Chapter 1101: Blood God Array

The nine circular platforms suddenly began to rotate, and streaks of spiritual light descended from above to form a conical light barrier. Tang Wulin was abruptly struck by a burst of suction force, and in the next instant, a wonderful feeling spread through his entire body.

In that instant, he felt as if he had truly become the master of heaven and earth, and that everything in this world was within his grasp. His senses extended out into infinity and beyond, and the elemental particles that originally weren't very clear to him instantly became very clear and defined. The entire mountain ranges seemed to be within the scope of his sensory, and his senses could even extend beyond that to further places.

He could even sense that the fortune of the entire Douluo Continent was converging toward him. This was a completely indescribable experience, and he felt as if his entire body had undergone a series of transformations.

The swelling sensation within his body clearly abated as he had become the ruler of heaven and earth. With the enhancements he received from the spirits of heaven and earth his power was unmatched. His Golden Dragon Spear had become burning hot in his hand, and there seemed to be deafening dragon's roars reverberating beside his ears.

His Golden Dragon Spear seemed to have sprung to life and was shimmering with unprecedentedly brilliant light. The symbol of the seed of life had also become clearer on his forehead, and wisps of green light suddenly began to surge out of the symbol before returning to his body along with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth that was being supplied to him by the Blood God Array.

All of a sudden, the entire light barrier took on a faint green hue, and extremely rich life force energy instantly spread through the entire array.

The green light descended upon all nine of the Blood Gods, and expressions of surprise and elation appeared on their faces in unison. They could clearly sense that their life force was being bolstered significantly, and all of the energy that they had expended before was quickly being replenished. What was even more remarkable was that as this life force energy became more potent, the spiritual energy of heaven and had earth that had originally only been drawn here by the Blood God Array suddenly converged in a frenzy as if it had found its origin.

Blood One's eyes lit up, and he knew that he had made the right choice. He wasn't completely sure just what that thing within Tang Wulin's body was, but he could guess that it was somehow related to the entire plane. It had just devoured the essence of two abyssal emperors, and now, it was time for it to reciprocate them by assisting them in drawing upon planar power. With its assistance, they would have a far better chance of keeping the abyssal plane at bay.

Bursts of scintillating light surged through the air, and the Black Sovereign hovered down below with a cold and completely expressionless look on her face.

In her eyes, Tang Wulin's body seemed to be constantly expanding. As those wisps of light were injected into his body, he quickly reached over 10 meters tall, and his Golden Dragon Spear was also swelling in size along with him. He was only one man, but under the enhancements of the Blood God Array, he was resembling an invincible deity.

The Black Sovereign abruptly waved a hand through the air, and the vast hordes of abyssal creatures that had paused earlier immediately shot forth into the air.

Zhang Huanyun issued a command, and all of the Blood God Legion soldiers began to attack once again. All types of lasers and cannon blasts intertwined to form a massive net of destruction that cut off the oncoming abyssal creatures.

Tang Wulin held his Golden Dragon Spear in his hand and looked down with a cold expression. As the abyssal creatures down below were killed, a peculiar scene ensued.

Not only did their abyssal energy not return to the abyssal plane, they instead surged collectively toward Tang Wulin. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the abyssal energy had formed a vortex with the Golden Dragon Spear at its center before surging into the divine weapon.

An extremely powerful burst of energy was instantly injected into Tang Wulin's body, and the reddish-golden light around him became even brighter. His body continued to expand, and he reflexively unleashed a spear strike.

Another colossal golden dragon emerged from the front tip of his Golden Dragon Spear before crashing into the hordes of abyssal creatures down below, destroying countless abyssal creatures before drawing their abyssal energy toward him.

With the enhancements from the spirits of heaven and earth, Tang Wulin's body had attained a significantly higher tolerance capacity. It was as if he had attained an extra enormous body, and any energy that his actual body couldn't handle was absorbed by this extra body while his aura became more and more powerful.

Tang Wulin was completely sure of the fact that his current level of power was comparable to that of a Limit Douluo. With the protection granted to him by his seed of life and the spirits of heaven and earth, he didn't have to worry about his body blowing up into smithereens.

This was undoubtedly a situation that couldn't be replicated anywhere else as there was only a single Blood God Array on the entire Douluo Continent. Furthermore, he had only attained such an enormous amount of power after being reciprocated by all of the energy that the seed of life had absorbed from the abyssal plane.

This was definitely an unprecedentedly fantastic experience for Tang Wulin, and the main benefit of this was that through this experience, he could sense what it was like to become a powerful being of this caliber, which was immensely beneficial to his future cultivation.

Under normal circumstances, all Soul Masters progressed at a slow yet steady rate as they would only be able to advance further after creating a good foundation for themselves. Just as Zhen Hua had once said to Tang Wulin, if he wanted to focus solely on forging, then there were even ways for him to be quickly elevated to the Titled Douluo level. However, Tang Wulin turned down that proposal as doing so would result in an unstable foundation, which would make it very difficult to reach greater heights in the future.

Tang Wulin had been cultivating for many years, and it could be said that his foundation was extremely solid. He possessed both a dragon core and a soul core, so even though he was absorbing such a vast amount of abyssal energy, he didn't have to worry about anything as his foundation was far more secure than that of the average Soul Master.

Even so, his cultivation rank still couldn't experience drastic improvements that went beyond the norm. Otherwise, he would still be afflicted by some major issues.

As Tang Wulin's dragon core and soul core converted this abyssal energy, he was only absorbing the most essential parts, and most of it contributed toward enhancing his physical constitution rather than elevating his soul power rank.

Even so, his soul power rank had still been elevated to the pinnacle of the Soul Emperor level in a short time.

In comparison, it was far more important for Tang Wulin to use this energy to strengthen his own body in order to create a good foundation in preparation for breaking his future Golden Dragon King seals.

The Golden Dragon King seals were most important to Tang Wulin as not only could they enhance his powers, they could also kill him, so he had no choice but to take them seriously!

A vast amount of energy continued to flow into his body, and he silently sensed all of the changes taking place within the seed of life. He was voluntarily guiding most of this energy into the seed of life and leaving only a very small portion for himself.

Even though the seed of life was rather reluctant to accept this energy, it still absorbed all of the energy in its entirety. Not only did the seed of life possess sentience, it also seemed to possess a high level of intelligence, and it understood Tang Wulin's intentions.

The rich life force energy being released was making the reddish-golden light around Tang Wulin more and more pronounced, while the swelling sensation he was experiencing in his own body had receded significantly. He swung his Golden Dragon Spear through the air with reckless abandon without having to worry about running out of energy. Each and every spear strike he unleashed was like a high-grade soul missile being set off, destroying countless abyssal creatures down below. Even abyssal creatures as powerful as Black Empresses didn't dare to charge toward him.

He was truly like an invincible deity, and with the assistance from the Blood God Legion's high-tech weaponry, he was able to completely stabilize the situation. Even the five abyssal emperors didn't dare to engage him in battle, not because they weren't confident in their own ability, but because the more they approached the passageway's exit, the stronger the planar oppression they would be struck by.

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