Chapter 1089: Wulin's Arrival

Zhang Huanyun replied in a grim voice, "We've already sent out a request for reinforcements, but it'll take them a while to get here. Even the reinforcements from the Battle God Hall will take 10 days to arrive. On top of that, the main problem that we're facing is that we don't know what's wrong with the seal. Even if the Battle God Hall reinforcements arrive on the scene, we can only play to these abyssal creatures' strengths by engaging them in a prolonged battle, and that would be greatly disadvantageous for us."

Blood One's brows were tightly furrowed. There were simply too many abyssal creatures down below, and no one knew how many abyssal emperors were going to appear later on. If they couldn't advance deep into the abyssal passageway, then they wouldn't be able to ascertain what was wrong with the seal, and this seemed to be an irresolvable conundrum.

This crisis had struck extremely abruptly, and it had caught them completely off guard.

"Let's just wait and see if any other abyssal emperors will appear aside from the Six-clawed Demon Emperor. If not, then we have to venture into the abyssal passageway to conduct an investigation," Blood One said with a grim voice. This investigative duty would undoubtedly have to fall on his shoulders.

Zhang Huanyun nodded, and said, "You go and rest for now; I'll call for you when your services are required."

"Alright!" Blood One gave a concise reply before retreating to the outskirts of the passageway, where he joined the other Blood Gods in silent seated meditation.

During the past 6,000 years, the Blood God Battalion had already developed perfect strategies against the abyssal passageway, and it would be impossible for the abyssal creatures to breach their defensive line in a short time.

Over 20,000 Blood God Legion soldiers had already arrived nearby, and they were ready to substitute their comrades at any time. All of the soldiers who weren't engaged in battle were meditating while slowly injecting their soul power into the batteries as a backup energy source.

The soul power within the human body could be endlessly replenished, but of course, this also had its limits. However, they had no choice but to do this under the current circumstances. This was something that they had simulated countless times, and all of them had learned to inject their soul power into the batteries while expending as little energy and spiritual power as possible.


Tang Wulin was still full of excitement as he logged out of the battle net, and his first thought was to visit Gu Yuena.

He emerged from his Star Cabin, and just as he was preparing to put on some clothes before visiting Blood One to apply for some leave, he was met by the sound of blaring sirens.

Tang Wulin was quite startled to hear this, and in the aftermath of the battle that he'd just endured, it took him a few seconds to realize what was happening.

Was something happening over at the abyssal passageway? This was quite an astonishing notion to Tang Wulin as the last abyssal tide had only just concluded not long ago, and during his recent trip deep into the abyssal passageway, he hadn't discovered any signs of abyssal creatures aside from that Possession, so how could this possibly be happening?

He was a soldier of the legion and also the incumbent Blood Nine of the Blood God Battalion, so despite his confusion, he still immediately sprang into action.

He quickly put on his military uniform and rushed out of his dormitory room, then immediately donned his suit of two-word battle armor, flapping his wings with all his might as he flew toward the abyssal passageway.

He could already hear deafening booms and feel the tremors running through the entire mountain ranges even from quite a distance away.

As expected, something really was happening in the abyssal passageway, and judging from the concentration of the soul weapons blasts that he could hear, there seemed to be a very severe problem!

He flapped his wings vigorously, and the legion base wasn't far away from the abyssal passageway, so he was soon greeted by the sight of virtually the entire legion surrounding the exit of the abyssal passageway. A series of huge soul tools had been positioned around the abyssal passageway, and Zhang Huanyun was hovering in the air directly above the passageway with his hands clasped behind his back, inspecting the situation unfolding within the abyssal passageway down below.

He also immediately caught sight of the Blood Gods of the Blood God Battalion, including the former Blood Nine that he had dethroned. All of them were sitting at the closest location to the passageway and were engaged in seated meditation.

Blood One suddenly raised his head as if he had sensed Tang Wulin's arrival. He cast his gaze toward Tang Wulin's direction before gesturing toward him.

Tang Wulin hurriedly flapped his wings and descended from the sky.

His arrival naturally attracted the attention of many of the Blood God Legion soldiers, and despite the tense atmosphere that was permeating through the air, expressions of excitement still appeared on many people's faces at the sight of him.

This was their Blood God Legion's Golden Dragon King and Dual Champion King!

Tang Wulin's arrival was undoubtedly very effective in boosting everyone's morale. They all automatically neglected his nickname of Spear King as Golden Dragon King was far more badass of a title.

Tang Wulin landed beside Blood One before asking in a low voice, "What happened, Senior Blood One?"

The expression that was currently on Blood One's face was rather perplexing to him; he seemed to be very excited for some reason.

"I didn't even get a chance to create an opportunity yet, but the abyssal creatures have brought themselves right to our doorstep! They've come a little early, but we still have to do our best to take advantage of this opportunity."

Tang Wulin was completely befuddled by what Blood One was saying.

"What do you mean?"

Blood One smiled, and said, "From now, stay by my side, and do everything that I tell you to do. You can use your Golden Dragon Spear right now, right?"

"Of course." Tang Wulin nodded in response.

"Alright, then let's wait for now. Rest so you can return to your peak condition; I'm sure that grand final match must've taken a lot out of you."

"Yes." The matches in the Star Battle Net didn't actually expend one's soul power in the real world, but they were always quite mentally taxing. In particular, this was a grand final, so he had been very tightly wound the entire time.

A deafening battle was taking place not far away, but Tang Wulin still quickly entered a meditative state to facilitate mental recovery.

Meanwhile, Blood One raised his head to look up at Zhang Huanyun, and his lips tremored slightly as if he were transmitting his voice in a soundless manner.

Zhang Huanyun turned to look at him before taking a glance at Tang Wulin, who was sitting beside Blood One, and he immediately gave Blood One a quick nod.

Down below, the battle against the abyssal creatures was becoming more and more intense. More and more abyssal creatures were joining the battle, and in the beginning, most of the abyssal creatures that appeared were only capable of engaging in melee combat, so they could only withstand the attacks from the Blood God Legion with their bodies.

However, as time passed, some abyssal creatures that were adept at unleashing long-range attacks also appeared.

They began to use their long-range attacks to oppose the soul lasers and soul cannons in order to create opportunities for the melee-combat-oriented abyssal creatures.

The Six-clawed Demon Emperor hovered in mid-air while issuing commands to its subordinates. It was gently flapping its wings, and it looked as if it could unleash a full-force attack at any moment.

Half an hour had already passed since the commencement of this abrupt abyssal tide. Deep within the abyssal passageway, the black vortex was still expanding in size, and the streams of energy being released by the bodies of the destroyed abyssal creatures didn't return to the abyssal plane as they normally did. Instead, they were absorbed by the black vortex and became a part of it, thereby causing it to expand further and further.

More and more abyssal creatures began to emerge as the vortex continued to enlarge.

If Zhang Huanyun could see what was happening deep within the abyssal passageway, he would definitely lead his troops to charge into the passageway at all costs in order to destroy this vortex and fortify the seal again. Unfortunately, he was completely oblivious to all of this, and as such, he could only choose to adopt a conservative course of action.

A burst of bright light flashed through the air, and another figure slowly emerged from deep within the black vortex. This was a creature with eight legs and a body that was divided into three segments. Its head was the largest of those segments, and that segment was roughly circular in shape. Its mouth was extremely large with two pincers protruding from it, and there were two gently-swaying feelers on its head, each of which was several dozens of meters in length.

Any of the weaker abyssal creatures around it would immediately explode into mist when coming into contact with its feelers, and those streams of mist would then be absorbed into its body through those feelers.

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