Chapter 1107: Unstoppable

The spear strike was imbued with such devastating power that even Zhang Huanyun and Cao Dezhi were completely stunned. They had always hoped that Tang Wulin would be able to permanently eradicate the threat of the abyssal plane in the end, but they didn't think that he would play such a prominent role on the battlefield at his current cultivation rank.

Tang Wulin was hovering in mid-air, and at this moment, he was completely immersed in the reflection of the spear strike he had just unleashed.

He didn't use his Golden Dragon King bloodline essence nor his Fury of the Masses to enhance the spear strike; it was just a pure and simple attack. The feeling of being completely enveloped by planar power and becoming one with the entire Douluo plane was truly a riveting experience.

This is the path I need to pursue! I think I've found it! 

Tang Wulin raised his Golden Dragon Spear again before throwing his head back and letting loose a long cry up into the heavens. As he did so, the nine-colored light within the Blood God Array began to tremor gently.

The radiance of the seed of life flashed on his forehead, and all of the surrounding natural energies surged toward Tang Wulin as if they had found their origin.

The seed of life couldn't directly enhance Tang Wulin's powers, but it could assist him during critical moments of enlightenment. In particular, under the special environment of this Blood God Array, he was able to reap rewards that would be beyond his reach anywhere else.

His suit of battle armor began to glow with scintillating light, and a projection of a massive golden dragon took the place of the massive purple flower projection behind him. Every single scale on his suit of battle armor was radiating dazzling light, and the nine-colored light in his eyes faded before being replaced by an unprecedentedly scintillating golden light.

In that instant, he stood like a pillar between heaven and earth, and it was as if he had become the master of this entire world.

His Golden Dragon Spear was also glowing with dazzling light, and all of the golden patterns on it had become extremely bright and pure. He thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward at a very slow speed, but as it traveled through the air, all of the energy in the surrounding area converged toward it.

Tang Wulin's entire body was trembling gently, but his eyes were filled with an unprecedentedly resolute and determined expression.

That's right, this was the path that he was searching for; the path of regal domination!

Seventh technique of the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, Path of Regal Domination!

Countless specks of light converged toward a single point, and the entire abyssal passageway was trembling in the wake of the Golden Dragon Spear.

The Black Sovereign's frosty expression took on a noticeable change for the very first time. The aura that she was facing now was something that she had only ever felt from that being.

How was this possible? How could such a puny human being be able to unleash such a powerful attack? How could his aura bear such a strong resemblance to that of the Holy Lord? His powers were completely incomparable to those of the Holy Lord!

It was also right at this moment that the Black Sovereign finally understood why the Holy Lord was so wary of such a puny human being and trying to destroy him at all costs; this human's latent potential was downright terrifying! If he were allowed to grow and develop into a truly powerful being, then there would be no chance for the abyssal plane to invade the human world, and they could even face an invasion from the humans instead.

A serious look appeared in the Black Sovereign's eyes as her long hair pooled down behind her back. She brushed her hands over her sides, seemingly in a gentle manner, but in doing so, she left a trail of afterimages in the air.

These afterimages stacked on top of one another before her hands finally came together in front of her body. A speck of pure blackish-purple light surged forth from her chest.

As soon as this speck of light appeared, the pressure that was being exerted on the Black Sovereign by the Douluo plane clearly lessened somewhat.

It was also right at this moment that the seed of life on Tang Wulin's forehead suddenly began to pulse violently. It had never been this active before, and it seemed to almost be in a frenzied state.

The Black Sovereign pointed a finger forward once again, but on this occasion, her fingertip had completely taken on a blackish-purple color.

"Ding!" A crisp sound rang out, and countless ripples surged through the air. Even the six abyssal emperors couldn't help but cover their ears in unison while their bodies rapidly descended.

The Black Sovereign remained completely stationary in mid-air, but her entire body had already been basked in a layer of golden light that stemmed from the Golden Dragon Spear.

In the next instant, her body was swept aside and crashed heavily into the side of the abyssal passageway.

The Path of Regal Domination was imbued with unstoppable might!

Scintillating golden light pierced straight into the abyss, catching up to one of the retreating abyssal emperors before almost instantly puncturing its chest.

The golden light drew back, and in the next instant, the abyssal emperor that had just had its body punctured was dragged back to Tang Wulin.

A green vine immediately shot forth from the seed of life before abruptly plunging into the abyssal emperor's body and latching onto its planar seed right away.

The aura of the seed of life had become immeasurably more powerful than it had been back in the mirror domain, and it was able to instantly control this severely wounded abyssal emperor. Its abyssal aura was quickly fading away, and its planar seed couldn't even offer up a shred of resistance.

Blood One was suddenly struck by a sense of enlightenment upon seeing this, and a smile finally appeared on his face. Blood Nine was also looking on with a smile despite the fact that his flame of life was close to being snuffed out, and his entire body was becoming more and more transparent.

Blood One realized that his plan for Tang Wulin had been wrong from the very beginning. Tang Wulin and his seed of life should've been activated in the Blood God Array from the very beginning.

The planar power and spiritual energy of heaven and earth gathered by the Blood God Array were able to enhance them to an immeasurable degree, thereby making them the true cores that could oppose the abyssal plane. This was something that had never happened in the past 6,000 years!

It appeared that if the Black Sovereign hadn't allowed herself to be swept aside, then she would've most likely been the one to be destroyed by that attack. To think that just one man and one spear could unleash such devastating power! 

Of course, this wasn't Tang Wulin's power. Instead, he was channeling planar power through his body and using his Golden Dragon Spear to vent the fury of the Douluo Continent.

The Douluo Continent plane may not be of a caliber that could surpass the abyssal plane, but it was important to remember that true godly beings had been born on this plane before! Regardless of how powerful the abyssal plane, it had never been graced with the presence of a god, so there was a fundamental difference between the two planes.

The Black Sovereign's expression had already changed drastically, and she flew back into the depths of the abyssal passageway in a panicked manner. The closer she was to the exit, the more planar pressure she would be afflicted by, whereas the further away she was from the exit, the more abyssal power she would be able to draw upon.

What had appeared to be a perfect opportunity to strike was now completely non-existent.

Tang Wulin's eyes flashed with golden light, and he flapped his wings gently before immediately arriving outside the Blood God Array. He then pointed his left index finger at Blood Nine, who was about to fizzle out of existence, and a beam of green light instantly shot forth from his forehead before landing on Blood Nine's body.

The flame of life that was burning around him was instantly snuffed out, and just as everyone was letting loose cries of alarm, Blood Nine's translucent body suddenly turned into a green color and was abruptly stabilized. Extremely rich life force energy was instantly injected into his body, allowing him to take on a substantial form once again.

Blood Nine's expression was filled with disbelief. He could already sense that he was about to blink out of existence, but at this moment, he was stunned to discover that not only did he exist, his life force was being elevated to a higher level!

Never did he think that something like this would happen. How was this possible?

Blood Two's dead and soulless eyes immediately lit up as if the life had returned to his body. He stared intently at Tang Wulin with incredulity and gratitude in his eyes.

Tang Wulin had naturally sensed what had happened outside the Blood God Array earlier, and he had been deeply moved by Blood Nine's decision to sacrifice himself in order to maintain the Blood God Array.

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