Chapter 1099: It's You!

No abyssal creatures could pierce through the terrifying blood essence fluctuations being released by the golden dragon, and its aura was so devastatingly fearsome that even the five abyssal emperors' expression changed at the sight of it.

"Boom!" The giant golden dragon crashed headfirst into the Demonic Engulfment Mist being released by the Black Empresses, and golden and black light virtually instantly intertwined with one another in mid-air. A terrifying string of explosions rang out, and the entire abyssal passageway was tremoring violently.

The golden and black colors only grappled with one another for a very short time before the black mist abruptly exploded and dissipated, revealing the six Black Empresses, who were clearly a little dumbstruck. They were instantly devoured by the ferocious golden dragon, and they didn't even get a chance to utter a single sound before they were vaporized by the golden dragon, then became a part of it.

After devouring the six Black Empresses, the golden dragon abruptly elongated to around a kilometer in length, and there was a strand of golden light connecting it to the Golden Dragon Spear.

The golden dragon continued to charge into the depths of the abyss, and right at this moment, the Black Sovereign finally sprang into action.

Her body flickered momentarily, and in the next instant, she appeared right in front of the golden dragon.

Bright reddish-golden light erupted from the golden dragon's body, illuminating the Black Sovereign before it. The Black Sovereign wore a frosty look on her face, and her long black hair suddenly extended even further. It appeared as if a massive black hole had emerged behind her, and she was the core of this black hole. Part of the light within the entire abyssal passageway, including the light emanating from the giant golden dragon, was instantly devoured by this black hole.

The gigantic golden dragon shrank by about a third before crashing violently into the black hole.

The black hole was immeasurably deep and completely devoid of light, and the giant golden dragon vanished into it in an instant. However, in the next instant, a powerful tremor ran through the interior of the abyssal passageway, and a burst of reddish-golden mist surged out of the black hole, following which the entire abyssal passageway began to vibrate violently.

Vast hordes of abyssal creatures were destroyed in the face of these violent vibrations, and some of them disintegrated into abyssal energy that was drawn back into the abyssal plane, while the rest surged toward Tang Wulin before becoming a part of his body.

The reddish-golden color reappeared in Tang Wulin's eyes, and he pointed his Golden Dragon Spear forward. Waves of reddish-golden light were radiating from his body, and he was exuding an aura of invincibility.

The black hole contracted, and the Black Sovereign was revealed once again. She raised her head to look up at Tang Wulin, and she spoke in a voice that was very pleasing to the ear, yet extremely cold and forbidding at the same time. "It's you!"

Her voice was clearly audible to all of the Blood God Legion soldiers present, and Blood One's pupils immediately contracted as he sat atop his round platform.

He wasn't surprised in the slightest that the Black Sovereign was capable of human speech; he was more concerned that the Black Sovereign had identified Tang Wulin as the one who had devoured those two abyssal emperors.

The 108 abyssal levels formed a complete abyss, a complete plane. It didn't appear to be a big deal that two of the 108 abyssal levels had collapsed, but in reality, the core of the entire abyssal plane had been shaken by this ordeal.

If they could continue to destroy more abyssal levels, even if they couldn't annihilate the entire abyssal plane, they would at least be able to scare the abyssal plane into actively cutting off the passageway, thereby completely ridding the human race of this major threat.

It was quite clear that the Black Sovereign had discovered this, and they were undoubtedly going to try and kill Tang Wulin at all costs in order to eradicate this lethal threat to the abyssal plane.

Blood One was beginning to regret his decision to expose Tang Wulin so early. Of course, this was also due to the fact that the abyssal tide had arrived far too abruptly and far earlier than anyone had anticipated. Otherwise, he would've definitely waited until Tang Wulin was more powerful before setting his plan into motion. If Tang Wulin could reach his power level, then perhaps he would truly be able to eradicate the threat of the abyssal plane with his Golden Dragon Spear's energy devouring ability.

"Huanyun!" Blood One yelled, and Zhang Huanyun immediately responded, silently appearing behind Tang Wulin to protect him from any potential threats. Seeing as Tang Wulin had already been exposed, the only thing that they could do was protect him at all costs.

The Black Sovereign sprang into action. Her body swayed, and she suddenly appeared within 100 meters from Tang Wulin. The closer she came, the clearer her exquisitely beautiful features became to Tang Wulin. Among all of the women whom Tang Wulin had ever seen, only Gu Yuena was slightly more beautiful than her. This Black Sovereign's human imitation ability truly was very powerful.

The Black Sovereign's frosty eyes were like a pair of black holes that were filled with violence and slaughter. She appraised Tang Wulin with an intense gaze before reaching out with both hands at once and making a grabbing motion in Tang Wulin's direction. Two gigantic claws that were constructed from black mist instantly tore through space, and at the same time, the black hole behind her suddenly began to rotate. A massive black hole silently appeared behind Tang Wulin, separating him from Zhang Huanyun.

This was the first time that Zhang Huanyun had faced this Black Sovereign, and he was quite alarmed by this sudden development. Brilliant light erupted from the mirror behind him as he attacked the black vortex without any reservation, but at this point, the Black Sovereign's giant claws had already enveloped Tang Wulin's body.

Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly, and countless spear projections abruptly erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear. Each and every spear projection was like a scorching bolt of lightning that clashed with the oncoming black light without displaying any signs of weakness. The two types of energy collided, and the Demonic Engulfment Mist was attempting to devour Tang Wulin's spear projections with its powerful corrosive and engulfment abilities.

However, it was also at this point that Tang Wulin's blood essence fluctuations were elevated to their very peak. The more blood essence power he expended, the less strain there was on his body, so he was naturally pouring his blood essence power into his attacks without any reservation.

Thus, streaks of reddish-golden light surged through the air with unstoppable force before abruptly converging inward to form a substantial reddish-golden spear that was over 100 meters long. The massive spear pierced through the pair of black claws before reaching the Black Sovereign, and she made no effort to evade as she gave a cold harrumph.

Her right hand shot forth like lightning to grab onto the tip of the spear, and its momentum was immediately stopped cold.

A brief impasse ensued between the two, and Tang Wulin felt as if he were facing a massive black hole rather than a humanoid being. A burst of enormous suction force erupted from his Fury of the Masses in a frenzy, and it felt as if it were going to instantly exhaust all of his energy.

However, it was also right at this moment that a series of strange symbols appeared on the surface of his Golden Dragon Spear. None of these symbols existed on the Douluo Continent, and they seemed to resemble dragons, but at the same time, they were also completely different from dragons in appearance. The layers of symbols stacked on top of one another, and his Golden Dragon Spear abruptly elongated to become the same size as his Fury of the Masses.

The feeling of having his energy sucked away immediately disappeared, and at the same time, the Black Sovereign's expression changed slightly, and she abruptly withdrew her right hand as if she had just touched something hot.

Right at this moment, an extremely enormous burst of energy surged violently into Tang Wulin's body, and he let loose an involuntary muffled groan as trails of blood began to flow out of all of his orifices.

The Golden Dragon Spear had forcibly devoured a wisp of the Black Sovereign's energy from the place where her hand had made contact with the tip of the spear.

The Black Sovereign was glowering at Tang Wulin with fury in her eyes, and she was radiating palpable killing intent!

Her right hand clenched into a fist, and she launched it through the air.

The interior of the entire abyssal passageway abruptly congealed, and it was as if her fist had expanded to the same diameter as the abyssal passageway. After devouring a wisp of the Black Sovereign's energy, Tang Wulin's body had returned to that extremely swollen and inflated state, but there was no way for him to immediately convert such an enormous amount of energy into an attack.

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