Chapter 1110: Arrival of the Silver Dragon

If the Fury of the Masses were like a medicinal catalyst for Tang Wulin, then the Path of Regal Domination and All or Nothing were unstoppable techniques that were invented by and truly belonged to him.

This was his path; he had finally found it. However, he was currently facing the ruler of an entire plane!

There was no loud clash as everyone had anticipated. Everyone looked on in hope and anticipation, but in the instant that the Golden Dragon Spear finally clashed with the massive seven-fingered white hand, everyone's expressions immediately stiffened.

The massive hand had caught the Golden Dragon Spear in its grasp and was playing with it as if it were a little snake.

The power within the Golden Dragon Spear had been instantly sealed by the hand, rendering it completely unable to unleash its offensive prowess.

Everyone could only look on in despair as the hope completely faded from their eyes.

"Hmph! It's time for you to die!"

The cold voice seemed to have added a layer of frost to bleak white color in the surrounding area, and the Golden Dragon Spear shot back in a flash before instantly reaching Tang Wulin's chest.

If it weren't for the fact that Tang Wulin had to be killed, the abyssal Holy Lord wouldn't have paid such a heavy price to send a part of its own true body into this world. In doing so, it had expended a lot of its own energy, as well as the energy of the abyssal plane.

As the target of the Holy Lord, Tang Wulin felt as if the entire space around him were collapsing inward. The planar power that was protecting him before had been entirely dispelled, leaving him in a completely vulnerable state. Only the seed of life was still releasing life force energy in a panicked frenzy to try and protect him, but all of those efforts appeared to be completely futile.

In that instant, it was as if the entire world had turned into his enemy; everything between heaven and earth was trying to oppress and crush him.

Everything had come so abruptly, yet all of these events were transpiring so slowly in his mind, as if all of his senses had been blunted.

What kind of power was this?

This was something that Tang Wulin had never experienced, even when facing the destructive energy storm unleashed by the 12th-grade Godslayer soul missile.

The entire space was collapsing, and the Holy Lord seemed to be also struggling against something as its entire seven-fingered hand had turned into nine different colors.

As the ruler of a plane, it had forced a part of its true body into an alternate plane that hadn't yet been conquered, so it was naturally going to face vehement resistance from the entire plane.

However, this Holy Lord had still descended upon this plane without any hesitation, and it only had one goal; to kill Tang Wulin! It had to kill this human who was truly able to pose a threat to the survival of the entire abyssal plane.

The Holy Lord had initially planned to pay a heavy price for no other reward than to kill Tang Wulin, but after sensing the seed of life within his body, it became extremely excited. If it could capture the seed of life of the Douluo plane, then it would be a lot easier for it to devour this entire Douluo Continent in the future. A seed of life was an entity that was at the very core of the plane.

The Golden Dragon Spear had already arrived, yet Tang Wulin was completely powerless to resist. He didn't even harbor any fear in his heart as he had been rendered physically unable to muster up any emotions.

Right at this moment, a faint sigh suddenly sounded within the abyssal passageway.

The sigh was extremely gentle, but it was clearly audible to the abyssal Holy Lord, Tang Wulin, Zhang Huanyun, and the nine Blood Gods.

As soon as this sigh rang out, it was as if vitality had suddenly returned to this congealed space.

A fair and slender hand appeared in front of Tang Wulin before gently grabbing onto the Golden Dragon Spear that was about to plunge into his chest as if the spear were nothing more than a toy.

In the instant, that the hand gripped onto the Golden Dragon Spear, a layer of curved silver scales instantly appeared over its skin.

Immediately thereafter, the Golden Dragon Spear began to radiate scintillating light as if to forcibly struggle free from the restriction that the Holy Lord had placed upon it before falling into the slender hand.

"Who gave you the courage to challenge the entire Douluo plane?" A cold, yet extremely delightful voice reverberated throughout the abyssal passageway.

Someone had appeared beside Tang Wulin. She was clad in a suit of platinum armor that was covered in curved scales. A pair of massive dragon wings were spread open on her back, and the radiance of her battle armor was intertwining with that of Tang Wulin's Dragon Moon battle armor.

She was holding Tang Wulin's hand with one of her hands while holding the Golden Dragon Spear in her other hand. In the instant that she appeared, an incredible change suddenly took place within the Blood God Array.

The nine-color light that was only operating as normal just a moment ago suddenly swelled by in excess of tenfold, transforming into a massive nine-colored pillar of light that was erupting into the heavens. The pillar of light reached at least 10 kilometers in the sky, and countless specks of lights of all types of colors began to converge from even further away.

All nine of the Blood Gods felt as if a massive burden had been lifted from their shoulders, and they were stunned to discover that the Blood God Array was now completely out of their control. However, the aura emanating from the array was swelling at an incredible rate.

"Who are you? This is impossible! This plane has no ruler! Tell me who you are!" The Holy Lord's rumbling voice was filled with fury and incredulity.

The cold female voice rang out in response. "Just because you're not aware of something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist; it's merely a sign of your ignorance." The woman's voice didn't seem to hold any joy or elation. On the contrary, it was clearly tinged with hints of sorrow.

In the next instant, nine-colored light descended from above, enveloping both her and Tang Wulin's bodies. Immediately thereafter, the two of them began to fuse as one right before everyone's eyes.

Their bodies swelled in size, and all of the planar power within the array seemed to have instantly become a part of their bodies. There was even a silver dragon that had appeared around the Golden Dragon Spear, and it quickly turned into a nine-colored spear while its aura was elevated in a frenzy.

The nine-colored dragon spear began to emanate unprecedented power, and the entire abyssal passageway was illuminated by nine-colored light as the shattered patterns of the array reappeared.

"The puny abyss dares to rear its ugly head against the Douluo plane?" The woman's cold voice rang out again.

At this moment, the woman who was hovering in mid-air had already taken on the appearance of a nine-colored battle deity. Her suit of battle armor had far exceeded the size of a normal suit of battle armor, and the projection of a massive nine-colored dragon had appeared behind her.

Everyone on the scene was immediately struck by the urge to bow toward this massive rainbow dragon, as if it were the very core that the entire world revolved around.

Rainbow life flashed, and in the next instant, the female deity had already appeared right in front of the massive white hand. Her spear was thrust forward like lightning, and in that instant, all of the streaks of rainbow light in the surrounding area instantly fused into the spear, while an extremely lavish and exuberant floral pattern appeared beneath her feet.

The abyssal passageway began to tremor violently, and the sky also turned into nine different colors in that instant. Every type of element was jumping for joy, and in that instant, it was as if all of the natural energies on the entire Douluo Continent had gathered at this place.

The seven-fingered hand was clearly no longer as relaxed as it was before. It abruptly clenched into a tight fist before clashing with the rainbow dragon spear.

A piercing screech rang out while a dull explosion reverberated throughout the passageway.

The seven-fingered hand was clearly being forced back while the rainbow dragon spear thrust forward over and over again. Every time the spear clashed with the massive hand, the latter would take on a more pronounced nine-colored glow, and it was clearly firmly on the back foot.

Who would've thought that such a dramatic turn of events would unfold? Who was this silver-armored woman, and where had she come from?

Why was it that her suit of battle armor was only at the three-word level at most, but she was able to emit such stunning radiance in the Blood God Array?

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