Chapter 1118: Two Idiots

As long as Tang Wulin could come here and see him, his identity would naturally be verified! It was much better to save oneself than wait to be saved by others!

"Shut up!" One of the soldiers immediately strode over to approach him.

However, A'Ruheng had already been backed into a corner and continued to yell at the top of his lungs without any regard for anything else. Thus, his thunderous voice began to echo throughout the entire legion base.

If it weren't for the fact that the snow on the mountains was currently being supported by countless plants, his raucous yelling would've most likely caused an avalanche already.

Sima Jinchi also immediately began to yell upon seeing this, and he was also yelling the same thing as A'Ruheng. Compared to him, Tang Wulin was closer with A'Ruheng, and it was easier to attract his attention with the notion that his senior disciple brother was here.

Inside the office.

Cao Dezhi couldn't help but burst into laughter. "I can't believe it took these two idiots this long to think of something this simple. It's a good thing that they managed to think of this in the end; it saves us the trouble of having to do anything else."

Zhang Huanyun chuckled in response, "They deserved to freeze for six hours for their stupidity; it's time for Wulin to come in and play the good guy now. Looks like our crude plan is about to succeed."

They weren't worried in the slightest that Tang Wulin wouldn't be able to hear their voices. After reaching the Spirit Domain realm, one's spiritual power would constantly be released to sense the changes in the natural energies within a very large area around them. It would be far too preposterous if he still couldn't hear his own name being yelled with his immense spiritual power.

Tang Wulin was sitting in his room, and he was just getting into his groove. After this period of meditation, he had already attained an elementary level of mastery over his own bodily condition.

The recently concluded battle had presented him with a brilliant opportunity, allowing him to draw upon a vast amount of natural energies to withstand the backlash from the influx of energy from breaking his 11th Golden Dragon King seal. Furthermore, the seed of life had also contributed to further bolstering his body, and only then was he able to successfully fuse with the power within the 11th seal.

After breaking the 11th seal, his dragon core had undergone a qualitative change. He could clearly sense that his dragon core was no longer just pumping blood essence throughout his own body; it was also producing blood essence power itself. If it had only resembled a heart in the past, then in a sense, Tang Wulin's dragon core was now truly a heart of his.

Even if his real heart were to be damaged, he wouldn't die as long as his dragon core wasn't destroyed. In fact, he could even regrow a destroyed heart so long as his dragon core remained intact.

All of his bones, meridians, and internal organs had turned into a golden color, and even he wasn't sure whether he could continue to be classified as a human.

This was a very wonderful feeling. After natural energies were absorbed into his body, they were no longer just being absorbed by his soul core; they were also being absorbed by his dragon core as well, and with the beating of his dragon core, those natural energies would also become a part of his blood essence.

Tang Wulin knew that once Soul Masters reached rank 70 in soul power, they would actually no longer be purely human. All seven-ring Soul Masters obtained the same soul skill, which was the martial soul true body. This soul skill allowed them to display the full power of their martial souls, as well as enhance the combat prowess of their martial souls to an extremely great extent. This was why one could only be truly considered to be a high-grade Soul Master after becoming a seven-ring Soul Sage.

Attaining a martial soul true body was an indication that a Soul Master had completely fused with their martial soul, and the martial soul had completely become a part of the Soul Master. Conversely, the Soul Master would also have become a part of their martial soul, and they would no longer be two separate entities.

It was also for this reason that 100,000-year-old soul beasts that chose to become humans, would also have to reach this level before they could truly be referred to as humans.

In Tang Wulin's current state, not only had his body completely fused with his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul, his Golden Dragon King bloodline seemed to have also effected some minute changes in his body.

Two dragon horns had emerged on his forehead, and they weren't very long, but they were extremely resolute. Following their emergence, he could clearly sense that he seemed to have gained an additional innate ability. This ability wasn't a physical or spiritual attack. Instead, it was a type of intimidation that stemmed from the deepest part of his bloodline. To put it in simpler terms, it was dragon's might!

That's right, only after he became a seven-ring Soul Sage did his dragon's might finally manifest itself.

Prior to this, all Soul Masters who possessed dragon-type martial souls would be impacted by his blood essence power, but with his dragon's might now, all martial souls with inferior bloodlines compared to his would naturally be affected by him. His dragon's might could intimidate and weaken enemies while enhancing his own powers, so this was a qualitative change!

At the same time, Tang Wulin's disposition had also undergone a certain transformation throughout this period of meditation.

He was already extremely handsome to begin with, and now, there was an extra hint of masculinity and prestige in his disposition. He had attained the aura of a supreme ruler, and with the manifestation of his dragon's might, he seemed to have suddenly aged a few years. Even when doing nothing aside from sitting with his legs crossed, he was giving off a natural sense of intimidation.

He was no longer a boy or a child; in that instant, he seemed to have truly become a powerful adult Soul Master.

"Tang Wulin, your senior disciple brother is here; come and save me..."

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded within his mind, and his spiritual power jolted ever so slightly.

After progressing to the Spirit Domain realm, he was able to sense the changes taking place in the natural energies within an extremely large area, and he could even trigger natural energy tides to assist himself in his own cultivation. At the same time, he was able to detect all types of changes transpiring within this area.

Of course, he would automatically filter out those pointless changes and only pay attention to extremely severe changes in energy fluctuations or changes that were related to him. For example, this included his name.

Was someone calling him? What was this about his senior disciple brother?

Tang Wulin's spiritual power quickly ascertained the direction that the voice was coming from. His spiritual power was like his eyes, and even though he had only just progressed to the Spirit Domain realm, he could still sense the extremely powerful blood essence fluctuations in that direction. Wasn't that his senior disciple brother, A'Ruheng? There was also another familiar aura beside him.

What was going on? Why had he come here?

Tang Wulin was rather surprised, but at the same time, he hurriedly focused his spiritual power to transmit his spiritual fluctuations to A'Ruheng.


A soul laser gun had been jammed into A'Ruheng's mouth, and Sima Jinchi had also received the same treatment, so neither of them were able to yell anymore. However, after that short burst of yelling, their stiff and cold bodies had warmed up a little.

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded within A'Ruheng's mind. "Wait for me, Senior Disciple Brother."

"Hmm?" A'Ruheng was initially ecstatic as he immediately identified that this voice belonged to none other than this junior disciple brother. However, he was then struck by a sense of bewilderment. How had Tang Wulin's voice appeared directly in his mind? This was not just a simple voice transmission. He was one of the most powerful beings in the Body Sect and also the heir to the sect master, so he was naturally able to discern just how powerful this ability was. Even so, it didn't occur to him that Tang Wulin could've attained Spirit Domain realm spiritual power already. After all, that was simply an absurd notion. 

Following the span of only around a dozen breaths, a figure rapidly approached them in the distance.

A'Ruheng was immediately struck by the urge to weep at the sight of Tang Wulin, who was in his usual pristine white military uniform with major general epaulets on his shoulders. They were finally saved!

Tang Wulin was feeling quite bemused at the sight of A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi, both of whom had been strapped to metal poles. He could clearly recall that these metal poles didn't exist in the legion base before this! When had they been erected?

"Senior Disciple Brother, why are you here? What's going on?" Tang Wulin reflexively glanced at the soldiers who were standing off to the side.

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