Chapter 1106: Spirit Borrowing

The most difficult aspect of their cultivation lay in imitating bloodline auras. With the injection and nourishment of Tang Wulin's rich bloodline aura, they had all benefited immensely and taken the first steps to stabilize their human forms.

Of course, energy was conserved, so they weren't just taking energy from Tang Wulin. At the same time, they were also providing him with benefits as well.

Why was Tang Wulin's spiritual power able to improve so quickly? Why was he able to sense the elemental particles of the world so quickly? This was all directly correlated to the six plant system Great Beasts.

They had completely opened up their affinity with the elements to Tang Wulin, making it easier for his spiritual power to comprehend the origins of these elements. Through this process, his spiritual power was naturally able to improve at a far faster rate. At the same time, all of them were life forms that were comprised of extremely pure life force energy, and they were constantly reciprocating this energy to Tang Wulin in order to nourish his body.

It could be said that the aura of the seed of life was more suitable for Tang Wulin to absorb after it was filtered through them, and all of this was taking place in a very subtle and profound manner.

As such, even though Tang Wulin hadn't consumed any of the spirit items in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well as his friends had, he had actually reaped the greatest rewards from that trip. This was why he was able to make so many consecutive breakthroughs in such a short time without suffering any negative side-effects.

At this point, the six plant system Great Beast's auras were completely different from what they had been in the past, and each of them had a domain of a different attribute around their bodies.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip was standing directly in front of Tang Wulin with a faint pink light emanating from his body. The murky air in the surrounding area was instantly cleared, and even Zhang Huanyun was feeling greatly reinvigorated after inhaling the fragrance that he was releasing.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip was the monarch of all immortal plants, making it a plant system being of an even higher caliber than Tang Wulin's Bluesilver Emperor.

The fact that all of the immortal plants in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well were willing to pledge their subordination to him was a clear indication of his lofty status in the plant world.

It may not possess any directly offensive abilities, but its assistance abilities were unmatched among all other immortal plants.

The Delicate Inferno Apricot Flower was situated to the front left direction of Tang Wulin. There was a scorching red light radiating from her body, and this was stemming from fire elemental particles. The Mysterious Octoganal Ice Grass was situated to the front right direction of Tang Wulin, and he was radiating an icy blue light. There was a frosty aura around him that was the direct polar opposite to that of the Delicate Inferno Apricot Flower, but at this moment, their auras seemed to be drawing upon and improving one another.

They appeared to be in opposition against one another in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, but in reality, they had already completed yin yang neutralization in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well. As such, not only did they not debilitate each other in one another's presence, it was instead the case that both of them were greatly enhanced.

The Land Dragon Golden Melon and Blackjade Divine Bamboo were situated to the rear left and rear right directions of Tang Wulin, respectively. The Land Dragon Golden Melon was radiating yellow light, while the Blackjade Divine Bamboo was emanating an azure domain. Finally, there was the Keen Gaze Dew, which was situated directly behind Tang Wulin and was emitting a faint white light. The six immortal plants were all ready for action!

Zhang Huanyun was already situated deep within his own domain after releasing his Mirror True Body, and he was quite stunned by the scenes unfolding before his eyes.

He had already thought that he held a very high opinion of Tang Wulin, but it appeared that Tang Wulin was still far more powerful than he had imagined.

These beings clearly weren't humans, but they were able to adopt human forms, and that was a clear indication of what they were. These were true 100,000-year-old soul beasts! In this current day and age, where soul beasts were on the brink of extinction on the Douluo Continent, even a single 100,000-year-old soul beast was a very rare sight to behold, let alone six!

Six soul rings then emerged from beneath Tang Wulin's feet, consisting of four blacks, one greenish-golden, and one orange.

Before Tang Wulin knew it, his first three soul rings had already been elevated to the 10,000-year-old level. It had been a long time since he had visited the Spirit Ascension Plane, but his soul rings had still evolved over time. Furthermore, they seemed to have only just made the breakthrough, so it was most likely due to the reciprocation he'd received from the seed of life after absorbing the planar seeds.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. His eyes were shimmering with an indistinct light while his Golden Dragon Spear was glowing with brilliant radiance, and he pointed the spear downward.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip raised his head to look up at the Blood God Array up above, a slightly mocking smile suddenly appeared on his face. He raised both hands before feigning an embracing motion, and all of the nine-colored light on the Beautiful Silk Tulip rippled before being drawn downward by him in a tornado-like form.

Was this spirit borrowing?

Even the true core of the Blood God Array, Blood One, was stunned to see this, let alone Zhang Huanyun. Even among the nine Blood Gods who were operating the Blood God Array, only Blood One was capable of using the spirit borrowing ability, yet this being that appeared to be Tang Wulin's soul spirit was showing that it was capable of doing this as well!

A massive flower naturally blossomed behind Tang Wulin, and it was none other than the Beautiful Silk Tulip in its true form.

Devouring Heaven and Earth!

The Beautiful Silk Tulip had unleashed the soul skill in Tang Wulin's stead even without requiring an instruction from him.

Planar power and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth immediately converged toward Tang Wulin before instantly filling his entire body.

He felt as if his body had already become part of the elements around him, and furthermore, there were bursts of suction force originating from all five of the other directions. The six immortal plants were all borrowing his power to strengthen their domains, and their auras instantly began to elevate at a rapid rate.

The Black Sovereign had already taken care of the explosion caused by the ninth-grade soul missiles, and she continued to rise directly up toward Tang Wulin. The six other abyssal emperors behind her had also unleashed their abilities, and all of them only had a single target: Tang Wulin!

However, right at this moment, the Black Sovereign was greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin's eyes, which were shimmering with nine-colored light. Even the golden scales on his suit of two-word battle armor had been covered by a layer of nine-colored light.

All of a sudden, the Black Sovereign felt as if something had bumped into the deepest part of her soul, and her aura reflexively faltered for an instant.

Immediately thereafter, Tang Wulin spear began to descend from above.

On this occasion, the Golden Dragon Spear didn't let loose a dragon's roar as it usually did. Instead, it was merely shimmering with the purest light, and its tip was aimed directly at the Black Sovereign.

Each of the six immortal plants around Tang Wulin were radiating dazzling light, and the collective lights being released by them had even concealed the Mirror Douluo behind them.

Tang Wulin was only a six-ring Soul Emperor and a two-word battle armor master, yet with the enhancements he received from the Blood God Array, the six plant system Great Beasts, and the seed of life, he had attained an unprecedentedly terrifying level of power.


The Demonic Engulfment Mist and nine-colored mist exploded almost in complete unison, and two bursts of extremely fearsome energy erupted within the abyssal passageway.

In that instant, the two of them were struck by completely different feelings. The first thing that the Black Sovereign experienced was the pressure from this plane. The more she approached the exit of the passageway, the more potent the oppressive force being exerted upon her by the plane became. This was the downside of trying to invade an alternate plane.

In contrast, Tang Wulin's spear strike was different from any spear strike that he had ever unleashed in the past. There were no longer any blood essence fluctuations emanating from it. Instead, it had overlapped with this entire plane.

In that instant, the Black Sovereign was even struck by the illusion that Tang Wulin had become the core of the Douluo plane, and that this spear strike had been unleashed on behalf of the entire plane.

Despite how immensely powerful the Black Sovereign was, in that instant, she felt as if she were being crushed under a mountainous weight, and she was forced back into the depths of the abyssal passageway. The other six abyssal emperors that had risen up into the air with her were also struck by a sense of asphyxiation and retreated back into the passageway.

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