Chapter 1096: Blood God Array

In the past, it was these nine powerful beings who had joined forces to seal the abyssal plane, and following the passage of over 6,000 years, these badges had finally reappeared.

The nine badges vanished into the cave wall, and the entire abyssal passageway immediately began to tremor violently. A vast expanse of golden patterns erupted with the nine badges as their origin points before extending into the depths of the abyssal passageway.

A loud rumbling sound could still be heard ringing out from within the abyssal passageway, but it had become slightly more stable.

Nine circular platforms slowly emerged from the cave wall. Blood One's body swayed, and he arrived first onto the platform that was situated in the 12 o'clock position before taking a seat upon it. The other eight Blood Gods also descended onto each of the platforms before sitting down with their legs crossed.

"I offer my blood as tribute!" A plume of blood mist erupted from Blood One's body. The blood had been forced out of his pores, and as the blood mist permeated through his airs, his complexion instantly paled slightly.

"I offer my blood as tribute!" The other eight Blood Gods repeated the same incantation before large plumes of blood mist also erupted from their bodies.

After the blood mist was released, it instantly descended and fused directly into the platforms that they were seated on without even a single drop being wasted. Golden runes instantly lit up within the entire cave, illuminating everything in the deepest part of the abyss so that it was clear as day.

Looking down from above, one could see a vast expanse of black mist swirling within the depths of the passageway, and a string of loud shattering noises were ringing out in quick succession.

Dark purple light was flashing deep within the abyss and attempting to spread upward.

However, with the injections of blood from the nine Blood Gods into their respective platforms, the array immediately became more stable, and it was beginning to force the purple light downward.

"Innate spirits, heed my call; the soul of Douluo will forge a foundation." Blood One's vehement voice rang out in the air above the abyssal passageway. The round platform beneath him was already glowing as bright as the sun, and a series of golden halos revolved around his body before rising upward.

Blood Two then immediately yelled, "Spirit of water, heed my call; the soul of Douluo will forge a foundation."

Blood Three yelled, "Spirit of fire, heed my call; the soul of Douluo will forge a foundation."

Blood Four yelled, "Spirit of earth, heed my call; the soul of Douluo will forge a foundation."

Blood Five yelled, "Spirit of wind, heed my call; the soul of Douluo will forge a foundation."

Blood Six yelled, "Spirit of light, heed my call; the soul of Douluo will forge a foundation."

Blood Seven yelled, "Spirit of darkness, heed my call; the soul of Douluo will forge a foundation."

Blood Eight yelled, "Spirit of time, heed my call; the soul of Douluo will forge a foundation."

Blood Nine yelled, "Spirit of space, heed my call; the soul of Douluo will forge a foundation."

As the nine incantations rang out, the nine round platforms all began to radiate lights of different colors. Water was blue, fire was red, wind was azure, earth was yellow, light was white, darkness was black, and the most peculiar ones of all were time and space; time was of a golden color that was constantly transitioning between darker and lighter shades, while space was of an ethereal rippling silver color.

With the blood of the nine Blood Gods as a tribute, the nine innate spirits of nature completely activated the array down below.

This Blood God Array was created by those aforementioned nine powerful beings, and the seal hadn't just been forged by the powers of those nine beings. Instead, their powers were used as a catalyst in conjunction with some extremely complex symbols to gather the nine types of essential spiritual energy on the Douluo Continent to create this seal. They had drawn upon the power of laws of the Douluo Continent, which was resistant to alternate planes, and this was why the seal had managed to keep the abyssal plane at bay for such a long time.

Right as the seal was about to be completed, the powerful beings of the abyssal plane at the time resisted with all their might, and they were able to create a few small gaps around the seal that would allow some normal abyssal creatures to pass through without being killed by the seal. This was how the 36 branch passageways came into existence. Otherwise, if the seal had been perfectly implemented, then the abyssal plane would've already been completely cut off from this world.

One of the most important duties of the Blood Gods was to replicate the nine powerful beings of the past, drawing the nine types of innate spiritual energy toward the seal to activate it to its most powerful degree during times of grave peril.

The nine Blood Gods weren't as powerful as those nine powerful beings of the past, but it was important to remember that over 6,000 years ago, battle armor was still a very new invention. Suits of battle armor were now a lot more powerful than they were in the past, and with their assistance, even if not all of the nine Blood Gods could attain powers on par with Limit Douluos, Blood One was even more powerful than any of those nine seniors. Just his powers alone were enough to complete a third of the array's activation, and everyone else had also had their powers elevated to at least the Hyper Douluo level by their battle armor.

Changes were gradually beginning to take place within the dark clouds up above. Lights of many different colors began to appear, and for a Limit Douluo like Zhang Huanyun, his spiritual power allowed him to clearly sense that the rich particles of all different elements were quickly converging toward the array down below.

Those innate spirits were all laws of the Douluo Continent, and they were undoubtedly also able to sense the invasion from the alternative plane. Under the guidance of the array, they were choosing to protect their own plane without any reservation.

A massive nine-colored light barrier appeared in above the abyssal passageway, and the light was being injected into each of the bodies of each of the nine Blood Gods, then being transmitted into the array through their bodies.

The golden patterns on the array instantly brightened significantly, and the cracks down below quickly became unable to expand any further. In fact, it appeared as if they were about to be sealed again.

On the other side, one abyssal emperor self-detonated after another, releasing explosions of the purest abyssal energy. This energy was surging into the passageway in a frenzy like a series of monsters that were tearing at the cracks.

This was no longer just a battle between two races; it had become a clash between two planes. A loud piercing screech was constantly ringing out from deep within the abyssal passageway, and Zhang Huanyun raised a hand as he commanded, "Prepare the protective barriers and shockwaves. Everyone, we have entered a state of red alert."

The nine Blood Gods had stabilized the seal, but the abyssal plane was attempting to break open the seal at all costs, so the Blood God Legion was most definitely going to be facing a massive abyssal tide of unprecedented proportions.

Many of the powerful beings of the Blood God Legion had already gathered behind Zhang Huanyun. Even if the nine Blood Gods weren't taken into account, the Blood God Legion still had more than 10 Titled Douluos among their ranks, and all of them were wearing suits of three-word battle armor as they silently awaited the commencement of this all-out battle.

Meanwhile, deep within the abyssal plane.

"We're sacrificing too much, Holy Lord! Cracks have already opened up on the seal, but the humans have somehow been able to fortify it, so it'll be very difficult for us to break through. Sacrificing 10 emperors most likely won't be enough; should we..."

"Shut up! If 10 isn't enough, then sacrifice 15; if that still isn't enough, then sacrifice 20! We can't afford to give the humans a chance to regroup and recuperate! I can already sense that among the laws of the human world, a type of power that is capable of completely destroying our entire plane is being born! This is very likely going to be our only chance, and we can't afford to allow that power to grow and develop in the human world."

"Yes, Holy Lord."

"Rumble, rumble!"

Right at this moment, the abyssal plane began to quake violently once again. All of a sudden, the laws of the plane were thrown into complete disarray while countless weaker abyssal creatures on a certain abyssal level quickly disintegrated.

The massive crimson eye flashed, and a vicious aura instantly erupted forth, causing the chaos within the abyssal plane to subside a little.

"The Ant Emperor's planar seed is gone as well. Do you understand why I'm insisting on waging all-out war with the humans now? If we don't do everything in our power to conquer their plane, then it's very likely going to be the humans who completely destroy our plane instead!"

The Holy Lord's aura abruptly proliferated outward as he let loose a rumbling roar, and a streak of red light passed through countless obstructions before crashing viciously against the passageway seal that was formed by countless golden runes.


The nine Blood Gods shuddered violently in unison, and the three weakest Blood God each threw up a mouthful of blood.

Blood One's expression changed slightly, and he pointed his right index finger forward, upon which three Heartless Swords shot forth like lightning before hovering over the heads of Blood Seven, Blood Eight, and Blood Nine, helping them fortify the seal below them.

At this moment, Blood Nine was considering himself to be very fortunate. Due to his loss to Tang Wulin, he had been training his backside off during the past month, and as a result, he had improved significantly. Even his soul power had progressed by one rank, and that made it slightly less strenuous for him to guard this seal.

If his past self from a month ago were in this situation, then it wouldn't be just a simple matter of throwing up a mouthful of blood for him.

The cracks in the seal were just beginning to mend, yet that violent explosion just now smashed them open again. Bursts of dense black energy surged forth before gradually taking shape, forming countless abyssal creatures that were rushing toward the passageway's exit in a frenzy. Among these abyssal creatures, there were at least five abyssal emperors.

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