Chapter 1092: Activate, Seed of Life

Was a human really capable of doing this? This was downright incredible!

An expression of shock and horror appeared on its face. If things were to continue like this, it was going to die!

It couldn't allow this to go on! It had to be break through the restrictions here and return to the abyssal plane. Only then would it have a chance at resurrection. With that in mind, the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's body began to expand and contract violently while a faint light seemed to have lit up within its body. This was a strange purple light, and as soon as this light appeared, its enormous body immediately began to collapse in on itself.

"Hmm?" Blood One's expression changed slightly as he waved his right hand through the air, and another antiquated longsword shot forth like lightning before instantly pinning the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's body, significantly slowing down the rate at which it was collapsing in on itself.

"Time is of the essence, Wulin; this thing's trying to self-detonate." Blood One had the most experience when it came to dealing with these abyssal emperors, so he was well aware of their abilities. If an abyssal emperor were to perish, their abyssal energy would quickly escape toward the abyssal plane. This abyssal energy was able to pass through anything, and even Zhang Huanyun's domain was unable to capture it. If the energy were allowed to escape, then after a while, the abyssal emperor that was slain would be resurrected, and their operation would end in failure.

Tang Wulin nodded firmly in response; he had also sensed that something was amiss. Even though the rate at which his Golden Dragon Spear was devouring the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's energy was speeding up, the energy within its body was also quickly becoming more violent, and it seemed as if it were getting closer to breaking free.

He could sense that there seemed to be some kind of special entity within the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's body, and it was currently absorbing the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's energy with all its might.

"Senior Blood One, it seems to be trying to open a spatial passageway! You..." All of a sudden, Tang Wulin's voice abruptly trailed off, and his glabella shuddered as a strange feeling instantly spread through his entire body.

Blood One's expression changed slightly as he waved his right hand through the air, and the four longswords around the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's head instantly began to glow with scintillating light while slicing through space.

However, powerful spatial fluctuations abruptly erupted from within the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's body, and it was as if its entire being were collapsing inward.

"Hehehe, you puny humans think that you can kill the almighty Six-clawed Demon Emperor with your pitiful little tricks? No matter how powerful you are individually, how can you hope to contend with an entire place? The abyssal plane possesses power that is infinitely approaching godly power; that is the basis of the abyssal plane. My planar seed will take me back to the abyssal plane, and it won't be long before I return."

Planar seed? Even though Blood One had been battling abyssal creatures for many years this was the first time that he had been made aware of this existence known as the planar seed.

Furthermore, he could clearly sense that his spatial locking and Zhang Huanyun's domain were slowly becoming unable to control the Six-clawed Demon Emperor.

Blood One's heart sank, and he realized that he had still been too naive. It would take more than just devouring their energy to truly destroy the 108 abyssal emperors. This was a very low-ranking emperor, yet they were still unable to kill it; one could only imagine that the more powerful emperors would undoubtedly be even more difficult to control. Furthermore, the seal within the main abyssal passageway had clearly somehow been breached, making the situation very grim and difficult for them to deal with.

Just as Blood One's brows were tightly furrowed in contemplation, a strange turn of events abruptly unfolded.

A total of six soul rings suddenly emerged from beneath Tang Wulin's feet, consisting of four blacks, one green, and one orange. The fifth greenish-golden soul ring suddenly lit up, immediately following which a beam of green light erupted from Tang Wulin's glabella like lightning.

To Blood One's surprise, a green symbol that resembled a tiny sapling had appeared on Tang Wulin's head, and that symbol was where this green light was originating from.

The green light struck the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's chest, and a peculiar scene ensued; a hole appeared on the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's chest as if the flesh there had been melted away, and immediately thereafter, the green light took on a substantial form, transforming into a branch that was riddled with green leaves before plunging itself into the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's chest.

The Six-clawed Demon Emperor's deranged cackling immediately cut off. "What? What the hell is this! Argh!"

Deafening howls of anguish abruptly rang out, causing the entire space within the domain to twist and warp violently. However, there was still green light that was clearly shimmering from its chest.

At this moment, Tang Wulin felt as if the seed of life that was contained deep within his glabella was transmitting emotions of joy and elation to him. It was the exact same feeling that he experienced when tasting his mother's cooking as a small child.

The energy being devoured by the Golden Dragon Spear clearly subsided a little, but the extremely rich life force energy being released by the seed of life filled every corner of his entire body. He could clearly sense that every single cell within his entire body in a state of joyous celebration. In the face of this enormous influx of life force energy, a layer of greenish-golden light that was filled with vitality surfaced all over his body, and he was struck by an indescribable sense of comfort. Both his physical and spiritual exhaustions were wiped away in an instant, and what was even more of a pleasant surprise to Tang Wulin was that in that instant, he was able to clearly sense all of the elemental particles around him.

Was this the feeling of attaining Spirit Domain realm spiritual power?

The Six-clawed Demon Emperor was letting loose deranged roars of fury and struggling with all its might, but the vine that had emerged from Tang Wulin's forehead, which was only as thin as a finger, had taken root firmly on the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's chest, turning it into a bright green color.

Had the tides suddenly turned? Even Blood One was completely rooted to the spot. He was already aware that Tang Wulin had an unknown source of enormous life force energy within his body. This life force energy had appeared back when he was materializing his soul core, and it had benefited the entire legion immensely.

At this moment, the life force energy had appeared once again, and it seemed to have controlled the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's planar seed. What was going on? Even with Blood One's vast wealth of experience, he still couldn't ascertain exactly what was happening, but one thing appeared to be certain; the Six-clawed Demon Emperor had been dealt a lethal blow.

A powerful heartbeat rang out from Tang Wulin's dragon core, and he felt as if his blood essence power had never been this abundant before. With the nourishment his body received from the rich life force energy, he wasn't worried in the slightest that his body wouldn't be able to handle this influx of blood essence power. His dragon core was clearly expanding little by little, and the number of facets on his soul core was also quickly increasing. This was undoubtedly an indication that his soul core was undergoing evolution.

The two major energy cores were absorbing the energy from the Six-clawed Demon Emperor in a greedy manner, but the seed of life within his glabella was devouring the most energy.

All of a sudden, the Six-clawed Demon Emperor shuddered violently before slumping in a limp and lifeless manner. The branch that had emerged from Tang Wulin's forehead instantly shot back, and at the tip of the branch, there was a dark purple ovular crystal. The crystal was flashing with light that was fluctuating in brightness, and the branch from the seed of life had taken root upon it. There seemed to be a series of roots that had pierced into the crystal, and layers of green light were quickly surging toward Tang Wulin's forehead along the branch. The vast life force energy was then devoured in its entirety by the seed of life.

Six projections appeared around Tang Wulin, and they were none other than the six plant system Great Beasts.

Each of them had a layer of greenish-golden light around their body, and they all wore ecstatic expressions. It was quite clear that the rich life force energy had benefited them immensely as well.

The Golden Dragon Spear continued to devour the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's remaining energy, and Tang Wulin turned to the Beautiful Silk Tulip as he asked, "What's going on here? What's that purple crystal?"

The Beautiful Silk Tulip burst into elated laughter. "I must say, you've been extremely lucky, Master. We had thought that staying around the seed of life and being influenced by its aura would already be the best form of nourishment for us, but we didn't think that you would be able to activate the seed of life and provide it with such pure life force energy! As a result of this influx of energy, the seed of life is truly beginning to germinate!"

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