Chapter 1109: Know Your Place

The feeling of becoming the ruler of heaven and earth returned to Tang Wulin once again, and on this occasion, this feeling was even clearer to him.

He could even sense that there were two familiar figures rapidly climbing toward the Blood God Legion.

It was them!

One of them was none other than Wild Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi, the wielder of the Dragonslaying Saber who had forfeited their semifinal match under inexplicable circumstances, and the other one was his senior disciple brother from the Body Sect, A'Ruheng!

Why were they both here?

That's right, both A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi had arrived, and of course, they were here for Tang Wulin. They were traveling through the mountain ranges from different directions, and during their journey, they could already sense the enormous energy fluctuations emanating from the Blood God Legion in the distance.

Their mentors had told both of them during their first trip to the Blood God Legion, they had to climb there. They weren't allowed to fly as that would be a sign of disrespect to the legion.

As such, they were scaling one mountain after another en route to the legion base, and all of a sudden, enormous energy fluctuations had erupted from the distance, causing the entire mountain ranges to tremor violently. As a result, A'Ruheng was even struck by an avalanche.

Right at this moment, all of them were greeted by the sight of countless green plants emerging from the snow and ice, and their hearts were filled with astonishment. What kind of power was this? Why was it that the mountain ranges that were covered entirely by ice and snow had become a green world that was filled with vitality?

They began to rush toward the legion base as quickly as they could. There were clearly extraordinary circumstances taking place, so both of them broke the rules and released their suits of battle armor to take flight.

When they finally flew up high into the air, they were greeted by the sight of nine different colors of light converging toward a single direction. At the same time, a vast expanse of green light was spreading over every single part of the entire mountain ranges.

Both of them flapped their wings with all their might as they flew toward the site of the incident.

Even from afar, they could already see a man who was hovering within a nine-colored barrier of light, looking as if he were a pillar between heaven and earth.

This golden-armored figure was extremely familiar to both of them. Wasn't this the one that they were searching for?

A'Ruheng was appraising Tang Wulin's massive body, while Sima Jinchi was staring intently at the Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin's hand.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin slowly raised his right arm as if he were drawing a massive bow before aiming his Golden Dragon Spear directly into the depths of the abyss.

In the next instant, both of them were forced back onto the ground at the same time by a burst of terrifying pressure that had appeared in the heavens above.

Was the sky falling down?

Even the untamed Sima Jinchi and proud A'Ruheng could only look on in astonishment. It was completely unfathomable to them that these energy fluctuations that were threatening to lay waste to heaven and earth could be coming from a single person, and it was the person that both of them were searching for!

How could this be? How had he become so powerful? It was as if he had become an actual god!

Despite their incredulity, the scenes unfolding before their eyes were undeniably real.

"A trapped beast still dares to fight? Know your place!" Even the Blood God Array was unable to cut off this rumbling voice, which spread through the entire mountain ranges and even into the Scorching Basin.

They were then astonished to see that the entire sky had become twisted and warped. It appeared as if the sky were about to fall down a moment ago, but it suddenly congealed, and all of the clouds up above instantly crumbled to reveal a clear yet slightly twisted blue sky.

They were both struck by a powerful sense of asphyxiation, and in that instant, they felt as if they were about to be completely erased from this world.

Vast expanses of green plants in the surrounding area disintegrated into dust before transforming into green light that surged toward that direction.

Horror! This was the emotion that Tang Wulin was sensing from the seed of life. This type of horror was the same emotion that the planar seeds had displayed when faced with the seed of life.

The seed of life was horrified that it was going to be harmed by this unknown being. Just what was this thing? How could it be so powerful?

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly, but there was no fear in his heart.

The path of regal domination that he had just attained was swirling deep within his heart, and both his dragon core and soul core were beating violently.

If this is to be the end of me, then I must make sure that the spark of my life ignites into the most perfect final flame! 

"Boom!" Scorching golden flames abruptly erupted around Tang Wulin's body.

This was an opponent that was feared even by the seed of life, so he certainly didn't dare to hold back. That's right, he had ignited his own flame of life.

Back when he had witnessed Blood Nine igniting his flame of life to protect the Blood God Array, Tang Wuiln's blood had already been set alight in his veins. He was going to protect the entire human race and everyone that he loved! If he could save the tens of thousands of people here and all of the living beings on the entire continent, then so what if he had to sacrifice himself?

The Golden Dragon Spear seemed to have sensed that Tang Wulin had ignited his flame of life, and the Golden Dragon King aura within his body suddenly began to fluctuate violently.

He took a deep breath before directing the enormous energy within his body toward his 11th Golden Dragon King Seal without any hesitation. 

This was no time for being bogged down by qualms and inhibitions; even the seed of life was drawing upon power at all costs, so he certainly couldn't leave any stone unturned.

A violent explosion erupted within Tang Wulin's body, and much to his surprise, after the 11th Golden Dragon King seal was broken, there was no enormous influx of violent blood essence energy as there usually was. Instead, on this occasion, the blood essence fluctuations were like a gentle stream of water that instantly washed over his entire body.

Scales appeared on Tang Wulin's face for the very first time, and his pupils instantly turned vertical. An unprecedentedly thunderous dragon's roar erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear, and as a result, the warped sky in the outside world returned to normal.

This meant that the power currently being unleashed by Tang Wulin had temporarily managed to repress the abyssal Holy Lord's aura.

"Hmm?" A faint cry of surprise escaped from the Holy Lord's mouth.

It was also at this moment that the seal on the abyssal passageway completely exploded, and a colossal hand emerged from within.

This was a hand that was as pristine white as jade. It had seven fingers and was completely devoid of any blood vessels, scales, and hair.

In the instant that it appeared, the surrounding patterns of the seal crumbled, and the entire Blood God Array began to flicker violently.

Tang Wulin let loose an explosive cry, and in that instant, he poured forth all of the energy within his body without any reservation. The energy from the Douluo plane, the energy of the seed of life, as well as his own bloodline essence and soul power were all injected into his Golden Dragon Spear.

As a result, the Golden Dragon Spear transformed into a massive golden dragon that was over 100 meters in length. It was as if the spear had sprung to life, and it hurtled directly toward the huge white hand.

All of the patterns on the Blood God Array regained their former radiance in the wake of the Golden Dragon Spear, and they began to glow with the most dazzling light. At this moment, all of the Blood God Legion soldiers and the Blood Gods of the Blood God Battalion were pouring forth their power with all their might.

All of them knew that if they couldn't force back this Holy Lord, then the entire Blood God Legion would be destroyed with the human race to follow!

They didn't dare to hesitate or hold back; only by giving everything that they had would it be possible to oppose this fearsome being.

Eighth technique of the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, All or Nothing!

In this desperately dire situation, Tang Wulin had attained another technique that belonged solely to him. That's right, it was all or nothing!

Fury of the Masses was an ability taught to him by Old Tang, but Path of Regal Domination and All or Nothing truly belonged to him.

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