Chapter 1090: Heartless Sword

Its eight legs were constantly exerting force into the ground, and it had to expend a lot of effort before it could drag itself out of the vortex. It was as if there were some kind of enormous suction force pulling back on it from behind.

It raised its head to look up at the Six-clawed Demon Emperor, which was hovering in mid-air and concealing everything down below, and the enormous ant-like abyssal creature flashed suddenly adhering itself to the side of the abyssal passageway. The front end of its massive head suddenly took on a corkscrew shape before he rammed it into the wall on the side of the passageway. As it did so, its corkscrew head suddenly began to rotate at a rapid speech.

"Clang!" A loud noise rang out, and large ripples of light immediately appeared on the surface of the passageway. The ripples proliferated outward, and the seal on the underside of the passageway immediately lit up.

The giant ant was sent flying before shaking its own head, seemingly in a slightly dizzy and disoriented manner, and it mused to itself in a human language, "The seal that the humans set up is just as annoying as ever. Even if my true body were to descend upon this place, I wouldn't be able to break this seal. It looks like the only way out is through the exit of this passageway."

Among the 108 abyssal emperors, the Six-clawed Demon Emperor was ranked as 97th, while the Ant Emperor was ranked at 76th.

Instead of rushing forward to join in on the attack, the Ant Emperor merely rested on the wall of the passageway and waited.

As the first spearhead of the attack, their objective was to buy more time and get more of the normal abyssal creatures here to perish in battle. As a result, they would disintegrate into abyssal energy that would then contribute to expanding this black vortex, which was actually an alternate abyssal passageway created with the assistance of the humans on this side. As the passageway continued to expand, more and more abyssal emperors would be able to travel through it, and they were going to conquer the human world in one fell swoop.

At the moment, the Six-clawed Demon Emperor and the Ant Emperor were the only two abyssal emperors present, so they didn't constitute much of a threat. However, as the passageway continued to expand, more and more normal abyssal creatures were rushing out in a frenzy, and later on, other abyssal emperors would also be able to emerge through it.

The Blood God Legion was completely oblivious to all of this. They merely continued to defend in an organized and orderly fashion while countless abyssal creatures rushed to their deaths before disintegrating into streams of abyssal energy.

"Have the radars discovered anything?" Zhang Huanyun asked the investigation department. The Blood God Legion had the most advanced sensory and detection devices available in the entire federation.

"At the moment, we can only see that there are vast numbers of abyssal creatures that are constantly emerging from down below, and there's also a powerful being that's not inferior to in power to that big guy down there. However, the abyssal energy fluctuations are too violent for our devices to detect what's happening deep within the passageway, so we don't know the exact nature of the situation."

"Alright, keep doing what you're doing."

Zhang Huanyun's body swayed, and he arrived beside Blood One.

Blood One rose to his feet before giving him a slight nod.

Zhang Huanyun said in a low voice, "I can cover you, but won't you be alerting the abyssal plane by doing this?"

A faint smile appeared on Blood One's face. "This is not an issue of whether we'll alert the abyssal plane; if we can destroy any of their emperors, we'll be able to truly weaken the abyssal plane, and that's an opportunity that we can't afford to pass up. We don't know what the situation is like deep within the abyssal passageway, so we have to retreat after just a single attack to drag that big guy out of there. I'll be responsible for restraining it, and you'll be responsible for transferring it."

"Alright!" Zhang Huanyun nodded in response before his body flashed, and he appeared in the air above the abyssal passageway once again.

"Releasing the high explosive bombs at a frequency of 300 per minute!"

Balls of scorching white light rapidly flew out of one circular cannon barrel after another, and 300 of these white balls of light were being launched per minute.

Within each and every ball of light was what appeared to be a small metal ball, and when the scorching white light expanded to its maximal extent, the metal ball would explode.

In contrast with soul missiles, high explosive bombs couldn't be launched over long distances, but in terms of explosive power, they could trigger chain reactions, so it was best to use them within a concentrated area, in which case they would produce a better effect than soul missiles.

These types of soul tools were disposable items, and they were extremely effective against abyssal creatures.

300 high explosive bombs exploded, and the interior of the abyssal passageway was instantly illuminated by a vast expanse of scorching white light. Hordes upon hordes of abyssal creatures were being destroyed in the face of this white light, and countless streams of abyssal energy were sent flying in all directions.

All of the abyssal creatures in the passageway were temporarily wiped out.

At the same time, Zhang Huanyun hurriedly issued a series of commands, and the defensive line at the exit of the passageway was instantly relaxed. Behind the smokescreen provided by the scorching white light down below, a mirror that resembled a bright moon appeared behind Zhang Huanyun.

When the mirror first appeared, it only had a diameter of half a meter. However, three soul rings then immediately lit up around Zhang Huanyun's body, and the mirror swelled to over 50 meters in diameter in the blink of an eye.

A large number of coiled dragon patterns became clearly visible on the back of the enlarged mirror, and these patterns all seemed to have sprung to life.

Violent energy fluctuations also began to appear on the surface of the mirror, and it was also right at this moment that a figure snuck soundlessly into the abyssal passageway before vanishing in a flash.

The Six-clawed Demon Emperor's six arms were raised above its head to protect itself from the high explosive bombs, and it wasn't bothered in the slightest to see so many of its brethren being destroyed. The more abyssal creatures that were killed, the larger the vortex would become, which would allow more of its brethren to enter this world, and also facilitate passage for more abyssal emperors, so it was actually quite glad to see the humans expending more efforts to kill these abyssal creatures.

Of course, that didn't include itself as it would take a very long time for an abyssal emperor to recover following their death. During this process, they would also be challenged by other powerful brethren, so they may not even be able to reclaim their position as abyssal emperors.

Within the abyssal plane, there was an emperor on every level, and each emperor was entrusted with the core of that level. The cores would bestow upon the emperors superior powers and status, and if an abyssal emperor were to perish, its core would carry their energy back to the level that they came from. However, resurrection took time, and if one of its brethren were to find them and take their core during this process, then they would truly lose their sentience, and even their energy could be devoured by the new emperor.

As such, normal abyssal creatures had no qualms about dying, but these abyssal emperors didn't dare to die for no good reason in case they were to be replaced by their brethren.

Just as the Six-clawed Demon Emperor was about to withdraw its six arms, it suddenly sensed a temperature change around its body. If it had to describe this sensation in a human way, then it seemed to be... cold!

It was then suddenly struck by the feeling that the space around it seemed to have become different, and that the surrounding space seemed to have been sliced open. There were clearly countless abyssal creatures around it, but in that instant, it was as if it had lost connection with all of these abyssal creatures. It was as if it had been enclosed in an isolated cuboid space, and even sound couldn't travel in and out of this space.

What was going on? What had just happened?

The Six-clawed Demon Emperor was quite stunned by this sudden development. As an abyssal emperor, it possessed intelligence that was not inferior to that of a human, and it instantly sensed that something was amiss. However, when it tried to struggle free from this space, it was already too late.

Four massive swords silently isolated the space around it and ensured it within. In the sky above, a beam of bright light shone down upon it, and in the next instant, the Six-clawed Demon Emperor transformed into a streak of white light that rose upward, then vanished as if it were an immortal that had ascended into the heavens.

Its gargantuan body didn't leave so much as a single trace behind.

The Ant Emperor was appraising the situation up above with a cold expression, and it remained completely unperturbed by the sight of the violent explosions.

However, right at this moment, it was surprised to see that four antiquated giant swords had suddenly appeared out of thin air. These four swords sliced through space with ease, and it felt as if the Six-clawed Demon Emperor had been stuffed away into a packaging box. It couldn't even offer any resistance before it was drawn away as a streak of white light.

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