Chapter 1097: Ninth Level, Black Sovereign!

The abyssal emperor that was situated at the center appeared to be no different from a human woman. Her entire body was clad in a black leather suit, and she had a pair of black wings spread open on her back. Her long black hair fanned out behind her in a roughly circular formation, and her facial features were extremely beautiful, but her eyes were filled with a cold and forbidding look.

Those frosty eyes seemed to be able to see through this entire world, and she pointed her right index finger toward the exit, upon which countless abyssal creatures immediately surged forth.

"Black Sovereign!" Zhang Huanyun's expression immediately changed at the sight of this abyssal emperor.

The Blood God Legion had been battling the abyssal plane for over 6,000 years, so it naturally had a huge wealth of data on these abyssal creatures.

During each and every abyssal tide, the abyssal emperors were never able to descend upon this world in their actual forms, but their projections would appear on many occasions.

Through these projections, the humans had assigned many of the abyssal emperors with names. Among the 108 abyssal emperors, at least half of them were known to humans.

This Black Sovereign was the one who appeared the most frequently among the top 10 abyssal emperors. She resided on the ninth abyssal level and was the sovereign of that level. Only the rulers of the top 10 levels were known as sovereigns, and she possessed a very lofty status in the abyssal plane.

The Black Sovereign was the ruler of the Black Empress race, and she possessed the powers of a demigod, making her comparable in power to a human Limit Douluo in a suit of four-word battle armor.

She was so powerful that even her projection had created a lot of trouble for the human world in the past. The abyssal plane was trying to break open the passageway's seals at all costs, and they were sending out the Black Sovereign in her true form from the get-go; it was quite clear that the abyssal plane was extremely determined to wipe out the human race once and for all.

The Black Sovereign seemed to have understood Zhang Huanyun's words, and she raised her head to look up at him. Their eyes met, and Zhang Huanyun was immediately struck by the feeling that his eyes had been stabbed by sharp needles.

He had also reached the Limit Douluo level, but he had only completed the breakthrough recently, so his powers were still slightly inferior to the likes of Blood One and this Black Sovereign.

To think that the abyssal plane was even capable of sending the Black Sovereign's true body into this world; if other sovereign-level abyssal emperors were to emerge as well, then there really would be no hope.

Thankfully, following the arrival of this vast horde of abyssal creatures, the abyssal energy that was supporting the cracks on the seal clearly abated somewhat, and the cracks were sealed to a great extent under the effect of the Blood God Array. It was quite clear that they wouldn't be able to send any other powerful beings of the Black Sovereign's caliber to this world in a short time.

The five abyssal emperors didn't immediately attack. Instead, they hovered deep within the passageway with the Black Sovereign at the center of the group, casting their eyes out toward the exit.

Countless abyssal creatures were flooding outward in a frenzy, and the defensive line was having some trouble keeping them at bay. Thankfully, under the combined powers of the nine Blood Gods, the passageway's seal had been temporarily stabilized. Otherwise, if even more abyssal emperors were to emerge, then this would truly become a catastrophic disaster.

The sounds of weapons being fired immediately increased in frequency, and the interior of the entire abyssal passageway had already become a violent sea of energy.

All of the slain abyssal creatures were reduced to streams of viscous abyssal energy that surged toward the seal, while the living abyssal creatures continued to charge ahead without any regard for their own safety.

It was undoubtedly the case that human soul technology had constantly been advancing during the past 6,000 years. 6,000 years ago, the human race only had ninth-grade soul missiles, yet now, there were already 12th-grade soul missiles that were capable of destroying even almighty entities such as Shrek Academy.

Following the passage of these 6,000 years, human technology had already become far more advanced than in the past.

The Blood God Legion wasn't officially a part of the federal military, but no matter what was going on behind the scenes in the federal parliament, they didn't dare to cut back even in the slightest on their support of the Blood God Legion. The invasion of the abyssal creatures 6,000 years ago was regarded as top-secret information in the federal parliament, and maintaining the power of the Blood God Legion was also one of the highest priorities of the federal government.

As such, throughout these 6,000 years, the Blood God Legion had constantly received the newest technology from the federation, regardless of whether it was defensive equipment or weapons. Even some weapons that were still in their experimental phases had been sent here, and they were improved upon based on their performances during battles against the abyssal creatures.

With the current weaponry and equipment available to the human race, even the abyssal emperors weren't worthy of fear. Throughout these past 6,000 years, it had always been the unkillable nature of these abyssal creatures that was the most difficult thing to deal with. This was why Blood One was so ecstatic after witnessing the ability of Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear to devour abyssal energy.

Of course, in order to allow Tang Wulin to truly make a decisive impact on this millennia-long conflict, the Blood God Legion had to be able to keep the abyssal plane at bay first. Otherwise, if they were allowed to invade the Douluo Continent, then the entire Douluo Star would face imminent destruction. After all, humans couldn't just resurrect themselves like abyssal creatures could!

As such, the Blood God Legion had to defend the abyssal passageway no matter what.

Zhang Huanyun currently had an extremely grave look on his face. Even though he had been battling abyssal creatures for over 60 years, he was still feeling very tense and nervous in the face of such a fierce abyssal tide.

He did indeed possess a vast wealth of experience when it came to battling abyssal creatures, but that was only limited to a certain scope. It had been countless years since any abyssal emperors had appeared in the human world in their true forms, and as the legion commander, he was the psychological pillar of the entire legion, so he couldn't venture into the abyssal plane to experience the powers of the abyssal emperors for himself. As such, in this area, Blood One was far more experienced than him.

The deaths of the Six-clawed Demon Emperor and the Ant Emperor had instilled them with a lot of confidence, but these five abyssal emperors were not beings that could be kept at bay by the weapons that were currently being used; they would only be able to ward off these fearsome beings if they were to unleash weapons with more destructive power. However, the issue was that he didn't know just how powerful the Black Sovereign was. She was the sovereign of the ninth abyssal level and the ruler of the Black Empress race, so she had to be an extremely fearsome being.

In the branch passageways, it was considered to be a major crisis even for a Black Empress to appear, let alone the Black Sovereign herself.

Among the races of the abyssal plane, the Black Empress race had a very small population, but their individual combat prowess was extremely formidable. In terms of overall powers, they were at least able to rank among the top five races of the entire abyssal plane.

During his younger days, Zhang Huanyun had fought a Black Empress before, and he could still remember just how close he had come to being killed in that battle. Black Empresses were already such formidable beings; one could only imagine just how powerful the Black Sovereign was.

Explosions rang out in rapid succession as the frequency of weapon fire increased even further. The soldiers of the Blood God Legion were displaying an extremely high level of composure, managing to remain completely calm and collected even in the face of such a ferocious assault. They were constantly swapping out energy units from the weapons as they had practiced during training drills countless times in the past, and some of the backup weapons were already in use.

"Prepare the corrosion bomb!" Zhang Huanyun issued one order after another with an extremely grim look on his face.

A massive cylindrical soul weapon with a diameter of over 30 meters slowly emerged from the ground not far away from the exit of the passageway. This cylindrical barrel was entirely dark green in color with the image of a black skull on its surface. One could sense just how fearsome this weapon was just by looking at it.

The barrel aimed itself toward the abyssal passageway in a diagonal manner, and faint energy fluctuations were emanating from within it.

At this point, countless abyssal creatures were still charging forward with no regard for their own lives, and they were getting closer and closer to the defensive line.

"Launch the corrosion bomb!" Following an order from Zhang Huanyun, a ball of dark green light appeared within the massive green barrel. Immediately thereafter, the dark green ball of light was launched through the air, flying in a graceful parabolic trajectory and hurtling directly toward the very center of the abyssal passageway.

The offensive output from the defensive line at the exit of the abyssal passageway eased slightly, and the abyssal creatures down below immediately took advantage of this opportunity to gain more ground. Right at this moment, the dark green ball that had a diameter of close to 30 meters landed among them.

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