Chapter 1115: A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi

Only by being together would they be able to enhance one another's powers, and it was undoubtedly the case that after undergoing their Dragon God Transformation, they would become extremely powerful. Recalling back to the final clash during that battle, it was clearly Gu Yuena who had taken control over the planar power through the Dragon God Transformation, and that was how the abyssal Holy Lord had been forced back into the abyssal plane.

Even though that wasn't entirely her power, her ability to control the planar power of the Douluo Continent through the Dragon God Transformation was most likely unmatched.

At this point, Tang Wulin had already calmed down, and his memory had also become a lot clearer as a result. He recalled that when Gu Yuena had first appeared on that day, she had clearly heaved a forlorn sigh. Why had she sighed?

It was quite clear that she had already recovered her memories, and it was possible that she could've recovered them long ago. Perhaps she may have even recovered from her amnesia right after consuming the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum. However, she was still constantly calling him father and remained by his side. She was constantly waiting for him at the Scorching Basin and had refrained from telling him the truth. Why was this?

She was clearly running away from something so that she could continue to be with him! 

She loves me! 

These thoughts flashed through Tang Wulin's mind like lightning. If she didn't love him, then why hadn't she left as soon as she recovered? She was definitely hiding many things from him, but that didn't conflict with her love for him.

After arriving at this epiphany, Tang Wulin felt as if a heavy load had been taken off his shoulders, and it was as if all of his problems had suddenly disappeared.

As long as she loved him, was anything else important? No!

A faint smile finally appeared on his face, and he was truly able to stabilize his own mental state. He had improved significantly during the last battle, and he also consolidated the experience he'd accumulated during the competition. In particular, the two greatest rewards that he had reaped were the two spear techniques that he had invented for himself. He had found his path, and what he needed now was more experience and enlightenment.

Path of Regal Domination and All or Nothing.

He possessed the power and bloodline aura of the Golden Dragon King, which allowed him to crush all of the enemies that stood in his way. In the face of absolute power, all techniques and tricks were completely invalid and futile. His forte was his strength and direct combat prowess, and both his Path of Regal Domination and All or Nothing undoubtedly stemmed from this.

Relatively speaking, Path of Regal Domination was more suitable for use during battle, while All or Nothing was, just as its name suggested, a technique that should only be used as a final roll of the dice. The technique involved him pouring all of his energy into his Golden Dragon Spear, so no matter how powerful he became, he would only be able to use it once. However, it would become more powerful as he continued to progress over time.

As he reflected on these past experiences, Tang Wulin gradually entered a state of deep meditation.

Cao Dezhi slowly opened his eyes, and there was clearly a hint of excitement shimmering within them. "Has he reached the Spirit Domain realm? As expected, he really has made the breakthrough. Perhaps he has already been entrusted with the will of the entire plane as the plane has chosen him. It most likely won't be easy for anyone to harm him in the future as the will of the plane will naturally protect him. Huanyun, you have all these unnecessary concerns precisely because you've failed to identify this."

As he murmured to himself, a contemplative look appeared on his face. "What will the will of the plane entail? Perhaps it'll bless him with immense fortune?"

A faint smile then appeared on his face. "I'm really looking forward to seeing how he develops in the future. In the direst time of need for Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, another mighty figure will most likely be born. Esteemed forefathers, could it be that you're protecting us from above?"

He turned toward a wall in his room as he spoke, and there was a piece of artwork hanging from that pristine white wall.

There was a person on the piece of artwork. The boundless ocean lay beneath his feet, and his long blue hair fluttered in the wind behind him, giving him an ethereal appearance. He wore a set of white robes, and there was a massive golden trident in his right hand.

His eyes were gentle yet distant, and even though it was only a piece of artwork, looking at those eyes still struck the beholder with the feeling that they were peering into the abyss.

Cao Dezhi's heart immediately felt more settled at the sight of this piece of artwork.

"Esteemed forefather, does the divine realm really no longer exist? If so, where are you now?"


"You're Sima Jinchi? Wild Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi?" A'Ruheng patted his own large bald head and appraised the man beside him with an intrigued expression.

Following that massive battle, the entire Blood God Legion had been extremely anxious, and as a result, the two of them were captured...

As outsiders, it only made sense that they would come under scrutiny after arriving at the Blood God Legion base at a time like this, especially after that surprise attack from the evil Soul Masters.

Thankfully, their performances during the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition had left a deep impression on the soldiers of the Blood God Legion, and after verifying their identities, they had only been detained rather than executed on the spot.

"That's me. Are you Strength King?" Sima Jinchi was also appraising A'Ruheng with an intrigued expression.

The two of them had never faced one another in battle before, but they had a common past opponent, and they had both traveled all the way here to meet that person. Both of them had performed exceptionally well during the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, and there were sparks flying as they sized up one another.

"Nice to meet you!" A'Ruheng extended his right hand toward Sima Jinchi.

Sima Jinchi didn't suspect anything and shook his hand. However, as soon as he gripped onto A'Ruheng's hand, his expression immediately changed.

He had already thought that his strength was superior to that of the vast majority of Soul Masters, but only after shaking A'Ruheng's hand was he made aware of what the pinnacle of strength was. His strength was virtually instantly nullified, and his hand was being abused in A'Ruheng's hand as if it were a soft noodle.

A furious expression immediately appeared on Sima Jinchi's face. "You're despicable!"

A'Ruheng released Sima Jinchi's hand and pursed his lips as he remarked, "You're nothing much."

Sima Jinchi immediately flared up with rage. "My forte lays in my saber techniques; I'm not some neanderthal caveman like you who has nothing but brute strength!"

A'Ruheng glowered at him in response. "Who are you calling a neanderthal caveman?"

"I'm talking to you!" Sima Jinchi abruptly rose to his feet, but a gloomy expression then quickly appeared on his face.

The reason for this was very simple; both he and A'Ruheng were wearing what appeared to be suits of armor right now, and these suits of armor had a very simple purpose, which was to seal away the wearer's soul power.

Sima Jinchi's powers relied heavily on his martial soul as a basis, yet without access to his soul power, he couldn't even release his Dragonslaying Saber.

In contrast, A'Ruheng's forte lay in his strength, and in reality, he could break open this suit of armor with ease; nothing could truly confine a freakish strong man like him.

Sima Jinchi could only look on in fury as A'Ruheng also rose to his feet. Sima Jinchi was already a very tall man, but A'Ruheng was towering over him with a sinister look on his face, and Sima Jinchi's lips immediately began to twitch.

Back in the Southern Legion, he had always been the enforcer, yet now, he was being bullied! No words could describe his rage and frustration.

His eyes were practically spitting fire as he glowered at A'Ruheng. "Just you wait! When I recover my soul power, I'm going to beat you into a quadriplegic!"

A'Ruheng cracked his knuckles in response. "A quadriplegic-to-be is trying to threaten me? What a joke!"

Just as he was approaching Sima Jinchi with a sly smirk on his face, the door of the detection chamber was suddenly flung open.

Two Blood God Legion soldiers who were armed to the teeth stood in front of the doorway with cold expressions on their faces. "You two, come with us."

Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng glanced at one another before letting loose cold harrumphs in unison and striding toward the door.

A'Ruheng intentionally bumped into Sima Jinchi from the side with his shoulder and led the way out of the detention chamber.

Sima Jinchi was absolutely furious, but he couldn't do anything aside from emerge behind A'Ruheng with a look of thunderous rage on his face.

The two soldiers then "escorted" them into an office.

It was him!

Their expressions changed in unison at the sight of the man in the office.

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