Chapter 11 – Astonishing Recovery

Chapter 11 – Astonishing Recovery

“Out of the question! No matter what you say, I won’t let Lin Lin work under Mang Tian again!”  Restraining her emotions in order to prevent the two children outside from hearing, Lang Yue choked back a sob.

After hearing Lang Yue’s thoughts, Tang Ziran was unable to reply. He could only stand there silently, his heart filled with pain.

“Without going through thick and thin, how can one see the rainbow? No one can succeed simply by doing as one wishes. Ah Yue, it also pains my heart to know that Lin Lin has to bear these hardships! But if he doesn’t bear them now, then he will face even more hardships when he grows up.”

“When I visited Mang Tian that day, I could tell that he was unwilling. He has the pride of a master blacksmith, yet Lin Lin was able to get his approval. Do you understand how outstanding our son is? This son of ours truly is a very pleasant surprise.”

“On my way home after work, Mang Tian told me something. He told me that our son is unusually gifted, that he has godly talent. He has enough strength to match an ordinary man and what’s even more praiseworthy is Lin Lin’s determination. With Bluesilver Grass as his martial soul, his chances of becoming a powerful Soul Master are next to nothing, but if he’s able to become an outstanding blacksmith, at the very least he won’t have to worry about clothing or food for the rest of his life. Our child isn’t weak, so how can we, as his parents, show weakness? We ought to support  and encourage him. Moreover, I’m convinced that as a 6 star blacksmith, Mang Tian will definitely be able to instruct his disciple appropriately. He definitely wouldn’t harm a child!”

“Let’s just let Lin Lin try it out, alright? If it turns out that he really is being harmed, then I’ll prevent him from continuing by all means possible.”

Lang Yue compromised in the end. It was clear to her that both her and her husband loved their son, and Tang Ziran’s reasoning had persuaded her.

When the two of them returned to the living room, they saw Tang Wulin sitting there, vigorously chewing his food with a grin as he looked at Na’er beside him. She was feeding him one spoonful at a time.

Tang Ziran and Lang Yue couldn’t help but be dumbfounded and shocked at this scene. Two beautiful children were sitting there beaming with an intense radiance. It was as if they had suddenly stumbled into an extremely harmonious scene.

Tang Ziran muttered to himself, “We’ll adopt this child then. Growing up together with another child will be helpful for Lin Lin.”

Mnn,” Lang Yue agreed, revealing a slight smile at last.

In this way, the intimate family dinner ended with such an atmosphere. But once again, Tang Wulin and Na’er’s eating capabilities shocked the married couple.

In order to raise these two children, they first had to confront the issue of whether they would be able to feed the two of them.

After dinner, Lang Yue and Tang Ziran discussed the topic and decided that she would go and find a job too. If they only relied on Tang Ziran’s income, it would be very difficult for them to live.

“Look, Na’er! This is my martial soul.” Tang Wulin raised his hand with much difficulty, revealing a small blue colored strand of grass that was slowly turning in the palm of his hands. Along with a faint blue light, it also emitted a gentle undulating energy.

Full of wonder, Na’er fiddled with the Bluesilver Grass in his palms. “Big brother, will I have a martial soul in the future too?”

Tang Wulin answered, “Of course you will! Everyone has their own martial soul. Just wait until you’re six years old, then you can awaken your martial soul on next year’s Awakening Day. I’m tired, I can’t raise my hand up anymore. I’m going to go sleep. You should sleep early too.”

Even as he was speaking, Tang Wulin was already laying down onto his bed. In but a few short moments, his breathing had steadied and he was fast asleep.

Na’er foolishly looked at him. She really wanted to recall some of her memories, but her mind continued to stay hazy and she was unable to remember anything.

After she laid down on her bed, it wasn’t too long before she also fell asleep.

In the dead of the night, the door to Tang Wulin and Na’er’s room opened and Tang Ziran entered. He went over and knelt down beside his son’s bed, taking out the bottle of medicine Mang Tian had given Lang Yue. Preparing to smear the medicine all over his son’s arms, he pulled Tang Wulin’s sleeve up.

He pressed a button on his own shoulders, turning on a small light on his shoulder, which started shining directly on Tang Wulin’s arm.

“Huh?” Tang Ziran was surprised when he saw Tang Wulin’s arm. He was astonished to discover that his son’s arm wasn’t bruised. Rather, compared to what Lang Yue had described, it looked completely normal.

He carefully opened Tang Wulin’s palms. His palms were as bright and clean as jade, without the slightest bruise.

Shocked, Tang Ziran hastily pulled up the sleeves on his son’s other arm. The condition was exactly the same as the other one. No matter how he looked at it, both his son’s arms looked completely unharmed.

Tang Ziran knew that his wife wouldn’t lie to himself.

However, why had the supposed bruising and cuts disappeared? What was the cause of this?

Could it be? Was it the effect of his son’s martial soul? There were some special martial souls that were able to automatically heal one’s self, but he had never heard of Bluesilver Grass having this kind of ability!

What he didn’t notice was that underneath Tang Wulin’s black hair, his forehead had a dim golden veined pattern which was quietly fading.

Tang Ziran sat there and pondered for a moment. Looking at the bottle of medicine in his hands and then at his son’s arms, his eyes shone in contemplation.

After a moment, he put away the medicine bottle and left the room. It would be best to investigate his son’s circumstances in the morning.

Early morning.

Tang Wulin woke up early in the morning. After washing up, he ran to the kitchen to help his mother with her work. Although he didn’t know how to cook yet, he was still able to carry the bowls and plates.

“Lin Lin, do your arms still hurt?” Lang Yue’s heart began to hurt again as soon as she saw her son being so thoughtful.

“Huh. They don’t seem to hurt at all. It’s nothing too serious,” Tang Wulin responded as he swung his arms around. The pain from yesterday had already completely disappeared, as if it had never existed in the first place. What’s more, he felt that his arms were even more powerful now.

Lang Yue’s tone relaxed. “It seems that the medicine Uncle Mang Tian gave us yesterday is pretty good. If it’s like this, then mom can be at ease. After you fell asleep yesterday, dad went and smeared some medicine on your arms.

Right as he was leaving their room, Tang Ziran heard this conversation. He hadn’t smeared any medicine at all!

Could it be? His son’s martial soul had been excited, triggering a self-restoring ability as well as growing more powerful? There was no way that Bluesilver Grass could have these kinds of effects!

Throughout their sumptuous breakfast, this small home of theirs was brimming with cheers and laughter.

“Dad, hurry up and take me to school! We’re learning about martial souls today. Aiya! I was too tired yesterday and I forgot to meditate. Remind me when I get home later to meditate! I, Tang Wulin, must definitely become a powerful Soul Master!”

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