Chapter 1100: Nine Spirit Protection

At the end of the day, he and the Black Sovereign simply weren't beings of the same level. At this point in time, there was no way for him to evade, and the Black Sovereign's punch was definitely a Limit Douluo level attack, so there was no way that he could withstand it.

All of a sudden, the darkness behind Tang Wulin dissipated, and a mirror appeared high above his head. At the same time, a loud cry rang out around him.

"Myriad laws of heaven and earth, spirit of Douluo, circle of Blood Gods, seal!"

The voice belonged to Blood One, as soon as his incantations rang out, nine-colored light erupted from the exit of the passageway. A massive rune descended from up above, hurtling toward the passageway down below.

At the same time, a thin layer of nine-colored light appeared on all of the walls surrounding the passageway. The light swirled, and the black light emanating from the Black Sovereign's fist instantly subsided significantly.

This wasn't Blood One's power. Instead, this was planar power from the entire Douluo Continent.

To the Douluo Continent, abyssal creatures were invaders from an alternate plane, so the continent naturally rejected them. Otherwise, with the overall power of the 108 abyssal levels, they would've taken over Douluo Continent when they had first invaded over 6,000 years ago.

At the time, this seal had only been created after drawing upon the planar power of the Douluo Continent.

At this moment, Blood One was using the Blood God Array to draw upon planar power in order to oppose the Black Sovereign. At the same time, this power was also descending upon the abyssal passageway, debilitating all of the powerful abyssal creatures that had emerged in this world.

If it weren't for the existence of the Blood God Array, the human race wouldn't have been able to keep the abyssal plane at bay for over 6,000 years.

A streak of scintillating light flashed over Tang Wulin's head, and the light underwent three transformations as it hurtled through the air. It then combined with the spirits of heaven and earth of the Douluo Continent plane, instantly completing nine revolutions before finally striking the Black Sovereign's fist.

A powerful energy storm was instantly swept up within the passageway, and Tang Wulin abruptly vanished amid the bright white light.

This was the power of Zhang Huanyun's mirror domain. He was able to draw Tang Wulin back into his domain, then combine his own power with that of the Blood God Array to oppose the Black Sovereign.

However, right at this moment, the Black Sovereign displayed her power as an abyssal sovereign.

In the face of the fearsome energy storm, she remained hovering in mid-air in a completely stationary and statuesque manner. Regardless of how fierce the energy storm became, she didn't retreat so much as a single step, and her eyes were shimmering like a pair of black gemstones. She waved her hands gently before her in a rhythmic manner, and a series of black threads spiraled out of her fingertips before surging toward Zhang Huanyan.

However, Zhang Huanyun had no intention of engaging in a direct clash with her. He had already become a Limit Douluo, and with his suit of four-word battle armor, even if he couldn't defeat the Black Sovereign, he would at least be able to keep her at bay. However, there was currently no need for him to do that.

There were only two Limit Douluos in the Blood God Legion, with the other one obviously being Blood One, and they were the true pillars of the entire legion. In order to combat these powerful abyssal emperors, it was important to draw upon the planar power of the entire Douluo Continent rather than rely solely on their own powers. Otherwise, they would have no chance at all against the collective power of the abyssal plane. This was why Blood One had immediately decided to activate the Blood God Array with the other eight Blood Gods rather than participate directly in the battle.

As long as the Blood God Array remained stable, they would be able to make use of their home plane advantage. Even a demigod level being like the Black Sovereign was going to be restricted by the Douluo Continent plane, thereby rendering her unable to unleash her full power. As such, it would become a lot easier to keep her at bay.

As for Tang Wulin, he was someone who was truly able to pose a threat to the abyssal emperors, so he was the ultimate trump card of the Blood God Legion and even the entire human race. Even with the Black Sovereign's immense powers, she wouldn't dare to charge into the Blood God Array on her own. If she were to be subdued, she would be at risk of being permanently killed by Tang Wulin, which was why Zhang Huanyun had immediately retreated with Tang Wulin.

His current top priority was to stabilize the situation.

White light flashed, and Zhang Huanyun retreated to outside of the Blood God Array rather than continuing to face the Black Sovereign in battle. At the same time, Tang Wulin had also appeared beside him with reddish-golden light swirling around his entire body.

Everything that had happened just now had taken place in the blink of an eye, but all of the Blood God Legion soldiers had still witnessed the events that had just transpired.

What they saw was that Tang Wulin had descended with unstoppable force, instantly destroying six Black Empresses before engaging in and surviving a direct clash against the Black Sovereign. His invincible reddish-golden figure had been imprinted deep into everyone's hearts.

After securing the double crown in the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, Tang Wulin had already become a hero in the hearts of all of the legion's soldiers, but even so, they didn't really think that Tang Wulin was truly all that powerful. After all, the competition was restricted to those who were below the Titled Douluo level and didn't yet possess suits of three-word battle armor.

However, the fearsome combat prowess that Tang Wulin had just displayed and the gargantuan golden dragon that he had unleashed had truly stunned everyone.

Following Tang Wulin's reappearance, the reddish-golden light around his body was beginning to expand and contract once again. The six Black Empresses truly possessed an enormous amount of energy. Even though he had released most of the energy that he didn't have time to absorb through his previous attacks, the essential power of the Black Empresses had still fused into his body.

His dragon core and soul core were constantly being overloaded, and as a result, the aura that he was exuding was extremely unstable. If a normal Soul Master had absorbed such an enormous amount of energy, they would've exploded already. However, not only did Tang Wulin possess an immensely powerful physical constitution, what was even more important was that after absorbing the planar seeds of those two abyssal emperors, the seed of life was extremely pleased with its host. As such, it was releasing bursts of extremely rich life force energy to protect his body. Even though there was an enormous amount of energy within his body, he didn't have to worry about being harmed by it so long as the seed of life continued to protect him.

Every living being possessed their own life essence, and the more powerful one's life essence was, the more potent their life force would be. The energy being converted by the seed of life was constantly bolstering Tang Wulin's life essence, and in a sense, it was elevating him to become a higher life form. As a result, his body was able to remain in a stable state and not explode in the face of the tremendous energy it contained.

Even so, Tang Wulin still felt as if he had endless power within his own body. His energy was constantly expanding and contracting, and the spear projection on his Golden Dragon Spear was also constantly fluctuating in length. He wanted nothing more than to rush into the abyss again and fight to his heart's content.

He was naturally able to sense the overwhelming power of the Black Sovereign. Even in his current state, he was still no match for a being of her caliber. Even so, the energy that was churning within his body was constantly elevating his battle intent, making him feel as if he could destroy any enemy, no matter how powerful they were!

As his life essence was strengthened, his spiritual power was also undergoing a series of constant minute changes. He sensed the transitions of the nine types of spiritual energy within the Blood God Array, and he felt as if he were the ruler of heaven and earth.

"Get back, Huanyun." Blood One's voice suddenly sounded.

Zhang Huanyun faltered slightly before turning toward him. At this point, all of the abyssal creatures had been impacted by the devastating clashes that had just taken place, and they had temporarily paused in their advance. However, there were still abyssal creatures constantly pouring out of the cracks on the seal. The abyssal plane had used some kind of power to oppose the Blood God Array, preventing it from sealing those cracks.

Blood One said in a serious voice, "The array will protect Wulin. At a time like this, only he can truly lead us to force back these abyssal creatures. Listen up, Wulin: from now on, we're going to help you become the core of the Blood God Array. You don't have to worry about defending yourself; just do everything in your power to kill your enemy, understood? If the energy is too much for you to absorb, then don't latch onto it; just transfer it all to that seed of yours." 

Blood One had already sensed that Tang Wulin was currently in quite a special state. Furthermore, he had also made some evaluation on what that seed was, and that was why he had issued these instructions.

At this moment, Tang Wulin was like a massive balloon that was filled with violent energy. He didn't even dare to open his mouth to respond as he was afraid that doing so would allow the energy to escape and blow his own body away. Thus, he merely nodded in response.

It was not that he was unwilling to transmit the energy within his own body to the seed of life. Instead, the problem was that the seed of life was very picky and was very reluctant to accept any energy aside from the energy contained within planar seeds.

"Circle of Blood Gods, Nine Spirit Protection, initiate!"

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