Chapter 1102: Astonishing Turn of Events

The forefathers of the Douluo Continent had made massive sacrifices in order to create this Blood God Array, and it had constantly been refined over the past 6,000 years. In its current form, the Blood God Formation was extremely effective when it came to drawing upon the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Furthermore, it was being reciprocated by the life force energy from the seed of life, and that allowed the array to be sustained by more than just the Blood God's powers.

The Black Sovereign's brows were tightly furrowed as she looked up at Tang Wulin, who was constantly unleashing spear strikes and devouring abyssal energy. They could afford to lose this amount of abyssal energy, but this was still chipping away at the essence of the abyssal plane. Furthermore, he had slain two abyssal emperors.

She was obviously able to sense that this human wasn't very powerful yet. At the very least, he wasn't powerful enough to pose a threat to them. However, the problem was that humans were able to grow and develop far faster than any abyssal creature. If that human were to reach the demigod level, it was quite possible that he could destroy the entire abyssal plane in the future with that weapon of his. At the very least, it would be very difficult for the abyssal plane to conquer this world so long as he continued to exist.

As those thoughts flashed through her mind, there was almost substantial killing intent radiating from her eyes. It was no wonder that the Holy Lord, who had been hibernating this entire time, waiting for the abyss to evolve into a divine realm, had awakened and was trying to break open this main passageway at all costs; a human being that posed a threat to them really had appeared. They had to kill him no matter what before he became too powerful.

With that in mind, the Black Sovereign's expression cooled even further. However, she didn't immediately join the battle. The four abyssal monarchs beside her were already raring to go, but she was still waiting calmly for an opportunity.

With the current situation of the Blood God Array, there wouldn't be much of a chance for them to be able to break through it. The debilitating effect of this alternate plane was simply too powerful, and even with her immense powers, she would only be able to assure her own safety. If more abyssal emperors were to fall, then the foundation of the abyssal plane would be shaken once again. An opportunity would definitely come, and when it arrived, they were going to destroy the human race in one fell swoop.

Black threads revolved around the Black Sovereign's hands before forming a massive net in mid-air. The net was constantly devouring and absorbing the abyssal energy in the air before injecting it into the cracks on the seal.

The cracks were constantly fluctuating in size; they would contract when being repressed by the power of the Blood God Array, but they would then expand in the face of the abyssal plane's unreserved efforts to break this seal, and as this cycle continued, more and more abyssal creatures were rushing out of the cracks.

As Tang Wulin continued to lay waste to the abyssal creatures down below, two more abyssal emperors emerged. Neither of them were abyssal sovereigns, but the number of high-level abyssal powerful beings had clearly increased.

Blood One was pouring his power into the Blood God Array while inspecting the situation down below with a cold expression. His eyes were completely emotionless, and he wasn't very concerned about the current situation. The Blood God Array was already operating at full power, so if the abyssal plane wanted to maintain the cracks, then they would have to make some extremely heavy sacrifices. Even though they could recycle some abyssal energy, it was not that easy to convert this abyssal energy into offensive power.

As long as they could keep the abyssal plane at bay, they would definitely be dealt heavy blows during the course of this battle, and perhaps they wouldn't possess the power to instigate another abyssal tide for the next several centuries.

After receiving reciprocation from the seed of life, the Blood God Array was currently in the best condition it had ever been in. With the enhancements that Tang Wulin was receiving from the array, Blood One was confident that no one would be able to get past him unless a true god were to appear.

Within the area encompassed by the Blood God Array, Tang Wulin's powers were currently at the pinnacle of the demigod level. It wasn't the case that he had actually reached this level. Instead, it was the energy fluctuations being generated by the spiritual energy of heaven and earth from his attacks that were unleashing this level of power. Even if the most powerful abyssal sovereign were to descend upon this world, they may not be able to get past Tang Wulin in his current form, and with the seed of life on his side, none of the abyssal emperors would dare to engage in a direct battle with Tang Wulin. After all, the seed of life was capable of devouring even their planar seeds!

As such, as soon as Tang Wulin began to unleash his attacks from the center of the Blood God Array, Blood One already knew that there was no way for the Blood God Legion to lose this battle.

Even he couldn't have predicted that Tang Wulin would be able to keep the entire abyssal plane at bay on his own when he wasn't even a Soul Sage yet.

The vice-commander of the Blood God Legion, Long Tianwu, was also on the scene, but his heart was filled with complex emotions.

He looked on at Tang Wulin, who was clad in a suit of radiant golden armor and emanating peerlessly dazzling light, and for the first time, he was regretting his decision. He regretted implementing the rule that prevented Tang Wulin from earning promotions through his forging accolades, and he regretted cautioning his daughter against getting too close to him.

This young man did indeed shoulder a burden and responsibility that was far heavier than anyone else, but at the same time, he possessed more power and aptitude than anyone else of his age!

As one of the highest-ranking officials of the Blood God Legion, he was naturally aware of what the Blood God Array was all about. At this moment, Tang Wulin was able to maintain this array to such an extent through his own powers alone. This meant that as long as he existed, there would be virtually no way for the abyssal plane to invade the Douluo Continent!

Tang Wulin's reputation in the legion was undoubtedly going to be significantly enhanced following this battle, and he would most likely become even more influential than Zhang Huanyun was at his age. After all, Zhang Huanyun also possessed extraordinary aptitude, but even he didn't possess the ability to defend the abyssal passageway on his own.

If Tang Wulin were willing to accept the role, Zhang Huanyun would definitely make Tang Wulin the successor to his role as legion commander without any hesitation. No one was more suited to the role than he was, and he would definitely receive the support of the entire legion.

Unfortunately, it was too late for him to regret his actions. Thankfully, this young man didn't seem to have held a grudge against him.

With that in mind, his gaze began to reflexively sift through the crowd in search of his own daughter. He quickly caught sight of Long Yuxue in the distance.

As the commander of the special service department, Long Yuxue was responsible for reinforcing the long-range attacking units at any moment required. She was constantly on the move, but her eyes had never left the golden figure that was hovering in the air.

Looks like you've got a better eye than your old man, Yuxue! 

A self-deprecating smile appeared on Long Tianwu's face, and he no longer had any intention of holding back his own daughter from pursuing the man of her dreams. The Douluo Continent was still a world where power reigned supreme. Even if Tang Wulin had to face extremely powerful enemies in the future, he would most likely be able to at least keep himself safe with his abilities.

Just as these thoughts were flashing through Long Tianwu's mind, his brows suddenly furrowed slightly as he discovered that an indescribable chilling sensation had welled up in his heart.

This was a very special sensation, and as a Titled Douluo, his senses were extremely sharp.

This was not good! There was something wrong!

Long Tianwu reflexively cast his gaze toward a certain direction, and there didn't seem to be anything amiss over there. However, right at this moment, his gaze suddenly landed on a Blood God Legion soldier.

This was a soldier who was responsible for operating a soul cannon, and there didn't appear to be any issues with his movements. However, Long Tianwu could clearly sense that he was somehow different from everyone else.

His martial soul was ice, so in this world that was filled with snow and ice, his senses were far sharper than other powerful beings of the same caliber. He had become absorbed in his train of thought earlier, so his attention had strayed from the main battlefield, and as such, he wasn't able to sense that something was amiss down below. 

Long Tianwu didn't say anything. Instead, he began to approach that person while activating his own soul power in a surreptitious manner. He trusted his own judgment.

However, right at this moment, that person seemed to have also sensed something. The soul cannon that he was operating suddenly stopped firing, and he stood up before turning around to look at Long Tianwu.

Long Tianwu was greeted by the sight of a young face that was wearing a faint smile, but in his eyes, that smile was clearly filled with sinister undertones.

In the next instant, that man suddenly sprang into action. He abruptly transformed into a wisp of smoke, and eight other figures in different directions also sprang into action in unison. There were nine of them in total, and each of them was pouncing toward one of the Nine Blood Gods at the same time.

Not only were they extremely fast, they also instantly released their suits of battle armor to reveal that they were all three-word battle armor masters, and their auras also indicated that they were all of the Titled Douluo level.

What was even more terrifying was the powerful evil aura erupting from their bodies. After being struck by these evil auras from the outside, the stable Blood God Array clearly wavered slightly.

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