Chapter 1081: Champion!

He was the final champion of the Soul Master battle discipline of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition!

Pavilion Master, teachers, friends, and all of my Shrek Academy peers and mentors who have passed away, can you see this? 

I won! I'm the champion, but this victory doesn't belong to me; it belongs to our Shrek Academy! 

The Golden Dragon Spear that was being held aloft above his head was radiating dazzling golden light, in that instant, Tang Wulin's blood was churning violently through his veins while everything that he'd kept repressed within his heart was erupting in a frenzy.

No matter how arduous the path ahead may be, I will continue to pursue it. My friends and I will revive Shrek Academy, and this will be the first step. I won, and I did so for the glory of Shrek!

There were countless excited people standing in front of their screens, and there were just as many spectators who had been stunned speechless.

At this moment, the shimmering golden man was all everyone could see.

He was the champion, Number 33 Golden Dragon King!

Blood One and all of the Blood Gods were spectating the match in the hall of the Blood God Battalion, and at this point, the former Blood Nine's jaw had already dropped to the ground. He suddenly discovered that his brimming confidence had been replaced by a hint of fear. He had once thought that his victory during his next clash with Tang Wulin was assured, but that confidence had completely vanished at some point.

Could he have defeated that Strength King? The answer was quite obvious. Would he be able to defeat Tang Wulin, who had just taken down that Strength King?

Blood One wore a brooding look on his face, and no one could tell what he was thinking. Meanwhile, Blood Three and Blood Five, who had both come from Shrek Academy, already had their fists tightly clenched.

He won! As expected of the leader of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters! There was still hope for the future of Shrek Academy!

Mu Ye was also standing in front of his soul screen with a slightly dazed look on his face. In his eyes, the glowing golden figure who was missing an arm was extremely proud and resolute. Indeed, he deserved to be proud; he had won! Just as Mu Chen and Zhen Hua had said, he had a knack for creating miracles, and he had just created another miracle.

"Junior Disciple Brother was so strong!" A voice rang out from the neighboring room, and a burly man emerged in a rather sheepish manner. It was none other than the opponent whom Tang Wulin had just faced in battle, A'Ruheng!

That's right, he had been with Mu Ye this entire time, and Mu Ye had been his coach, guiding him through all of these matches. As such, he knew a considerable amount about Tang Wulin, but unfortunately for him, even Mu Ye wasn't aware of the extent of Tang Wulin's current powers.

A'Ruheng wasn't as handsome as Tang Wulin, but he still had thick brows and large eyes, and was filled with a strong masculine aura. He had a very overdeveloped physique, resembling a miniature mountain as he stood in the room.

Mu Ye turned to A'Ruheng, and said in a calm voice, "Don't let that loss weigh on you; you have too little experience compared to Wulin."

A'Ruheng rubbed his own large bald head, and chuckled, "It's alright, I don't mind losing to my junior disciple brother; I've always got a positive mindset."

Mu Ye's lips twitched upon hearing this. Positive mindset? He was clearly just lackadaisical!

This disciple of his was perfect in every way aside from his careless personality. If Mu Ye had a choice, he would much rather pass down the Body Sect to Tang Wulin than A'Ruheng! Compared to Tang Wulin, A'Ruheng was nowhere near as wise and steadfast, but Tang Wulin was already carrying too many things on his shoulders; he couldn't contribute further to his burden.

A'Ruheng chuckled, "Teacher, fighting with Junior Disciple Brother was really exciting! Those other people seem like they're molded out of clay; I barely touch them, and they still break. Junior Disciple Brother is much more durable! Can I go to find him? If I can spar with him every day, I'll definitely be able to improve faster."

The most important way of cultivating the congenital secret method of the Body Sect was to constantly refine one's body, and the best way to do that was through battle. However, even Mu Ye was struggling to fill the role of a suitable sparring partner for A'Ruheng. After all, this type of bodily refinement required direct physical clashes!

With that in mind, Mu Ye was also quite taken with this idea. It was about time the two disciple brothers met and forged a relationship.

"Alright, go and cook now, Mu Ye." A voice sounded from behind Mu Ye, and his expression immediately stiffened.

"Winning and losing are all part of life, so don't be too dejected," Zhen Hua said as he patted Mu Ye on the shoulder.

Mu Ye's lips twitched as he grumbled, "What do you mean by 'don't be too dejected'? He's also my disciple, alright? They're both mine!"

Zhen Hua chuckled, "Alright, but weren't you saying that Ruheng would win? What happened? Just go and cook. Taking a loss isn't the end of the world."



"Rumble, rumble." Snow crashed down along the mountain faces in devastating waves, and all of a sudden, massive amounts of snow began to plummet from all of the surrounding mountains.

This avalanche had been triggered by a wave of deafening cheers.

In the instant that Tang Wulin became the final champion, the entire Blood God Legion had been transformed into a sea of joy.

Guarding the abyssal passageway was a lonely and thankless task. They were secluding themselves in this godforsaken land, protecting the Douluo Continent, as well as all of the living beings on the entire Douluo Star. They had made countless sacrifices, and their daily lives were extremely bland.

Now, there was finally an opportunity for the Blood God Legion to shine. That's right, the championship title of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition Soul Master battle discipline belonged to the Blood God Legion. This was a great honor for the entire legion!

Almost all of the soldiers who weren't on guard duty in the abyssal passageway had emerged from the barracks, and had raised their hands high above their head while cheering at the tops of their lungs.

They had been oppressed for far too long. Their legion was clearly the most powerful legion in the entire federation, yet no one knew of them. On this occasion, Tang Wulin had secured the championship title, and all of them would share in his glory!

In the final moments following Tang Wulin's victory, he had put away his Golden Dragon Spear before slamming his right fist heavily into his chest as a military salute to the Blood God Legion.

That's right, this was a military salute that belonged only to the Blood God Legion! They were the only ones who understood the meaning behind that action, but that was enough.

Everyone's excitement had dispelled the biting chill in the entire legion, and they were even more excited for this than when the life tide had struck.

"Champion, champion, champion!" Cheers rang out in thunderous waves, and even the surrounding avalanche couldn't dampen their excitement in the slightest.

Jiang Wuyue was roaring with bloodshot eyes, Jiang Qiyue was yelling with all her might, and Long Yuxue was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Ma Shan was vigorously thumping his own chest with his fist, as if he had been the one who had secured the final championship title.

Ling Wuyue wore a wide smile on her face, and both of her arms were raised aloft with her fingers pointed up at the heavens. She was still waiting, waiting for Tang Wulin to secure the championship title in his upcoming mecha battle grand final as well.

Perhaps, he wasn't the most technically proficient mecha pilot, but he definitely possessed the greatest overall power; that was something that she firmly believed. She believed that Tang Wulin was going to secure a double championship crown for the Blood God Legion!

The Blood God Legion had been oppressed for far too long, and the entire legion had come together to vent their negative emotions on this joyous occasion.

However, at this moment, the legion commander, Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun, only wanted to sob into his own hands. He was even slapping himself when no one was looking.

The opportunity had been presented before him; why had he given up without a fight? He had a chance to make this exceptional young man his successor! Who could be more suitable than him? That old bastard, Cao Dezhi, had swooped in to take Tang Wulin, and Zhang Huanyun was kicking himself!

He was feeling very remorseful, but at the same time, he was also filled with pride.

Do you see this, you old military bastards? The final championship title belongs to our Blood God Legion! Even if we're not even listed as part of the military, our Blood God Legion is still the most powerful legion in the entire federation! 

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