Chapter 1104: Grueling Battle

The two oncoming green snakes were instantly destroyed, and a burst of invisible sword intent also fell upon the Evil Soul Master's body.

The green-armored Evil Soul Master only just managed to position his scythes in front of his chest, only for the scythes to be destroyed in the next instant, and his battle armor also crumbled in large chunks. His entire body was sent flying backward, and a mouthful of blood was thrown up onto the headgear that he was wearing.

The Holy Spirit Cult had already held the Heartless Douluo, who was the master of the Tang Sect and the Douluo Palace, in extremely high regard. However, they also knew that it would take an enormous amount of power to maintain the Blood God Array and draw upon planar power. Even so, they had still underestimated him.

Even as he was maintaining the array, he still had enough power left over to severely wound his attacker, who was a Hyper Douluo clad in a suit of three-word battle armor master.

After reaching a certain level of power, the advantage held by Evil Soul Masters simply ceased to exist.

A hint of disappointment appeared on Blood One's face. He was attempting to kill his attacker with that sword strike, but it seemed that this Evil Soul Master was just powerful enough to survive that attack.

At this point, all of the other Blood Gods had also been attacked. Under normal circumstances, these surprise attacks would be lethal as it would be very difficult for them to deal with their enemies while maintaining the array. However, the situation was a bit more optimistic due to the replenishment they'd received from the reciprocation of the seed of life. As such, they had some power to resist their foes.

Blood Two and Blood Three both managed to keep their attackers at bay with relative ease, and immediately thereafter, these Evil Soul Masters were attacked by the powerful beings of the Blood God Legion.

However, the rest of the Blood Gods were having a hard time. Blood Eight was the luckiest among them as the Evil Soul Master who had tried to attack her was stopped in his tracks by Long Tianwu.

In contrast, Blood Nine was in the most peril as the Evil Soul Master who was attacking him was even more powerful than he was. In reality, the Holy Spirit Cult hadn't actually expected to take down Blood One during this operation. They were only hoping to distract the other Blood Gods and create chaos while their true target was the weakest link, Blood Nine.

The Holy Spirit Cult had been studying the Blood God Legion for more than just a day or two, and they had infiltrated this place specifically for this opportunity. They had even conducted some research into the Blood God Array.

Among all of the Blood Gods, Blood Nine was undoubtedly going to be the weakest one, but the Evil Soul Master who was attacking him was even more powerful than the one who had attacked Blood One, and she was unleashing a full-force attack to take down Blood nine in one fell swoop. The Blood God Array had to be maintained by nine people, and not just any Titled Douluo could fill in; the nine people had to have practiced together for many years before they could maintain the array together. As such, as long as they could kill even just a single one of the Blood Gods, the array would completely fall apart.

The Holy Spirit Cult had never been naive enough to think that they could overpower the entire Blood God Legion in a direct conflict. After all, this was the most powerful legion on the entire continent. All they were trying to do was to guide the abyssal plane into this world so an all-out war could ensue between the human world and the abyssal plane. Regardless of who won this war in the end, countless beings would most definitely perish, and that was the ideal situation for the Holy Spirit Cult as they derived sustenance from all types of negative emotions and dead vengeful spirits.

The Evil Soul Master who had appeared before Blood Nine was a woman with a black veil over her face. As soon as she sprang into action, her Blood God Legion uniform had torn into shreds before vanishing into nothingness, revealing a suit of inky-black battle armor that was shimmering with faint purple light. Her weapon was a purplish-black longsword that wasn't releasing any energy, but there was also a purplish-black figure with three pairs of wings hovering behind her.

If Yuanen Yehui were present on the scene, she would immediately be able to identify that this was a projection of a Fallen Angel. Furthermore, this was a high-level Fallen Angel as its six wings represented the Titled Douluo level. On top of that, this Evil Soul Master was certainly not an ordinary Titled Douluo.

She instantly slashed her Dark Demonic Sword through the surrounding area eight times, and nine soul rings also appeared around her, consisting of six blacks and three reds. At this moment, her fifth soul ring had lit up, and following her eight sword strikes, eight inky-black gates of light appeared in the surrounding area, cutting off all of the Blood God Legion soldiers' fields of view.

A three-headed giant dog that was over five meters in length and over three meters tall rushed out of one of the gates in a ferocious manner, and attacks of the ice, fire, and darkness elements were erupting out of its three mouths.

These were Infernal Gates, and the creature that had just emerged was the Infernal Cerberus!

Yuanen Yehui also had the same soul skill, but it was nowhere near as powerful as the one being unleashed here.

As soon as the eight Infernal Gates appeared, curled horns with their tips pointing up toward the heavens resembling mountain goat horns appeared on her head.

Brilliant light erupted from the Dark Demonic Sword in her hand, and she slashed it toward Blood Nine without any technique to speak of.

Blood Nine was clearly being protected by the entire legion, but in this instant, he felt as if he were completely alone as he faced this enemy.

The Evil Soul Master wore a black mask over her face, revealing only her eyes and eyebrows. There were also faint purple floral patterns on the surface of her mask that gave her a sense of mystery. Her eyes were also very special; they were of a deep purple color, and they were as alluring as the abyss, making the onlooker feel as if their soul were about to be sucked into her eyes.

The longsword reached Blood Nine in a flash, and his expression changed drastically. He was the weakest among the nine Blood Gods, and just maintaining the Blood God Array was already taking up all of his power and effort, so he had no power left over to defend himself. Furthermore, this woman was far more powerful than he was.

Right in this instant, countless thoughts flashed through Blood Nine's mind, and he abruptly bit down on the tip of his own tongue as crimson light erupted from his eyes a layer of flames rose up over his body.

He had no choice but to ignite his flame of life.

All Soul Masters at or above the Soul King stage had the ability to ignite their flames of life. Doing so would instantly increase their powers significantly, but the flames of life drew upon one's life force and aptitude as fuel!

Once a flame of life was ignited, one would quickly overexert their own life force before perishing.

Blood Nine had seen the seven abyssal emperors springing into action, and he knew that if he couldn't withstand this attack, disaster would befall the entire Blood God Legion. As such, he had to maintain the Blood God Array array no matter what, even if it meant giving his own life.

He had already developed this resolve from the moment he became a backup Blood God. Every single member of the Blood God Legion was willing to lay down their lives to guard the abyssal passageway when required, so in this instant, there was only a faint smile on his face, and his expression was devoid of any pain or sorrow.

This was his glory as the former Blood Nine!

Blood Two had just forced back the Evil Soul Master who had attacked him, and tears immediately welled up in his eyes. However, he was one of the cores of the Blood God Array, so he couldn't do anything. He and Blood Nine were connected by blood, so even with the Infernal Gates in the way, he could still clearly sense that his son's life force was being elevated to an unprecedented level, and he was fully aware of what this entailed.

Blood Nine heaved a faint sigh as holy and pristine flames of life burned around his body, and he raised his right hand before a spear appeared in his grasp. The spear was emanating a layer of holy radiance as it struck the Dark Demonic Sword.

A crisp ringing sound rang out, and the spear shuddered violently along with Blood Nine's body as a hint of astonishment appeared in his eyes. Even after igniting his flame of life, he was still struggling to withstand this Evil Soul Master's attack; this was a clear indication that she was far more powerful than he was. Both of them were three-word battle armor masters, yet their powers were on entirely different levels.

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