Chapter 1098: The Golden Dragon Joins the Battle

The ball of light struck the abyssal creatures in an unavoidable manner, and a peculiar scene ensued. All of the abyssal creatures that came into contact with the ball of light seemed to have been glued to it and were unable to struggle free. They then began to slowly melt away, and what was even more peculiar was that there seemed to be some kind of suction force emanating from the ball of light. As a result of this suction force, the abyssal energy being released by the abyssal creatures that had melted away was only able to slowly seep away into the abyssal passageway.

Humans had been researching abyssal creatures for so many years, so they had naturally managed to develop some weapons to target them. Corrosion bombs were one of the secret weapons that had been created specifically to target these abyssal creatures.

Some special circuits were applied to these bombs, and not only could they cover a large area and cause all of the abyssal creatures that came into contact with them to melt away, they also had a very strong adherence effect to abyssal energy. As such, the abyssal energy being released by deceased abyssal creatures was unable to escape back into the abyssal plane right away.

Even though this was still only a band-aid fix, these weapons were quite effective in the face of these large-scale abyssal tides.

The corrosion bomb tumbled down into the depth of the abyssal passageway with countless abyssal creatures adhered to it, and Zhang Huanyun issued a calm order. "Detonate!"

A resounding boom rang out, and a massive green ball of light almost instantly exploded within the depths of the abyssal passageway. Light radiated in all directions, and large swathes of green liquid spread outward before striking a vast number of abyssal creatures. The green liquid immediately began to erode the bodies of these abyssal creatures while adhering to their abyssal energy.

In the face of this attack, the power hierarchy of the abyssal creatures was revealed. The normal abyssal creatures quickly perished after coming into contact with the corrosion bomb, but some of the more powerful abyssal creatures had countermeasures against this.

There were 12 Black Empresses who had accompanied the Black Sovereign into this world. These Black Empresses were clearly smaller than the Black Sovereign, and there was black mist permeating around their bodies.

There were currently six Black Empresses protecting the Black Sovereign while the other six had already risen up into the air. The dense black mist around their bodies surged upward, and it fluctuated violently after coming into contact with the corrosive liquid that had erupted from the corrosion bomb.

Their intervention prevented the corrosive liquid from killing even more abyssal creatures, but even so, the momentum of these abyssal creatures had been abruptly halted.

The six Black Empresses continued to rise up into the air. As the most powerful abyssal creatures on this battlefield aside from the five abyssal emperors, they were finally joining the battle. Meanwhile, the five abyssal emperors continued to remain on the spot while silently observing the scenes unfolding before them.

As soon as the six Black Empresses began their ascent, all of the other abyssal creatures instantly gathered around them. There was dense black mist being released from the bodies of all six Black Empresses, and the mist seemed to be comprised of substantial abyssal energy that was as viscous as treacle. Soul missiles that struck this black mist weren't even able to detonate, and soul lasers also simply vanished into the mist like sandcastles being swallowed by the rising tide.

Zhang Huanyun looked on with a grave expression. He knew that this was the Demonic Engulfment Mist that the Black Empress race was vastly renowned for. This was an ultra-powerful ability that could engulf all objects and energy and convert them into energy for the user to a certain extent. It was the perfect fusion of attack and defense!

This was the innate ability of the Black Empress race, and it could even be said that all of their abilities stemmed from this Demonic Engulfment Mist as a foundation.

As the Demonic Engulfment Mist rose up into the air, most of the oncoming attacks were instantly kept at bay. The six Black Empresses each possessed powers close to that of a normal Titled Douluo. Of course, the Titled Douluos being referred to here were ones that weren't wearing any battle armor.

They provided a brilliant canopy for the vast hordes of abyssal creatures behind them, and they were extremely fast, able to exceed even the speed of sound in short explosive bursts.

Zhang Huanyun took a deep breath. The only way to take care of Demonic Engulfment Mist was to overwhelm it with energy. Only by releasing an energy attack that exceeded the engulfment limit of the Demonic Engulfment Mist could it be dispelled in one fell swoop before it could devour the energy. A massive amount of energy would undoubtedly have to be expended to accomplish this, but he had no choice.

Right at this moment, Zhang Huanyun's heart stirred, and something seemed to have suddenly surfaced in his mind. Immediately thereafter, light flashed from the mirror behind him, and a figure appeared by his side.

A pair of massive golden dragon wings were spread open, and powerful blood essence fluctuations surged through the air. The blood essence fluctuations were so immensely powerful that in the instant they appeared, even Zhang Huanyun's own blood essence was influenced.

Even the sky above had been tinged a reddish-golden hue by the immense blood essence fluctuations being released.

It was undoubtedly the case that the one who had just emerged from his mirror domain was none other than Tang Wulin. At this moment, Tang Wulin's eyes had completely turned into a reddish-golden color, and his aura was fluctuating in an extremely unstable manner. Arcs of golden lightning were constantly flashing around him, and even his Dragon Moon battle armor had undergone some changes.

A layer of reddish-golden mist had appeared over the golden-scaled surface of the suit of battle armor, and it was giving Tang Wulin an air of surrealism. This mist was constantly expanding and contracting as if in accordance with his heartbeat, and during this process, Tang Wulin's blood essence fluctuations were also surging forth relentlessly.

"Argh!" Tang Wulin suddenly threw his head back and let loose an almighty roar, as if something had become too much for him to bear, and his Golden Dragon Spear instantly appeared in his right hand. Immediately thereafter, his body shot forth directly toward the abyssal passageway as a reddish-golden streak of light.

"Tang Wulin! What the hell are you doing?" Zhang Huanyun was given a massive fright. This kid was the future hope of the Blood God Legion; he couldn't be allowed to die here!

Thankfully, Tang Wulin didn't venture deep into the passageway. Instead, he abruptly thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward, and a thunderous dragon's roar immediately erupted as a gigantic golden dragon shot forth from the front tip of his spear. The dragon flew through the air in a ferocious manner before crashing into the oncoming Demonic Engulfment Mist.

The Demonic Engulfment Mist was already less than a kilometer away from the exit at this point, and the abyssal creatures being concealed within the mist were just about to emerge and charge toward the exit. However, right at this moment, the golden dragon released by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear arrived.

This golden dragon roared with unprecedented power, and its massive tail was still connected to Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear. This golden dragon was over 500 meters in length, and as it spread its colossal wings, it filled up virtually the entire passageway in an instant.

Tang Wulin had just devoured the life force energy of both the Six-clawed Demon Emperor and the Ant Emperor. The seed of life had devoured most of this energy, but it mainly devoured the planar seeds within the bodies of these two abyssal emperors. After all, the planar laws and life essence contained within those planar seeds was what it required the most.

As the host of the seed of life, Tang Wulin had already been reciprocated by it to an extremely enormous extent, and after devouring the life force energy of the two abyssal monarchs as well, he felt as if his entire body were about to explode, and he was in excruciating pain.

He couldn't just absorb all of the energy that he devoured; both his dragon core and soul core were already absorbing energy with all their might, but he had bitten off far more than he could chew. When the two major energy cores reached a temporary state of saturation, Tang Wulin felt as if he had become an inflated balloon. He appeared to be completely normal from the outside, but in reality, he truly felt as if he were about to explode.

Thankfully, the massive influx of life energy had secured the Golden Dragon King seals within his body. Otherwise, if his 11th seal were to break at a time like this, then he would be well and truly screwed.

As such, what he needed now was to vent and release all of the extra energy that he couldn't absorb. Only then would he be able to recover from his current state, where he was a walking ticking time bomb.

Thus, the 500-meter-long golden dragon emerged. Even if he were to reach the Titled Douluo level in the future, he may not be able to unleash such a powerful spear strike, but he was able to do so now.

Tang Wulin's soul power was already at rank 69 [hehe ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)], and in conjunction with the enhancements he received from his Golden Dragon King blood essence power and two-word battle armor, his powers were already comparable to those of a Titled Douluo who wasn't wearing any battle armor. However, this spear strike that he had just unleashed had far exceeded the capabilities of a Titled Douluo, and even those of a Hyper Douluo.

To put in simpler terms, he was using the life force energy of the Six-clawed Demon Emperor and the Ant Emperor to unleash this attack, and one could only imagine just how devastatingly powerful it was.

Before the abyssal creatures down below had even come into contact with the gigantic golden dragon, their bodies took on a reddish-golden hue, following which they quickly evaporated into abyssal energy. However, what was very peculiar was that this abyssal energy wasn't allowed to escape. Instead, it was devoured by the massive golden dragon, thereby further enhancing its powers.

It was as if the golden dragon were an extension of Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear.

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