Chapter 1119: Please Have Mercy

The soldiers and mechas saluted him in unison.

"Greetings, superior."

A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were feeling rather speechless at the expression in the eyes of soldiers, who were appraising Tang Wulin with nothing less than fervent reverence.

Almost every single Blood God Legion soldier had witnessed how Tang Wulin had turned the tables, saving the entire legion and sealing the abyssal plane again. In particular, the image of Tang Wulin opposing an entire plane like an invincible deity had been cemented firmly into their hearts. In their hearts, he was close to a literal god! Not everyone understood that Tang Wulin had borrowed upon planar power at the time; the secrets of the Blood God Array were only known to the highest-ranking officials of the Blood God Legion.

"These two are spies that appeared during the recent abyssal tide. The legion commander has ordered us to execute them, but Superior Blood One was passing by, and he's now trying to convince the legion commander to spare them," one of the soldiers recounted in a brief and concise manner.

A peculiar look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. Since when did Legion Commander Zhang and Blood One become so rash and hot-headed? No matter how wary they were of evil Soul Masters, they couldn't just execute innocent people like this!

Right at this moment, Cao Dezhi's voice sounded within his mind. "These two are guards that we've prepared for you. Tell them that you'll try to prove their innocence, then come to Old Man Zhang's office."

With Tang Wulin's intelligence, he immediately understood what was going on, and he hurriedly said, "Senior Disciple Brother, Brother Sima, please bear with me for a moment; I'll go and ask about the situation right away."

A grief-stricken look appeared on A'Ruheng's face. "Please make it quick, Junior Disciple Brother; I'm about to freeze to death!"

"Alright, I'll go right away," Tang Wulin said as he removed his military coat and draped it over A'Ruheng's body.

A'Ruheng was immediately moved to the point of tears by this heartwarming gesture. In contrast, Sima Jinchi's eyes widened, as if to ask "where's mine? What about me?".

Tang Wulin turned to him with an apologetic expression, "Sorry, I only have one coat, but I'll be back soon, so please wait for me." He quickly rushed toward Zhang Huanyun's office as he spoke.

"Haha, we're saved!" A'Ruheng chortled with glee. The swords hanging over their heads were finally going to be removed! He firmly believed that Tang Wulin would be able to save them.

In contrast, Sima Jinchi wore an expression of grief and indignation. This was so unfair! 

That bastard's as strong as an ox; I'm way colder than he is! Why didn't I get the coat? 

A'Ruheng turned to him with a smug expression. "You see this? This is my junior disciple brother's coat. Have you ever worn a major general coat before?"

"Go, f*ck, yourself!" Sima Jinchi finally snapped in the face of A'Ruheng's blatant provocation.

However, A'Ruheng was in high spirits, and he chuckled, "No thanks, I'm not into that stuff like you are! Ohhh, this military coat is so nice and warm, it's even warming the cockles of my heart, hahaha!"

Tang Wulin was unaware of the fact that A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were bickering once again. At this point, he had already arrived in Zhang Huanyun's office.

"Legion Commander, Senior Blood One, what's going on here?" he asked.

 Cao Dezhi smiled, and replied, "These two were captured as spies on the day that the abyssal tide took place. Seeing as you're about to leave, you have to take some reliable people with you. These two are both quite conceited and untamed, but we've set up this scenario so you can save their lives, and that should make them more obedient and feel more indebted toward you. Don't ask about the details; in any case, we've played the bad guys here to make you look good. Old Man Zhang, it's your turn to take the stage again."

Zhang Huanyun rose to his feet as he chuckled, "Let's go. Come with me." He patted Tang Wulin's shoulder as he spoke before striding out of his office.

Tang Wulin didn't know whether he should laugh or cry, but at the same time, a surge of warmth was flowing through his heart. He was naturally aware that as lofty generals, there was no way that Zhang Huanyun and Blood One would do something like this if it weren't for his sake.

Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng were in the process of trading insults with one another, but both of them immediately fell silent like fearful bunnies at the sight of Zhang Huanyun.

Zhang Huanyun wore a dark expression as he appraised them with cold killing intent flashing within his eyes.

If it weren't for the fact that Tang Wulin knew that this was an act, he'd be convinced that Zhang Huanyun really was determined to kill them. He was speculating whether Zhang Huanyun had trained on the demonic island as well; his acting skills would surely be worthy of some kind of prestigious acting award!

He had fought both A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi before, so he was naturally aware of just how untamed they were. However, neither of them dared to utter so much as a single sound in the face of Zhang Huanyun, and it was clear that they were truly petrified!

Zhang Huanyun asked in a cold voice, "Wulin, is that really your Senior Disciple Brother?"

Tang Wulin hurriedly nodded in response. "It's true, Legion Commander; he's using the same cultivation method as me, so there's no mistaking it; he's definitely my senior disciple brother from the Body Sect."

Zhang Huanyun nodded, and said, "Alright, we'll temporarily mark him as innocent for now then. However, trespassing on the Blood God Legion base is a crime punishable by death. I can spare him, seeing as he's your senior disciple brother, but he can't escape without any punishment. Otherwise, any piece of trash out there will think that they can just trample on the honor of our Blood God Legion!"

A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi both gulped upon hearing this. Had they already been reduced to mere pieces of trash? The two of them exchanged a glance, and the enmity in their eyes had suddenly disappeared; they felt as if they were comrades fighting in the same trench.

"Get him down from there." Zhang Huanyun pointed at A'Ruheng.

Soldiers immediately rushed forward to bring him down from the metal pole. Zhang Huanyun then pointed at Sima Jinchi, and asked, "This guy has nothing to do with you, right?"

"Huh?" Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. Technically, there really wasn't much of a connection between him and Sima Jinchi. At most, they could only be counted as rivals who appreciated one another's powers, so he was a little stumped by Zhang Huanyun's question.

"Kill him!" Zhang Huanyun waved a hand, and the two black mechas raised their soul cannons in unison, sending two cannon blasts hurtling toward Sima Jinchi amid an explosive boom.

"Please spare him!" Tang Wulin and A'Ruheng yelled in unison.

A'Ruheng was still unable to move, but Tang Wulin was able to rush forward and position himself in front of Sima Jinchi.

"Boom! Boom!" The two cannon blasts struck his body, yet a layer of golden light naturally appeared around him.

The layer of golden light appeared to be very faint, and it only became slightly brighter after being struck by the two cannon blasts. However, this layer of golden light was able to easily ward off those two extremely destructive high explosive bombs.

These were the main weapons of the two black mechas!

Even Zhang Huanyun couldn't help but raise his eyebrows slightly upon seeing this. Tang Wulin didn't possess this type of ability before. If he wanted to stop these two attacks in the past, he would at least have to lash out in retaliation.

This was dragon's repulse!

After reaching the Soul Sage level and absorbing the energy from the 11th seal, Tang Wulin had manifested the Golden Dragon King innate abilities dragon's might and dragon's repulse, both of which were extremely important Golden Dragon King innate abilities.

Tang Wulin was trying out dragon's repulse for the first time, and even he was stunned by its incredible defensive prowess.

As his dragon's repulse was released, his dragon core was in the process of contracting, thereby forcing his blood essence power out of his own body to form a protective barrier of repulsion energy. Dragon's repulse required less expenditure to release than his other Golden Dragon King skills, but it was extremely powerful. Furthermore, it could clearly be used alongside any of Tang Wulin's other abilities.

In that instant, Sima Jinchi felt as if his heart were about to stop. What the hell was this situation? He hadn't even had a chance to speak out for himself yet, but he had almost been killed! Regardless of how rough and untamed he was, there was still cold sweat pouring down his back in the aftermath of that ordeal.

"Tang Wulin, you may have just made an extremely significant contribution to the legion, but you can't just disregard military orders over and over again!" Zhang Huanyun appraised Tang Wulin with a grave expression as he abruptly released his crushing aura as a Limit Douluo.

The dragon's repulse that Tang Wulin had released began to shimmer with golden light, clearly having been impacted by Zhang Huanyun's aura.

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