Chapter 1086: Dual Champion King

He still had many combination techniques that he could unleash with his black skeleton, and those techniques could even be described as mecha soul fusion skills. However, he had been completely cut off from his black skeleton, making those options completely inaccessible to him.

This Spear King or in other words, Golden Dragon King, had truly done an exceptional job concealing his own abilities. His only opportunity to turn the tables now was to reach his black skeleton.

Brilliant black light abruptly erupted from his saber, and his soul power fused perfectly with his mecha. The shield then suddenly exploded, transforming into a massive black light barrier in front of him. At the same time, he was controlling his mecha to rapidly retreat by executing a profound movement technique.

It would definitely be unwise to continue to clash with his opponent head-on under these circumstances.

"Boom!" The black light barrier was shattered, and the spear projection hurtled through the air.

At the same time, a burst of black light suddenly erupted from the ground before transforming into a series of golden halos that ensnared Skeleton God's mecha within. At the same time, a vast expanse of Bluesilver Emperor vines rose up from the competition platform. Immediately thereafter, the Tyrant Dragon slammed its tail onto the ground once again, and Skeleton God's mecha was instantly immobilized for a short time by the resulting violent shockwaves.

A loud dragon's roar rang out, and a substantial golden dragon head appeared in front of his mecha pilot room, appraising him with a pair of ferocious eyes before rushing forward with devastating force.


Even with Wang Kulou's physical constitution, he was still struck by a rush of dizziness in the face of such a severe impact. At this point, the countless spear projections had already converged and arrived.

The Tyrant Dragon's true power wasn't the only thing that Tang Wulin had been hiding. Even the Tyrant Dragon had evolved to such an extent; Goldsong was his first soul spirit, and it had been with him ever since he first awakened his Golden Dragon King bloodline, so it was certainly no slouch, either.

Bind, Bluesilver Impaling Array, and Bluesilver Golden Array were all abilities that Tang Wulin had bestowed upon it. Furthermore, it had been most heavily affected by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline, so it had also mastered some elements of Tang Wulin's Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon. This was the final trump card that Tang Wulin had prepared for Skeleton God.

Furthermore, Tang Wulin still had his 100,000-year-old soul spirit behind him. This was a Beautiful Silk Tulip that possessed intelligence that wasn't inferior to that of a human, and it was also able to support Tang Wulin with its Devouring Heaven and Earth.

During these two grand final matches, Tang Wulin had perfectly displayed to everyone the notion that intelligence was also a crucial constituent element of one's powers. Of course, it was hard to say how many people had actually managed to grasp this lesson.

In the face of the many restrictions and attacks that Tang Wulin had unleashed upon it, Skeleton God's mecha exploded violently as if it had been struck by a ninth-grade soul missile.

A massive skeleton was revealed within the mecha, and it was clearly Wang Kulou's martial soul true body.

If this were a battle of life and death, Tang Wulin's attacks may not have been enough to kill him. However, in the instant that his mecha was destroyed, the match was already decided.

The black skeleton was being completely dominated by the Tyrant Dragon's fiery breath, and it couldn't even rise to its feet. In the end, it could only transform into a stream of black energy that fused into Wang Kulou's skeletal body.

There was a ball of green flames dancing within each of Wang Kulou's eye sockets, and he was appraising Tang Wulin with an intense gaze. He looked at the two spears that had punctured through his body, and his teeth clattered as he said, "You deserved to win. I look forward to our next encounter."

Light flashed, and Wang Kulou disappeared into thin air. A golden crown then appeared above Tang Wulin's head, indicating that he was the champion!

An enormous burst of force suddenly erupted from behind Tang Wulin. His Tyrant Dragon had clamped its fang down onto his mecha before flinging it up into the air. Tang Wulin adjusted the positioning of his mecha in mid-air, thereby allowing it to land on top of the Tyrant Dragon's head before he pointed both of his spears up at the heavens.

I won! The mecha battle championship title is also mine!

It was undoubtedly the case that not only was Wang Kulou superior to him in terms of mecha piloting skills, all of the opponents that he'd encountered during the past few rounds had superior technical skills compared to his. However, the abilities of a Soul Master still had an extremely important role to play, despite the fact that these were technically mecha battles, and he had proven himself to be the most powerful mecha pilot overall.

This was the final battle of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, and during the past few months of competing, both Tang Wulin's powers and confidence had been significantly elevated. After facing one powerful being after another, he had truly found himself and proven to himself that he was the most powerful being in the entire federation below the three-word battle armor master level.

It didn't seem all that long ago when he had been so envious toward that three-word battle armor master who had saved him and his friends from the powerful Evil Soul Master that had attacked them following the destruction of that soul train. Now, he was confident that he was just as powerful, if not superior in power to that man.

He was taking one firm stride after another toward the very pinnacle of this world. 

Gu Yue, can you see this? Wait for me! I'll definitely become powerful enough to protect you! 

Tang Wulin held tightly onto the spears in his hands, and at this moment, he wanted to throw his head back and roar to the heavens to vent his pent-up emotions.

He couldn't wait to inform Gu Yuena of this good news. He couldn't wait to return to her side and hold her in his arms. For the very first time, he truly felt that he finally had the power to protect the one that he loved, and he also saw the first rays of hope for the revival of Shrek Academy.

Following a brief silence, all of the spectators erupted into thunderous cheers.

They were no longer chanting Golden Dragon King or Spear King. Instead, it was...

"Dual Champion King, Dual Champion King, Dual Champion King!"

The raucous cheers and the electrifying atmosphere ignited the blood within Tang Wulin's veins and set his heart alight. All of his pain and frustration was released to his heart's content. How could he not be proud of himself?

At this moment, there were countless people in the Douluo Federation who were sitting in front of their soul screens, living vicariously through the almighty figure on the competition platform and extending toward him their unreserved praise.

At this moment, the Star Battle Net took root deep in everyone's hearts, especially in the hearts of Soul Masters. If I work hard enough, will I be able to participate in the next edition of the competition?

The Blood God Legion had already been transformed into a sea of joy. All of the accumulated snow had already tumbled down surrounding mountains the day before, so no further avalanches were triggered, but the thunderous cheers were clearly audible even from a few mountains away.

Everyone was chanting the name of "Dual Champion King" at the top of their lungs.

Right at this moment, a black vortex silently appeared deep within the abyssal passageway, far away from the seal.

Wisps of black energy were seeping out of the cracks on the seal before surging toward the vortex, expanding it further and further, and there were faint traces of purple lightning flashing within the vortex.

A massive inky-black hand slowly extended out of the vortex, and immediately thereafter, powerful abyssal aura fluctuations erupted forth in a frenzy!

"Beep, beep, beep, beep..." A loud and piercing siren rang out across all corners of the Blood God Legion, just as everyone was celebrating to their hearts' content.

Zhang Huanyun, Blood One, and all of the other powerful beings within the legion were all sitting in front of soul screens, witnessing the creation of history, and the sirens that had abruptly rung out startled everyone. 

Zhang Huanyun and the Blood Gods immediately departed from the Blood God Battalion before quickly traveling toward the abyssal passageway.


A violent boom erupted deep within the abyssal passageway, and an enormous figure appeared.

This was a monstrous creature that was over 100 meters tall with six sharp claws. Its entire body was covered in a black enamel-like substance, and there was also dark red lava-like liquid flowing down all over its body.

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