Chapter 1091: Devour

Not only had the vast numbers of abyssal creatures obstructed the vision of the human soldiers, they also obstructed the vision of the Ant Emperor down below.

It still had no idea what had just happened right until the very instant that the Six-clawed Demon Emperor vanished. This was simply incredible!

The humans were capable of abducting the Six-clawed Demon Emperor? Were they already this powerful?

The Ant Emperor looked on in a flabbergasted manner, but it didn't have the courage to rush forward. It was a lot more powerful than the Six-clawed Demon Emperor, but the Six-clawed Demon Emperor possessed spatial abilities, which was why it had been sent out first. Furthermore, it had a vast number of brethren, so it was naturally assigned with the task of being the spearhead.

The Ant Emperor was superior to the Six-clawed Demon Emperor in terms of combat prowess, but if that bizarre situation had befallen it instead, it was not confident at all that it would've been able to resist.

It couldn't afford to just charge recklessly onward. But then again, what were these humans trying to do? So what if they captured the Six-clawed Demon Emperor?

Even if the Six-clawed Demon Emperor were to perish, its planar core would naturally carry its energy back to the abyssal plane! This was something that the humans were completely powerless to stop.

Light flashed, and the huge mirror behind Zhang Huanyun dimmed once again. However, a massive figure that was appraising its surroundings in a bewildered manner had appeared within the mirror. It was none other than the Six-clawed Demon Emperor!

A faint smile appeared on Zhang Huanyun's face. Everything was going to hinge on this.

108 sounded like a large number, but if they were to destroy the abyssal emperors one by one, then it wouldn't be all that difficult to shake the foundation of the entire abyssal plane.

With that in mind, he turned toward Cao Dezhi and gave him a thumbs-up. This Heartless Douluo truly was an extremely powerful being! As expected of Blood One to be able to capture an abyssal emperor in an instant.

During the past few decades, the Heartless Douluo was the one who had entered the abyssal plane the most number of times, and he had even assassinated abyssal emperors in the past, causing chaos and unrest within some of the abyssal levels to buy the Blood God Legion more time to rest and recuperate.

This Six-clawed Demon Emperor was clearly one of the weaker abyssal emperors, and capturing it proved to be a simple task for him.


A voice sounded beside Tang Wulin's ear, waking him up from his meditative state. He turned toward Cao Dezhi, who was standing beside him.

Cao Dezhi said, "Come with me."

He grabbed onto Tang Wulin's shoulder as he spoke, and a burst of peerlessly sharp aura abruptly erupted from his body. In the next instant, Tang Wulin felt as if he'd been teleported into a strange and abstract world.

Everything around him was twisted, but at the same time, everything was extremely sharp, and he felt as if he would immediately be sliced into ribbons if he were to do anything careless here.

He had experienced Ye Xinglan's sword intent in person before, and he had even witnessed Ye Xinglan attaining a sword soul during her match against Sima Jinchi, but none of that could even begin to compare with everything that he was seeing and feeling at this moment.

This mystical sword intent seemed to have a life of its own, and it had connected all of the surrounding space while carrying him to freely traverse through this space.

Was this what humans were capable of when they reached the peak of their powers?

Tang Wulin's heart was filled with astonishment. Never did he think that Blood One would be capable of this.

A faint smile appeared on Blood One's face. "Wulin, what I need you to do next is to stab that abyssal creature with your Golden Dragon Spear. We have to experiment and see if you can truly kill these powerful abyssal creatures. If your body is unable to handle the energy you're devouring, tell me right away."

He had been brought here to kill an abyssal creature?

As soon as this thought appeared in Tang Wulin's mind, the setting around him transformed, and he and Blood One arrived in another space without any premonition.

There were only clouds and powerful gusts of energy swirling around the area, and there was also a gargantuan figure situated up ahead. It was none other than the Six-clawed Demon Emperor.

At this moment, the Six-clawed Demon Emperor was looking very disoriented, and it clearly had no idea what was happening.

As soon as it caught sight of Tang Wulin and Blood One, it immediately let loose a roar of fury while swinging its six arms through the air, causing the surrounding air to twist and warp violently.

However, right at this moment, the cloud and mist in the surrounding area suddenly transformed into a series of chains that quickly bound its massive body, causing the energy it had just released to instantly dissipate.

Blood One waved a hand through the air, and an antiquated longsword emerged out of thin air. The longsword split into two, then into four, and the four swords instantly appeared around the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's head, following which the twisted space was immediately stabilized.

"Go on, Wulin," Blood One instructed in a serious voice.

Tang Wulin naturally wasn't going to hesitate. His Golden Dragon Spear could devour the energy of abyssal creatures to enhance his powers, and even though many impurities were filtered out during this process, the energy that was transmitted to him was the purest neutral attribute energy!

He had been itching to hunt down some abyssal creatures to elevate his own powers for quite a while now, so he certainly wasn't going to pass up this brilliant opportunity.

He could clearly sense that this abyssal creature was more powerful than any of the other abyssal creatures that he had encountered before.

His body flashed forward, and a pair of wings appeared on his back. He flapped his wings vigorously while unleashing his Golden Dragon Takes Flight!

At the same time, his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his grasp, and he thrust it directly toward the Six-clawed Demon Emperor.

The Six-clawed Demon Emperor had 16 pairs of compound eyes on its head, and those eyes were all filled with rage and indignation. It wasn't afraid of death. Following its death, its planar core would take its energy back to the abyssal plane, and as long as it still had the core, it had a chance to be resurrected. It had been the emperor of the 97th abyssal level for many years, and during that time, it had set up many trump cards for itself that would significantly increase his chances of successful resurrection and becoming the ruler of the abyssal level again. However, it didn't want to die under these inexplicable circumstances!

The closer Tang Wulin drew to the Six-clawed Demon Emperor, the more he was able to experience Blood One's incredible power. The four antiquated longswords hovering around the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's head had completely immobilized it. Were those sword souls? It was incredible to think that a sword soul could be split into four segments. Furthermore, each segment seemed to possess power that was capable of parting heaven and earth.

In the face of these four longswords, Tang Wulin felt extremely tiny and insignificant.

The dual championship crown he had secured during the competition had instilled within him a lot of confidence, but only after witnessing the power being displayed by Blood One did he realize that he was still very far away from becoming a truly powerful being.

All of these thoughts traveled through Tang Wulin's mind in a flash, and at this point, he had already reached the Six-clawed Demon Emperor. He instantly thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward, yet when it struck the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's chest, it was met by a strong sense of obstruction.

What a powerful body! It was quite difficult even for his Golden Dragon Spear to pierce into it.

A surprised look appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and at the same time, he unleashed his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion.

A buzzing sound rang out from the Golden Dragon Spear, and the Six-clawed Demon Emperor was still appraising him with a hint of disdain in its eyes just a moment ago, but in the next instant, its disdain was completely replaced by astonishment.

"Thump!" The Golden Dragon Spear pierced into the Six-clawed Demon Emperor's body before faltering slightly. Immediately thereafter, the Golden Dragon Spear took on a scorching white color, and white halos of light instantly enveloped Tang Wulin's spear-wielding arm. This white light then swept backward and quickly injected itself into Tang Wulin's body.

Tang Wulin shuddered slightly, and in the next instant, a vast burst of energy abruptly surged into his body.

This feeling was similar to when he had absorbed dragon clouds in the Dragon Valley for the very first time, and this energy was only even purer and more concentrated.

The white light flowed into his body, and his dragon core began to beat violently while absorbing this pure life force energy in a greedy manner.

As the life force energy surged into his body, his soul core also began to light up. He hurriedly activated his Mysterious Heaven Method, controlling this influx of energy to flow into his two major energy cores.

This wasn't the first time that he was facing abyssal creatures. Back then, he still didn't have either of his energy cores, and it was very easy for his body to be overfilled with energy. However, at this moment, both of his major energy cores were absorbing energy at an astonishing rate while radiating scintillating light.

His soul core became even more glittering and translucent, and as the vast influx of energy flowed into it, a series of tiny facets began to appear on its rhomboid surface. With each facet that appeared, the soul core would become even brighter.

Meanwhile, his dragon core was constantly beating like a heart, and every time it expanded, it would devour a vast amount of life force energy. This energy was converted by his dragon core before fusing into his bloodline energy, then pumped to every corner of his body.

Tang Wulin felt as if he were expanding like a balloon as more and more energy continued to flow into his body.


Blood One was constantly standing beside him and observing the changes taking place to the Six-clawed Demon Emperor, and he could see that a hint of astonishment first appeared on its face, quickly followed by an expression of horror. It could clearly sense that this human was constantly sapping away at its abyssal energy! How was this possible?

Could it be that this was the human who was capable of devouring abyssal energy that the most powerful abyssal emperors had been referring to?

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