Chapter 1082: You Go, Bear Lord

The only place where there was any peace and quiet in the Blood God Legion was Tang Wulin's dormitory room.

His blood was also churning in his veins as he listened to the raucous cheers around him, but he still chose to log out of the battle net and return to his room.

He had reaped more rewards during this battle than even his battle against Sima Jinchi. This battle had truly shown him just how powerful the Body Sect's congenital secret method was, and he was certain that if he could successfully cultivate this congenital secret method, then he wouldn't encounter any issues in breaking at least the next two Golden Dragon King seals. The congenital secret method of the Body Sect was most likely the most powerful body refinement method of the entire human race, so he had to try it no matter what.

With that in mind, he dialed Mu Ye's soul communication number.

"Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring!" The ringtone rang out a few times, yet no one was picking up.

What was Teacher Mu Ye doing? Why wasn't he accepting the call? Tang Wulin was rather perplexed.

Right at this moment, the call was finally connected.

"What's up?" Mu Ye's slightly feeble voice rang out from the other end.

"Teacher?" Tang Wulin asked in a hesitant manner.

"It's me. Congratulations on your victory," Mu Ye said in an indifferent voice.

It didn't sound like Mu Ye was congratulating him! He didn't seem to be all that happy. Tang Wulin was rather perplexed. Could this be because he had defeated his senior disciple brother?

"What are you up to, Teacher?"

"I'm cooking!" An enraged tone suddenly crept into Mu Ye's feeble voice.

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. "Are you alright, Teacher?"

Mu Ye had already calmed himself down at this point, and he replied, "It's alright, I'm just cooking for a couple of middle-aged bastards and a massive glutton. By the way, the glutton says that he really enjoyed fighting you, and that he's going to visit you."


"Is Senior Disciple Brother with you?" Tang Wulin asked in a surprised manner.

"Yes. If you called me just to tell me about your victory, then you can hang up now; I've got my hands full over here," Mu Ye grumbled.

Tang Wulin hurriedly said, "No, I'm not just calling to inform you about my victory; I was really stunned by how powerful Senior Disciple Brother's congenital secret method was, and seeing as I'm a direct disciple of yours as well, I was wondering if I could try to cultivate it as well."

"Huh. Huh?" Mu Ye didn't think much of what Tang Wulin was saying at first, but he then quickly processed Tang Wulin's words before asking in a surprised voice, "You want to cultivate the congenital secret method?"

Tang Wulin asked, "Will it be possible for me?"

Mu Ye faltered slightly, and his mood immediately began to change. "Do you know how difficult the congenital secret method will be to cultivate."

Tang Wulin replied, "I've heard about it from you, but I possess exceptional bloodline aptitude, and my physical constitution is also very powerful. I still can't compare to Senior Disciple Brother in that area, but at the very least, I'm far superior to the average Soul Master in that regard. I feel like I might have a chance of successfully cultivating the congenital secret method."

Mu Ye raised an eyebrow and thought about this for a moment before replying, "You can give it a try. Are you also of the opinion that our Body Sect's congenital secret method is very powerful?"

"Of course! There was no way that I could've defeated Senior Disciple Brother without tricking him. Our Body Sect's congenital secret method is definitely the number one body refinement method in the world. If possible, I really want to try it."

"That was very well said! If you can successfully cultivate the congenital secret method, you'll be able to crush every future enemy who dares to oppose you! You're at the Blood God Legion, right? I'll send your Senior Disciple Brother over to find you, and he'll tell you how to cultivate the congenital secret method. However, you have to gauge for yourself whether it's suitable for you. If you can't successfully cultivate the first level, then don't force the issue; the backlash from the congenital secret method is very troublesome to deal with. However, with your powerful physical constitution, you can certainly give it a try. Just make sure you cultivate the first level before you move on to anything else."

"Thank you, Teacher!" Tang Wulin was ecstatic. The congenital secret method was definitely the best-kept secret of the Body Sect, yet Mu Ye was willing to bestow it upon him! In a sense, he was actually more so a disciple of the Tang Sect than the Body Sect. He had only accepted Mu Ye as his teacher, and he hadn't actually even officially joined the Body Sect.

After ending the call, Mu Ye's dejected mood had been completely replaced by excitement, and he murmured to himself, "This is fantastic! I didn't think he would take the initiative to ask me for the congenital secret method. This just goes to show just how powerful our congenital secret method is! It's a little late for him to start cultivating this congenital secret method, but with his physical constitution, there may be a chance that he could succeed. It's just that the first level involves manifesting a blood essence core, which is extremely difficult. Even with his physical constitution, it'll be a very arduous task for him.

‘I'll get Ruheng to take some spirit items with him when he goes to visit Wulin. If he can successfully cultivate the congenital secret method as well, then our Body Sect will truly have an opportunity to make a grand resurgence! After cultivating the congenital secret method, he'll have no choice but to admit that he's a disciple of our Body Sect. Hehehe, Amorous Douluo, Heartless Douluo, you can both eat my dust! We'll see who the little monster pledges his allegiance to when the time comes, hmph!" 

"What are you mumbling about over there, Mu Ye? Is the food ready yet?"



With that promise from Mu Ye, Tang Wulin was naturally in a very good mood. From the sound of it, the congenital secret method was split up into multiple levels, and the first level seemed to be the most important one. Furthermore, A'Ruheng was coming to visit him, and he was coming at a perfect time; neither Ma Shan nor Jiang Wuyue were suitable sparring partners for him anymore.

A'Ruheng was extremely powerful, and his forte also lay in his strength, so he would be a perfect training partner!

With that in mind, Tang Wulin was very much looking forward to A'Ruheng's arrival.

With a sparring partner against whom he could fight as his full power, he was sure that he would be able to further improve the speed of his progression.

A'Ruheng was also hoping to speed up his own cultivation by sparring with Tang Wulin.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he brought his hands together in front of his chest. With every flash of light within his eyes, the air would warp slightly, and he entered a meditative state.

The sound of A'Ruheng's thunderous heartbeat and the changes in his blood essence fluctuations during the battle had both provided Tang Wulin with a lot of inspiration for his cultivation. In the face of that immense pressure, he could even sense that he had developed an idea for how to cultivate his own Golden Dragon King bloodline. Furthermore, it was time for him to make further improvements on his Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon. The final three techniques would have to be invented by him, and those would be abilities that were unique to him.


He won.

A faint smile appeared on Gu Yuena's face. At this moment, she was in a very good mood. He truly was becoming more powerful, and his rate of progression was even faster than what she had anticipated.

It was time to go back. After participating in the grand final of the mecha battle discipline, he would travel to the Scorching Basin to visit her again.

"My Lord." A deep voice suddenly sounded.

Gu Yuena's brows furrowed slightly in response. "Why are you here?"

A black figure had appeared not far beside her in a completely soundless manner. The surrounding area immediately darkened, as if all of the light had been drawn away.

"My Lord, the champion of that Star Battle Net competition is him, right? Are you still unable to strengthen your resolve? As you can see, he's growing very quickly, and if we allow him to continue to thrive, he could pose a significant obstacle for us in the future. After all, he can even affect you."

A cold expression appeared on Gu Yuena's face. "I don't need you to teach me what to do!"

"My apologies, my Lord, I only wanted to remind you that it's best to strike as soon as possible, both for the sake of our countless deceased brethren, as well as for our future survival and for our endeavor to become the masters of this continent again."

Gu Yuena's expression cooled even further. "I understand all that. You can go now."

The black figure sighed before departing.

The light in the room returned to normal, but Gu Yuena's good mood had been completely soured, and she fell silent for a long time with her brows tightly furrowed.


"Is our Lord still unable to make up her mind? That man should definitely be in the west, and our Lord returned from the west; there's no mistaking the spatial fluctuations."

"You go, Bear Lord."



After Tang Wulin awakened from his cultivation, an entire day had already passed. The first thing that he heard after waking up was his own powerful heartbeat.

No substantial power improvements could be taken out of the Star Battle Net, but everything that had experienced during the battles would remain with him. Tang Wulin could sense that he had developed some new feelings toward the heartbeat of his own dragon core. It seemed to be rather similar to the sound of A'Ruheng's heartbeat.

It appeared that there was more room for improvement in the power of his dragon core.

After taking a glance at the time, a serious look immediately appeared on his face.

There was only one day separating the grand finals of the Soul Master battle discipline and the mecha battle discipline as no one could've imagined that one person could progress to both grand finals.

As such, Tang Wulin's mecha battle grand final was about to begin. The opponent that he was going to face was undoubtedly going to be even more powerful than Bubble King.

He rose to his feet before doing some stretches. He could feel that he was already in his peak condition, and he turned around before walking into his Star Cabin.

The final match of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition was finally about to begin.

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