Chapter 1093: Collapse of the 97th Level!

Tang Wulin hurriedly said, "Hold on, can you explain in greater detail? I still don't understand!"

Blood One was also very surprised to see so many beings with such powerful auras suddenly appear around Tang Wulin. These beings were all radiating rich life force energy, and it was quite clear that they shared a very close connection with Tang Wulin.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip replied, "All of our knowledge on this matter was bestowed upon us by the seed of life. The seed of life itself is actually the patriarch of all life in our world, so in a sense, it is a representative of nature. The seed of life has constantly been residing within the ancient Golden Tree in a certain form, but due to excessive exploitation of the continent's resources by you humans, the number of plants and soul beasts in this world quickly dwindled, resulting in a loss of a vast amount of life force energy. After many years, the seed of life suddenly awakened for some reason, and it attained a certain level of sentience. It seemed to have sensed something, and that was why it had urged the Golden Tree to bestow its power upon you."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip's voice had already become quite grim at this point, and he continued, "Perhaps this is because you humans have damaged the continent to such an extent that the entire continent is on the verge of extinction. As such, the seed of life chose you to be the Son of Nature in the hope that you can restore the continent's life force energy and vitality so that it wouldn't be destroyed in the end."

Both Tang Wulin and Blood One were quite alarmed to hear this. Was environmental damage already this severe?

The Beautiful Silk Tulip continued, "The seed of life represents the life force energy of the entire continent, so in order to truly awaken it and allow it to germinate, the amount of energy required is naturally extremely enormous. This is definitely not something that you can achieve on your own, so when the ancient Golden Tree perished, it transferred the seed of life into your body. The seed of life hopes that through following you, it will find a sufficiently enormous supply of life force energy to activate itself."

"We can evolve by being influenced by the aura of the seed of life, but at the same time, our life force energy can also be reciprocated to the seed of life in order to support its vitality. To plants like us, this the greatest honor, as well as a responsibility that we must carry on our shoulders. However, the seed of life is currently in a very feeble state as the life force energy in the entire world is decreasing. Hence, we didn't know when the seed of life would truly be able to awaken.

"That was until you attained your soul core and released such an enormous burst of life force energy that you were able to awaken the seed of life and allow it to germinate. However, we all knew that the seed of life was forcing itself to do this. If it didn't draw upon your power to forcibly germinate, then the next opportunity for it to awaken most likely wouldn't arrive for countless years. Due to the fact that it had forced itself to germinate, the seed of life was sorely lacking in energy, so it could only slowly search for life force energy to replenish itself.

"Hence, following the conclusion of your military service here, I was going to suggest for you to visit a forest, where there would be an enormous wealth of life force energy for the seed of life to draw upon, but much to my surprise, you've managed to find the energy that the seed of life craves the most in such a short time. That purple crystal is a manifestation of the purest life force energy. This is life force energy of the planar level, and it's also what the seed of life needs the most.

"Furthermore, this energy doesn't belong to our plane, which means that the seed of life has replenished itself using life force energy from an alternate plane; this is the most brilliant situation that it could hope for! That planar energy crystal is at least enough to stabilize the seed of life in its current state so that its condition wouldn't continue to deteriorate. If possible, please find as many of these life forms as possible and devour their energy. This would significantly increase the chances of allowing the seed of life to completely awaken. 

"As the beings who are closest to the seed of life, we'll all be reciprocated by the seed of life, and when its life force energy reaches a certain level, the seed will be able to completely awaken, bringing even more life force energy to this world. As a result, more life will be created in this world to replenish the life force energy that has been lost."

Both Tang Wulin and Blood One were quite astonished after hearing the Beautiful Silk Tulip's explanation. Planar energy? Did this mean that the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's body contained the life force energy of the abyssal plane? It was most likely trying to escape using this energy not long ago, but the seed of life had latched onto that energy.

If Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear still weren't enough to destroy these abyssal emperors, then with the addition of his seed of life, he would definitely be able to truly put an end to these abyssal emperors.

What made Blood One even more elated was that through killing these abyssal emperors, they would be able to transfer the life force energy of the abyssal plane into the Douluo Continent, which was most definitely fantastic news!

This was most likely what the abyssal plane had also been trying to do all along. They wanted to devour the Douluo Continent in order to replenish their abyssal plane in order to give rise to their own divine realm.

The light that was shimmering from the Golden Dragon Spear gradually subsided, and at his point, the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's massive body had already completely shriveled up like a gigantic raisin. Most of its life force energy had been devoured by the seed of life, along with its planar seed, but a small portion of the energy had also fused into Tang Wulin's body.

That, in addition to the life force energy reciprocation that Tang Wulin had received from the seed of life, made him feel more powerful than ever. He could sense that he wouldn't be able to maintain this state for very long, but this feeling of being filled with unprecedented power was still extremely wonderful and exhilarating.

"Senior Blood One, there are more abyssal creatures like this one, right?"

A faint smile appeared on Blood One's face. "Of course there are! And there are quite a few of them, as well. If the seed of life really did just devour a planar core, then the abyssal realm is going to be in some trouble."


"Rumble, rumble!"

The earth collapsed, and magma erupted forth in all directions. The 97th abyssal level had completely collapsed, and during this process, countless abyssal creatures on the 97th level were reduced to dust. Even the entire abyssal plane was quaking violently in the face of this disaster.

The destruction of the planar seed meant that the abyssal level that the planar seed belonged to had lost its origin. All of the abyssal energy on that level began to dissipate, spreading toward the other abyssal levels. All of the four-clawed bats, six-clawed bats, and other abyssal creatures on that level quickly disintegrated into abyssal energy that surged away in all directions while the abyssal level itself quickly crumbled.

"What's happening? What's happening to the 97th level?" A furious roar erupted throughout the entire abyss.

A series of terrifying colossal figures emerged deep within the abyssal plane, and their eyes were all filled with astonishment and rage.

"The 97th level collapsed! How is this possible?" 

The abyssal emperors on the levels closest to the 97th level had a clearer sense of what was happening than anyone else. The collapse of a level was a disaster to the entire abyssal plane, and the neighboring few levels were also heavily impacted with countless abyssal creatures perishing in the wake of this catastrophe. Even though their energy could still be recycled and contribute to the birth of new abyssal creatures, this was something that the abyssal plane had never seen before!

"Something happened to the Six-clawed Demon Emperor; he seems to have died in the human world, and even his planar seed was destroyed."

"What? Since when did the humans attain the power to destroy planar seeds? This is impossible! The planar seeds contain the purest energy of our plane; only by drawing upon the essential power of their plane would they be able to..."

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