Chapter 1103: Surprise Attack from Evil Soul Masters

It was undoubtedly the case that the Blood God Array was extremely powerful, and it could even be said that this was the most powerful array on the entire Douluo Star. However, it also had a problem, which was that it could only target beings from alternate planes. The planar power that was manifested by the spiritual energy of heaven and earth only rejected outsiders, but it didn't affect the beings that belonged to this plane.

These nine figures that suddenly emerged definitely didn't belong to the abyssal plane, but they were attacking the nine Blood Gods as if they were allied with the abyssal plane.

This sudden development had struck so abruptly that everyone was caught off guard.

It was also right at this moment that the Black Sovereign also sprang into action. She had been observing the exit of the abyssal passageway this entire time, and she immediately led the six abyssal emperors to launch an attack against the defensive line. Thus, the Blood God Legion was under attack both from the inside and the outside.

 This was the opportunity that the Black Sovereign had been waiting for; it was an opportunity that had been created for them by their allies.

The current stable situation was suddenly turned on its head, and no one could've anticipated that this would happen.

Even Blood One was stunned that enemies had appeared on the inside in such a secluded place on the continent, and there were so many of them at once!

Zhang Huanyun was the main commander that was overseeing the entire battlefield, and he was the one to react first. Long Tianwu had already informed him of the situation via voice transmission as soon as he sensed that something was amiss. However, the enemies had also reacted very quickly, pouncing toward the Blood Gods at once and completely taking them by surprise.

The three-word battle armor master who was charging toward Blood One gave him a sinister smirk, and a burst of light suddenly appeared on his back before hurtling directly toward Zhang Huanyun. As soon as the ball of light appeared, it began to radiate extremely scorching golden light, and a powerful metallic aura erupted from it in a frenzy.

Zhang Huanyun was immediately able to identify this as a ninth-grade soul missile! This missile possessed enough destructive power to raze an entire mountain to the ground, and there were so many Blood God Legion soldiers present, all of whom would be in grave danger if the soul missile were to explode.

Zhang Huanyun instantly released his mirror domain without any hesitation to engulf the ninth-grade soul missile. At a time like this, his decisiveness as the commander of the Blood God Legion was on full display.

He didn't even take a single glance at the nine Blood Gods before his mirror domain engulfed the soul missile. Immediately thereafter, he charged straight into the Blood God Array while his domain ejected the soul missile toward the seven oncoming abyssal emperors.

Zhang Huanyun knew that in this situation, there was no way for him to address both sides at once; he could only prioritize one side over another. The enemies from the abyssal plane were indeed very powerful, but the entire Blood God Legion was there to keep them at bay. In contrast, these internal enemies were far more fearsome. If the abyssal emperors were allowed to charge through the Blood God Array, then disaster would truly be upon them.

As such, after redirecting the ninth-grade soul missile toward the Black Sovereign and the others, he immediately rushed into the Blood God Array to eradicate the internal enemies.

Even a Limit Douluo wouldn't want to face a ninth-grade soul missile's terrifying destructive power head-on. Otherwise, that 12th-grade soul missile wouldn't have been able to destroy the entire Shrek Academy!

Zhang Huanyun had undoubtedly made the right decision here. If he were to be bogged down by the enemies from the abyssal plane, then the internal problems would only be further exacerbated.

At this moment, the nine Blood Gods were being attacked at once, and Long Tianwu was the first to react. He finally managed to stop the enemy that he had discovered first before he could reach Blood Eight.

He unleashed a ferocious barrage of attacks to stop this enemy in his tracks, but the enemy was also extremely powerful.

A wisp of grey mist exploded from his body amid a dull thump, and the ice and snow being released by Long Tianwu quickly turned grey. Immediately thereafter, piercing screeches and terrifying howls of anguish rang out around him.

"You're an Evil Soul Master!" Long Tianwu roared with fury.

He raised his right hand in front of him, and a blue ice spike erupted from the ground. In the instant that it appeared, a peculiar scene unfolded. One of the nine types of spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the air was suddenly diverted onto the ice spike, causing it to instantly expand in size.

All of the evil aura in the surrounding area was frozen solid under the guidance of the ice spirit!

The Blood God Legion had been able to keep the abyssal plane at bay for 6,000 years, and they certainly hadn't done so through dumb luck. In particular, all of the powerful beings who hailed from families that had served the Blood God Legion for multiple generations were all extremely fearsome.

Compared to normal Soul Masters, the main advantage Evil Soul Masters had lay in the unpredictable nature of their abilities. However, if they were faced with truly powerful Soul Masters, then this advantage would be significantly neutralized.

As expected, the Evil Soul Master's expression changed drastically, and he instantly rushed back in retreat. He was here to launch a surprise attack, not to throw his own life away. When the aura of the ice spirit had entered his body, he had felt as if his soul were about to be frozen solid, and his powers were significantly debilitated as a result.

Long Tianwu didn't give chase to press his advantage. Instead, the ice spike that he had summoned hurtled directly toward another Evil Soul Master while radiating the aura of the ice spirit.

The most important thing here was to protect the nine Blood Gods. The main advantage that the Evil Soul Masters on their side was the element of surprise. If they hadn't caught everyone off guard, even nine three-word battle armor masters would struggle to survive in the face of tens of thousands of Blood God Legion soldiers.

This was no longer the generation where a Titled Douluo could reign supreme over an entire army; the powerful modern soul weapons of the current generation posed a very significant threat even against top-tier Soul Masters.

The nine Evil Soul Masters had sprung into action at once, and they were trying to create an opportunity for the abyssal emperors.

A faint green figure, who was also the fastest among the nine Evil Soul Masters, reached Blood One virtually in the blink of an eye. He had put on a piece of green headgear that revealed only his eyes, nose, and mouth, so it was impossible to glean his facial features. His eyes were completely dark green in color, and there were faint traces of purple intermingled within his suit of green battle armor. Before he had even reached Blood One, the latter was struck by a rank, repugnant odor.

The Evil Soul Master swung his arms through the air, slashing his two scythe-like weapons toward Blood One like a pair of long green snakes.

It was undoubtedly the case that the true absolute core of the Blood God Array was Blood One. If he were to be shaken, then the array would no long be able to be maintained. As such, this Evil Soul Master was attacking with all his might from the get-go.

Blood One looked on with a cold expression at the two streaks of green light that were sweeping toward him. Never did he think that humans would be plotting against them in this battle against the abyssal plane, which would directly impact the survival of the entire human race. To think that these deranged Evil Soul Masters would choose to ally themselves with the abyssal plane.

It was no wonder that the abyssal plane was able to break open the main passageway and unleash an abyssal tide of unprecedented proportions; this was clearly an attack that had been planned for a very long time. The Holy Spirit Cult was working together with the abyssal plane to destroy the entire Douluo Continent!

He almost found it laughable that these people were deranged enough to completely disregard the survival of the entire human race.

Blood One's eyes reflected the oncoming streaks of green light, and he raised his left hand, upon which a longsword that was around four feet in length appeared in his grasp.

As he maintained the Blood God Array, he gently slashed his sword through the air.

His attack appeared to be very gentle, and there were no energy fluctuations being released, but the green-armored Evil Soul Master's expression abruptly changed drastically.

He could sense that after Blood One unleashed that sword strike, it was as if his entire being had disappeared and fused into the surrounding environment. All of the particles of every element in the air immediately became a part of him and heeded his command.

Wasn't he maintaining the Blood God Array? How was he still able to do this? And why was his spiritual power...

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