Chapter 1084: Identity Reveal

What extraordinary mecha piloting skills! Tang Wulin was stunned to discover that this Skeleton God's mecha piloting skills were definitely superior to those of even Ling Wuyue.

Ling Wuyue had once told him that Skeleton God's mecha piloting skills were virtually perfect, and that he was able to use any mecha to the limit of its capabilities.

His skeleton martial soul was extremely practical as he could use it as his mecha's skeleton, thereby enhancing his mecha's tolerance capacity to an extremely great extent. To put it in simpler terms, he could truly become one with his mecha.

That, in conjunction with his near-perfect mecha piloting skills naturally made him far more formidable than all of the other mecha pilot participants in the competition.

Now that Tang Wulin was facing him in battle, he could see that Ling Wuyue hadn't been exaggerating in her assessment of Skeleton God. The battle had only just commenced, yet Skeleton God was already half a second faster than him; the situation would naturally only worsen for Tang Wulin once the two mechas clashed.

The two mechas quickly approached one another, and it was quite clear that Tang Wulin was slower than his opponent. As such, the site at which the two mechas clashed wasn't at the direct center of the competition platform, but instead, a little more on Tang Wulin's side.

Skeleton God positioned his shield in front of his mecha and glided toward Tang Wulin, sending his shield crashing directly toward Tang Wulin's mecha.

Tang Wulin raised his spear, and a spear projection emerged from its tip following an influx of soul power. At the same time, a vast number of Bluesilver Emperor vines erupted from within the gaps on his mecha, and he immediately unleashed his Bluesilver Overlord Transformation. Each and every Bluesilver Emperor vine was like a long spear that was hurtling toward his opponent from virtually all directions.

This was an alternative use for his Bluesilver Impaling Array.

Tang Wulin knew that his mecha piloting skills were inferior to those of his opponent, so he naturally went all-out from the get-go.

Skeleton God remained completely unflustered in the face of Tang Wulin's attack and reacted very quickly. His shield was still crashing directly toward Tang Wulin, but his mecha's footwork had changed.

Tang Wulin felt as if his vision had blurred for an instant, following which Skeleton God's mecha, which should have been approaching him, was distancing itself from him instead. Just this maneuver alone was quite extraordinary to behold.

Immediately thereafter, Skeleton God's mecha transformed into a trail of afterimages as it rushed directly toward him. The Bluesilver Emperor vines that were thrusting through the air were also swept aside by the afterimages, and when Tang Wulin finally caught a clear glimpse of his opponent, Skeleton King's saber was already right over his mecha's head.

His saber and movement techniques were both extraordinarily fast!

One had to realize that there was an upper limit on the speed that these generic mechas could reach, but this Skeleton God seemed to be able to completely ignore this limit, giving Tang Wulin the impression that he was battling a Soul Master rather than a mecha.

Tang Wulin's spear was forced to the side by his opponent's shield, and his spear projection completely failed to strike the opposing mecha.

Not only that, but there was an eruption of energy being released by Skeleton God's mecha, making Tang Wulin's Bluesilver Emperor vines unable to wind themselves around the mecha.

He had conducted research into his opponent, and his opponent had naturally done the same. Even though Tang Wulin was the clear underdog in this match, the fact that he had made it the grand final was a sufficient testament to his power.

In this critical juncture, it was clearly already too late for Tang Wulin to dodge, so he lowered the head of his mecha while turning it to the side. At the same time, he activated the mecha's protective barrier, and it appeared that he was going to withstand his opponent's saber strike with his mecha's shoulder.

Not only were Skeleton God's movements extremely quick, they were also very light and graceful. His mecha's saber was crashing down with unstoppable force directly toward the neck of Tang Wulin's mecha, yet right at this moment, Tang Wulin's spear suddenly took on a golden hue. A dull explosive sound rang out, and the shield that was in direct contact with his spear was immediately blasted back by a burst of vibrational force.

Skeleton God reacted extremely quickly to this sudden development, drawing back his mecha, as well as its saber, before drifting toward the side.

Tang Wulin's spear quivered, and a thunderous dragon's roar rang out as a massive golden dragon erupted out of the tip of the spear before pouncing toward Skeleton God in a menacing manner.

"Golden Dragon King?"

A burst of commotion immediately rang out from the spectator stands.

That's right, Tang Wulin was no longer concealing his identity. This was the grand final, so there was no need for him to conceal himself any longer. If he didn't use his Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, there was no way that he would stand a chance against this opponent.

As such, as soon he forced back his opponent with his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion, he immediately unleashed his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

At the same time, golden light flashed from his mecha's left hand, and his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in its grasp. The spear was thrust forward, and countless spear projections surged forth along with his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens; it was his Fury of the Masses!

He was unleashing an explosive barrage of attacks while his opponent was still unfamiliar with his abilities in an attempt to end this battle as quickly as possible.

Skeleton God had clearly been caught off guard by this sudden sequence of attacks. Instead of facing the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens head-on, his mecha rapidly retreated, and its footwork appeared to be rather panicked and messy, but in reality, it was actually quite measured and following a set pattern. The mecha was moving all over the competition platform in a wraith-like manner, and it was constantly using its shield to parry the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens from the side, thereby gradually nullifying its power and momentum.

However, right at this moment, Tang Wulin's Fury of the Masses also arrived. The countless spear projections converged in unison, and a burst of invisible suction force erupted from the tip of the spear, making it an unavoidable attack.

Skeleton God's mecha instantly slowed down significantly, and it was looking as if Tang Wulin's spear projections were going to strike it any moment.

It really was Golden Dragon King!

All of the spectators instantly erupted into a frenzy, and even the commentators had risen to their feet.

"Good heavens! What am I seeing? It's Golden Dragon King's signature attack! That golden dragon really is a spectacular sight to behold. Looks like our Skeleton God is in some trouble; he's encountered an unprecedented challenge. Who would've thought that the champion of the Soul Master battle discipline, Golden Dragon King, would also progress to the grand final of the mecha battle discipline? I can now officially announce that Golden Dragon King is already the biggest winner of this entire competition! If he can defeat Skeleton God here, then he will be crowned as the Dual Championship King, as well as the most dominant participant in this inaugural edition of the competition!"

Tang Wulin and Wang Kulou completely ignored the frenetic voices of the commentators and spectators. At this very moment, they only had eyes for one another, and their sole objective was to defeat their opponent.

In the face of the converging Fury of the Masses, Skeleton God's mecha gently swayed, and a bust of black light appeared soundlessly behind it. The layer of black light took the place of his mecha, transforming into a gigantic black skeleton that was around the same size as his mecha.

This black skeleton was also wielding a saber and a shield. The saber was slashed through the air, and a streak of black light fell from the sky before striking Tang Wulin's Fury of the Masses.

This appeared to be only a single saber strike, but what Tang Wulin felt was a saber wave instead, and it was an extremely ferocious wave.

Immediately thereafter, a resounding boom rang out from the clash, and Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly as he discovered that in the face of his opponent's saber wave, his Fury of the Masses was unable to take shape.

He hadn't cultivated his Fury of the Masses to the highest level yet, but after using it for long, he had already mastered it to quite a high degree. This was the first time that he had encountered a situation where he was unable to completely unleash his spear technique in the face of an attack from his opponent.

What was that black skeleton? Was it his martial soul true body?

No, that couldn't be the case. Wang Kulou's mecha was still rapidly retreating and skirting around toward Tang Wulin from the side; how could it be doing this if it didn't have a pilot? Furthermore, during a mecha battle, a Soul Master would automatically forfeit the match if their martial soul true body caused them to detach from their mecha.

If it weren't his martial soul true body, then how could this gigantic black skeleton be so powerful?

Could it be that this was his soul spirit? But could a Soul Master's soul spirit really be this powerful?

Even a 100,000-year-old soul spirit shouldn't have been this powerful. Not only had it withstood the power of Tang Wulin's Fury of the Masses, the saber wave it had unleashed was threatening to completely devour Tang Wulin's attack.

As such, Tang Wulin was quite perplexed about just what this black skeleton was. He had never seen Skeleton God summon this black skeleton during any of his past matches. With Skeleton God's combat prowess, he should've been able to withstand Tang Wulin's Fury of the Masses with his mecha alone, yet he had chosen to summon this black skeleton instead. This indicated that he had the same thought process as Tang Wulin; he was also trying to end this match as quickly as possible.

Just as the black skeleton was keeping the Fury of the Masses at bay, Skeleton God had already reached Tang Wulin from the side. The black skeleton was forcibly charging toward him from the front, while Skeleton God was attacking from the side using his mecha's shield and saber.

Tang Wulin's mecha stomped its left foot violently into the ground, and eight gigantic golden dragons erupted from the competition platform. At the same time, vibrational waves proliferated outward in all directions, causing both Skeleton God and the black skeleton to slow down slightly.

Tang Wulin then plunged the tip of his Golden Dragon Spear into the ground, using it as a pivoting point as he swept his right leg horizontally through the air to unleash his Golden Dragon Whips its Tail!

Using a mecha to unleash these soul skills naturally wasn't all that smooth, but after taking mecha piloting lessons from Ling Wuyue for so long, and using his Bluesilver Emperor vines for assistance, the attacks that Tang Wulin had unleashed were still very powerful.

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