Chapter 1087: Major Crisis

As soon as it appeared, the size of the black vortex expanded by around twofold, and a series of four-clawed bats and six-clawed bats rushed out from within it.

The main passageway was the widest of all the abyssal passageways, and these abyssal creatures instantly surged out into this main passageway in a frenzy.

An illusionary figure appeared beside the gigantic Six-clawed Demon Emperor, and it whispered into the demon emperor's ear, "We've completed our mission, so the rest is up to you. Kill and destroy to your heart's content! Bring the abyssal aura to this world!"

"Howl howl howl..." The Six-clawed Demon Emperor threw its head back and roared to the heavens. A series of dark red halos proliferated from its body, encompassing all of the four-clawed and six-clawed bats, making their bodies expand dramatically in size while a bloodthirsty light appeared in their eyes.

They rushed forth in a frenzy, and at this point, all of the soul weapons that were situated at the exit of the abyssal passageway had already begun to fire automatically. A series of soul lasers and soul missiles formed a massive net that struck down one abyssal creature after another.

In the face of the ferocious barrage of soul laser attacks, countless abyssal creatures were destroyed, before their energy returned to the abyssal passageway. However, even more abyssal creatures were rushing out at an astonishing speed.

Only then did the Blood God Legion soldiers who were guarding the branch passageways react to the situation, but all of their heavy artillery was situated within the branch passageway, so there was no way for them to access it.

"Quick! We have to go and guard the exit of the passageway!" A series of commands were issued, and one flashing mecha after another rushed toward the exit of the abyssal passageway. They quickly retreated as the barrage of soul lasers kept the abyssal creatures at bay, then formed a defensive line at the exit.

This attack had come far too abruptly, to the extent that they had been given no time to prepare. Almost all of the soldiers of the Blood God Legion were celebrating Tang Wulin's dual championship crown just a second ago, yet now, they were suddenly being struck by a major crisis.

"Boom!" A mecha was latched onto from behind by a six-clawed bat. The bloodthirsty six-clawed bat tore at the mecha's barrier in a violent frenzy while a dozen or so four-clawed bats also quickly converged toward it.

"Long live the legion!" A cry that was filled with grief and indignation rang out from within the mecha, and in the next instant, the mecha self-detonated, exploding into a massive fireball that engulfed all of the abyssal creatures around it.

All of the soldiers of the Blood God Legion knew that if they were to fall into the hands of the abyssal creatures, their energy would become a part of these abhorrent creatures. As such, all of the mechas of the Blood God Legion were fitted with self-destruction mechanisms. Even if they couldn't defeat their enemies, they definitely weren't going to allow their life force energy to be taken.

One mecha after another exploded before they could rush out of the exit of the passageway, and it was their heroic sacrifices, along with the barrage of attacks being unleashed by the automatic soul weapons, that were buying their comrades an opportunity to survive.

The vice-commander of the Iron Will Corps looked on with bloodshot eyes as one comrade after another lost their lives to this inexplicable crisis. His heart was burning with fury as he roared, "Hold them back! Keep these bastards back; we can't let them rush out of the passageway no matter what!"

No one knew how the seal that had remained unbroken for several millennia had suddenly been broken, thereby allowing so many abyssal creatures to emerge from the main passageway.

It was undoubtedly the case that this was the largest abyssal tide in the history of the Blood God legion, and it could even compare to the abyssal tide that had taken place over 6,000 years ago, when the abyssal plane had suddenly descended upon this world.

If they couldn't defend the abyssal passageway, then countless human lives were going to be lost, and the entire continent would be in grave danger.

Compared to 6,000 years ago, human technology had made rapid advancements, and mechas and soul weapons were already far more powerful than they were in the past. However, the horror of the abyssal creatures had left an extremely dark chapter in the history of the continent, and they had to keep these creatures at bay no matter what!

Aside from the soldiers that had self-detonated their mechas, everyone else had finally managed to retreat out of the passageway. They didn't flee from the scene. Instead, they immediately retaliated, supplementing the defensive measures that were already in place at the exit of the main passageway.

At this moment, there was only a single thought in the hearts of all of the Blood God Legion soldiers; they had to keep these abyssal creatures at bay and prevent them from leaving the abyssal passageway at all costs!

During this brief period of time, over 400 of the 3,000 Blood God Legion soldiers that were guarding the passageway had perished. This was almost the same number as the total death toll of the past century combined! It was undoubtedly the case that an extremely heavy blow had been dealt to the Blood God Legion.

The soldiers looked on as one comrade after another self-detonated to hold the abyssal creatures at bay, and tears were shimmering in their eyes as they gritted their teeth with all their might. All of their excitement in response to Tang Wulin's double crown had been completely replaced with fury.

They were unleashing attacks with all their might to keep their enemies at bay, and one abyssal creature after another was being reduced to streams of energy that flew back into the abyssal passageway. In contrast, there was no reviving the comrades that had lost their lives here.

Developing a Blood God Legion soldier was far from an easy process, yet following the deaths of these abyssal creatures, their energy would be recycled, and they would soon be reborn as new abyssal creatures.

All of the Blood God Legion soldiers were aware that this was the case, but they couldn't do anything aside from opposing these enemies with all their might.

Even as they did so, their hearts were filled with despair.

Over 6,000 years ago, virtually all of the most powerful beings on the entire continent at the time had joined forces to force these abyssal creatures back into their plane, but even then, extremely heavy casualties were suffered. At this point in time, there were only less than 30,000 soldiers in the entire Blood God Legion; would they be able to hold back this enormous abyssal tide?

No one knew, but every single one of them was doing their best.

This was a battle to the death, and no one tried to escape as they knew that if their defensive line were to be bypassed, no one would be able to escape.

All of the soldiers of the Blood God Legion had witnessed just how fearsome these abyssal creatures were, and it was exactly because of this that they were even more motivated to protect their home. Furthermore, the vast majority of them had their entire families in the Blood God Legion base! If they were to back down now, their families would undoubtedly be slaughtered in brutal fashion.

Sirens were blaring throughout the entire Blood God Legion base, and one group of white figures after another were traveling toward the abyssal passageway in an orderly manner.

"Requesting reinforcements! Requesting reinforcements! A vast number of abyssal creatures have emerged from the main passageway, and we desperately need large-scale weaponry on the scene as quickly as possible!"

The request for reinforcements had already been made, and the vice-commander of the Iron Will Corps was hovering in his black mecha above the exit of the abyssal passageway, looking down at the abyssal creatures below him with a wary expression.

It was undoubtedly the case that the exit of the main passageway had the most powerful defenses, and in the face of the devastating crossfire, even these bloodthirsty abyssal creatures were unable to immediately break through the defensive line.

However, the expression on the vice-corps commander's face was progressively becoming grimmer and grimmer as through the illumination of the soul lasers and soul cannon blasts, he could see that the number of abyssal creatures emerging from the abyssal passageway was still constantly increasing.

In the beginning, there were only four-clawed bats and six-clawed bats flying out from within the passageway, but now, there were also already some reptilian abyssal creatures that were rushing out along the sides of the passageway, and there were even more abyssal creatures looming in the distance.

The more massive abyssal creatures were all looking on from down below with cold expressions on their faces. They were in no hurry to charge out, and it was quite clear that they were waiting for something.

"Howl!" A deranged roar suddenly erupted from deep within the abyssal passageway. Immediately thereafter, the abyssal creatures down below quickly parted, and the gargantuan Six-clawed Demon Emperor emerged, surrounded by countless abyssal creatures.

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