to lose weight; all they were given to eat every day was vegetable soup, so it would be a miracle if they DIDN'T lose weight.

A'Ruheng was struck by the urge to burst into tears again at the sight of Tang Wulin.

Zhang Huanyun had already officially passed down their punishments; they had to act as guards for Tang Wulin for three years. Furthermore, each of them had a remote control bomb choker installed around their neck. This was the newest technology, and no one would be able to remove these chokers without the required keys and passwords. If they were to attempt to remove these chokers by force, they would immediately explode, and the resulting explosion would be too much to handle even for someone with a body as powerful as A'Ruheng's.

Tang Wulin was feeling rather speechless upon seeing this. The legion commander really had put a lot of effort into "polishing" these two!

Aside from those two, there were also a few familiar faces among those who were going to leave with Tang Wulin.

There was Tang Wulin's good friend, Tyrant Dragon Soul Master Jiang Wuyue, the commander of the Iron Will Corps, Herculean Divine Ape Soul Master Ma Shan, Ice and Snow Soul Master Long Yuxue, and Tang Wulin's mecha teacher, Ling Wuyue.

These were all elite prodigies among the younger generation of the Blood God Legion, particularly Ma Shan. Even though he hadn't reached the Titled Douluo level yet, he had finally managed to complete his suit of three-word battle armor with Tang Wulin's assistance. He was an extreme strength-type Soul Master, and even in the legion, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Even more importantly, these people were the ones who were closest to Tang Wulin in the legion. 

The four of them, in addition to Wild Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi and Strength King A'Ruheng, presented a truly formidable force. Even though there were no Titled Douluos among them, many of them already possessed powers that weren't inferior to those of Titled Douluos.

Aside from them, there were also 20 Blood God Legion soldiers that were going to accompany Tang Wulin on his trip. All of them were two-word battle armor masters at or above the Soul Emperor level, and they were also all black mecha pilots as well.

This group would most likely constitute the entirety of the elite forces in a normal legion, yet they were now all members of Tang Wulin's squad, which had been assigned the name "Blood Dragon Squad" by Zhang Huanyun.

There were a total of 27 people in the squad, including Tang Wulin, and all of them had been painstakingly hand-picked by Blood One. Aside from their individual combat prowess, their martial souls were also taken into consideration, and all of them possessed martial souls that were related to dragons to a certain extent.

This meant that all of them would be impacted by Tang Wulin's dragon's might and Violent Golden Dragon Domain, and as his allies, this impact would naturally only be a positive one.

As Tang Wulin appraised the two rows of black mechas standing in an orderly fashion before him, awaiting his instructions, he couldn't help but be slightly overcome by emotions. The legion really was doing everything in its power for his sake! Even though the core of the legion still consisted of the Legion Commander Zhang Huanyun and all of the Titled Douluos, all of the people who were accompanying him were the future of the legion!

It could be said that Zhang Huanyun and Blood One had entrusted him with the future of the Blood God Legion, and the heavy meaning behind this didn't need to be articulated through words.

Tang Wulin thumped his right fist against his own chest to extend a respectful military salute toward the two Limit Douluos.

Zhang Huanyun, Blood One, and all of the other Blood Gods also returned the salute.

There were even Blood Gods from the Blood God Battalion who wanted to accompany Tang Wulin on his trip, with Blood Eight and Blood Nine expressing the strongest urge to follow him on his journey. After all, Tang Wulin had saved Blood Nine's life.

However, all of the Blood Gods had to remain in the legion to oversee the Blood God Array in the abyssal passageway, so they couldn't leave with him.

"Look after yourself, Wulin. Words cannot express my gratitude toward you, so I won't thank you, but I'll be sure to join your Blood Dragon Squad once I find a successor." Blood Nine gave Tang Wulin a massive hug and spoke in a voice that was filled with conviction.

Tang Wulin nodded firmly in response. "I would be honored to have you."

He then turned to the two Limit Douluos, and said, "Senior Blood One, Legion Commander, I guarantee you that so long as I still live, I'll be sure to bring everyone back with me."

All of the Blood God Legion soldiers were extremely touched to hear this, with the exceptions of A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi.

Who would want to come back to this godforsaken place? They certainly didn't want to! They never wanted to come back here!

Blood One replied in a serious voice, "The most important thing to us is for you to stay alive. Your life no longer belongs to just yourself; it belongs to the entire legion, and even the entire human race, do you understand?"

It could be said that Tang Wulin was a divine weapon of the human race against the abyssal plane, so no harm could be allowed to befall him no matter what.

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