Chapter 1085: Pistol on the Wall

Skeleton God used his shield to defend his mecha, and a layer of black light appeared over the surface of the shield as it opposed Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Whips its Tail. At the same time, he slashed his saber through the air, sending a saber projection hurtling directly toward the knee joint of Tang Wulin's mecha.

While executing his Golden Dragon Whips its Tail, Tang Wulin thrust the spear in his mecha's right hand forward. Spear projections immediately erupted forth as he unleashed his Fury of the Masses once again, but on this occasion, the spear projections encompassed both the black skeleton and Skeleton God.

The black skeleton strode forward and gripped onto its saber with both hands before bringing it downward with devastating might, as if it were threatening to part heaven and earth. A saber projection crashed down from above, disrupting the Fury of the Masses from the side. Meanwhile, Skeleton God's shield had completely turned black as it met the Fury of the Masses head-on.

Tang Wulin swept his Golden Dragon Spear upward to shatter the saber projection, but at the same time, his mecha began to tumble toward the ground as if it had lost its balance.

Right at this moment, he abruptly activated his mecha's propeller, sending it hurtling straight up into the air. Even though his Fury of the Masses had been blocked by his opponent, he had still managed to propel his own mecha upward.

Skeleton God's body swayed, and it also rose up into the air in hot pursuit behind Tang Wulin. Meanwhile, his black skeleton swept toward Tang Wulin's mecha from the side like a violent tornado. His reactions, speed, and control were all exemplary. However, right at this moment, something completely unexpected to him suddenly happened.

Light flashed, and Tang Wulin's mecha suddenly descended downward in a diagonal direction when it was flying upward just a moment ago, thereby completely breaking the laws of physics.

The spectators could clearly see that a golden figure had appeared on the ground in the distance with a Bluesilver Emperor vine wrapped around its body, and the golden figure was tugging vigorously on the vine to change the direction that the mecha was traveling in.

Tang Wulin also had soul spirits of his own!

Tang Wulin's mecha was being pulled downward by Goldsong, and at the same time, a massive black figure appeared in mid-air in the place of Tang Wulin's mecha. The gargantuan black figure then descended from the sky, crashing down directly toward Skeleton God and the black skeleton.

The massive creature had a layer of thick and heavy dark golden scales all over its body, and it was none other than Tang Wulin's Tyrant Dragon soul spirit.

The Tyrant Dragon plummeted down from above, and just its enormous body weight in free fall was an extremely damaging force.

Skeleton God and the black skeleton's attacks struck its body, sending countless sparks flying in all directions, but the attacks were unable to break through the Tyrant Dragon's defenses.

Skeleton God's mecha quickly descended toward the side while the black skeleton roared as its body instantly expanded to over 30 meters tall. It then slammed its shield into the Tyrant Dragon's body, and the Tyrant Dragon lowered its head to look down at the shield that had just crashed into its chest. All of a sudden, the scales on its chest bulged outward, and the black skeleton was instantly forced backward.

The Tyrant Dragon had never been bested in a contest of strength, except when facing the likes of A'Ruheng, who possessed downright freakish strength.

The black skeleton and the Tyrant Dragon landed on the ground almost at the exact same time, and the Tyrant Dragon's body swayed as its massive tail swept toward the skeleton with devastating force.

The black skeleton wasn't backing down in the slightest; it quickly leaped up into the air before holding its saber in both hands and bringing it down upon the Tyrant Dragon's tail. As its body had swelled to over 30 meters tall, its saber had also expanded to over 10 meters in length, and the saber projection erupting from it was astonishingly powerful.

It was looking as if the Tyrant Dragon's tail were going to be severed by the devastating saber strike. 

However, right at this moment, a resounding boom suddenly rang out from within the Tyrant Dragon's body.

The black skeleton clearly faltered momentarily, and the Tyrant Dragon's massive body instantly turned into a transparent dark golden color, as if it had suddenly transformed into a gargantuan statue.


The huge saber struck the Tyrant Dragon's tail, and the massive black skeleton was repelled backward, but the tail remained completely unscathed.

The Tyrant Dragon raised its right foot before stomping it violently down onto the ground.


A violent boom rang out, and the black skeleton was forcibly flung up into the air before immediately being paralyzed by the enormous resulting shockwaves.

The Tyrant Dragon was unable to use Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth, but this attack was not inferior to the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth in any way. Furthermore, all of the offensive of the attack was dedicated to its shockwaves, so despite the black skeleton's tremendous powers, it was still completely immobilized for a short time.

The Tyrant Dragon's tail then reared upward and crashed heavily into the black skeleton's body, sending it flying through the air like a gargantuan cannonball and breaking at least four of its ribs.

All of this had taken place in a very short time. The black skeleton had appeared to be extremely fearsome just a moment ago, but in the face of the Tyrant Dragon, it was like a vulnerable little child. Regardless of what techniques or attacks it used, it was rendered completely powerless in the face of the Tyrant Dragon's absolute defense and absolute power.

Skeleton God was also quite stunned by this turn of events. He had just gained the upper hand over Tang Wulin, yet as soon as the latter summoned his soul spirits, the tables were instantly turned.

Furthermore, it wasn't as if Tang Wulin hadn't summoned his Tyrant Dragon before in previous matches. However, during those occasions, the Tyrant Dragon was still as massive and intimidating as ever, but it didn't seem to be very bright, and it always appeared to be quite slow and cumbersome. During his match against Strength King, the Tyrant Dragon had been flung away in an instant, doing nothing more than delaying Strength King for a brief moment, so why was it that this soul spirit seemed to have become a completely different being during this match?

It was only natural that he didn't understand what was happening because this was a figurative pistol that Tang Wulin had hung on the wall during his previous matches!

Tang Wulin was unaware of the fact that Skeleton God possessed an extremely powerful soul spirit in the form of his black skeleton. This was a soul spirit that had been carefully and painstakingly nurtured by Skeleton God, and to put it more accurately, he only actually had a single soul spirit. In the beginning, this skeleton soul spirit was only of the hundred-year-old caliber, and Wang Kulou had managed to make it progressively evolve through all types of methods. At present, the soul spirit had already reached the 80,000-year-old caliber, and just this one black skeleton alone provided him with as many as five soul skills.

As for his other soul spirit, he simply gave up on it, and that was why this black skeleton soul spirit was so powerful. This black skeleton was something that had been formed following the death of a Soul Master who had used a special cultivation method during their lifetime. As such, it possessed a certain level of intelligence to begin with, and that was why it was able to execute so many battle techniques.

However, unbeknownst to Wang Kulou, whenever Tang Wulin had used his Tyrant Dragon in his past matches, he actually hadn't allowed it to reveal the full extent of its power.

Even in his battle against A'Ruheng, he had intentionally made the Tyrant Dragon appear confounded and cumbersome. This was partially a ploy to draw A'Ruheng into a false sense of security, and also to convince Skeleton God that the Tyrant Dragon didn't pose any threat to him when he reviewed Tang Wulin's past competition footage.

As such, he immediately used his Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon from the get-go to reveal to Skeleton God that he was Golden Dragon King. As such, Skeleton God would definitely think of his Tyrant Dragon soul spirit, but he wouldn't think much of it.

Now, he was releasing his Tyrant Dragon at the most critical juncture and allowing it to display its full power. An unyielding soul spirit was certainly no slouch, and even with Tang Wulin's current power level, he was only able to summon the Tyrant Dragon for a maximum of five minutes.

In reality, the Tyrant Dragon had constantly been growing along with Tang Wulin, and its true combat prowess was even superior to Tang Wulin's!

Wang Kulou was quite stunned by this startling turn of events, but the battle was still in progress. Tang Wulin pointed both of his spears at Skeleton God at the same time, and right at this moment, Goldsong's body swayed, conjuring up a series of golden halos that quickly proliferated outward to encompass both Tang Wulin and Wang Kulou.

It was his Bluesilver Golden Array!

Despite Wang Kulou's astonishment, he was still charging toward Tang Wulin while brandishing his saber and shield. In his eyes, with Tang Wulin's shoddy mecha piloting skills, there was no way that he could defend himself, even with two spears. Seeing as his soul spirit was this powerful, he had to take care of Tang Wulin's true body as quickly as possible. No matter how powerful a soul spirit was, it wouldn't matter if its master were to perish.

However, right at this moment, Tang Wulin's mecha suddenly lit up, and a massive purple flower appeared behind him in a diagonal direction, radiating dazzling pink light. Countless energy particles surged toward him in a frenzy, and a massive burst of suction force erupted from the ground, quickly sapping away the darkness elements that Skeleton God relied very heavily upon.

Not only that, but a golden halo was also released from Tang Wulin's body before quickly spreading outward to encompass the Tyrant Dragon as well.

The Tyrant Dragon immediately let loose a thunderous roar of fury as its body expanded even further. It opened its mouth, and a pillar of orange flames that was tinged with golden specks of light was blasted toward the black skeleton in the distance.

Meanwhile, spear projections erupted from both of Tang Wulin's spears as he unleashed his Fury of the Masses!

Countless Bluesilver Emperor vines surged forth before winding themselves around the two massive spears, and the countless spear projections naturally took on a bluish-golden hue.

Crap! I can't take this head-on! 

Skeleton God was struck by a sense of remorse. He had still underestimated his opponent in the end. Even after ascertaining the notion that his opponent was Golden Dragon King, he had still made such a grave error, and that was simply inexcusable.

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