Chapter 108 - Ouyang Zixin

Chapter 108 - Ouyang Zixin

The girl was very pretty with delicate facial features and large, limpid eyes. Under the rays of the morning sun, it seemed as if a layer of golden light was drawn to her. She was simply too stunning for Tang Wulin.

“S, sorry.” Tang Wulin hurriedly apologized. In that moment, this girl with a golden radiance around her left a profound impression upon Tang Wulin. So pretty! She’s even prettier than Senior Sister Liu Yuxin!

“Junior brother, pay attention when you’re running.” The young lady raised her hand to rub his head as she spoke with a beaming smile.

“Ah! You’re very good looking.” The young lady stared at Tang Wulin’s large eyes, which were accented by his long eyelashes and was astonished to see that his eyes were even larger than her own. She curiously pinched his face and giggled before she quickly turned around and left.

Her pinch had hurt a bit, but it had awakened Tang Wulin from his stupor. That senior sister is so pretty. She’s jogging here so she should also be in the intermediate division, right?

When he saw the young lady run further and further away, Tang Wulin hastened his pace to catch up with her. With his powerful body, he caught up in no time.

“Junior brother, what’s your name?” She turned her head to look at Tang Wulin.

“My name is Tang Wulin. I’m a student in the first grade. What about you, senior sister?” He blurted out his words with an eager heart. He hadn’t mentioned that he was in the first grade’s class five. Anyway, after winning the Class Promotion Tournament, they should be class one now.

“You’re this young yet you’re already so naughty! You want to pick up this senior sister, huh?” The girl shot him a crafty glance.

“I, I’m not…” Tang Wulin said in embarrassment.

Haha. Your embarrassed face is so cute! How about this then; let’s have a ten lap race. If you win, I’ll tell you...” Before she even finished speaking, she had already increased her speed and rushed forward.

Ten laps?

There was no way Tang Wulin was afraid of such a competition so he quickly picked up his pace and chased after her.

The young lady was still taller than him by about half a head and had already grown into a slender and elegant woman. As she ran, her long hair flowed behind her in the breeze, while her graceful form was accented by her long and flexible legs. With each step, he could see her slender hips sway. Her whole body was just brimming with the vigor of youth.

Tang Wulin’s physical strength was exceptionally formidable, however, despite his  shorter stature, he was still faster than her. Trailing just behind her, alarms were going off within his mind for some reason, telling him to be careful of her.  

Due to this, he followed just behind her and watched her, keeping up with her pace.

That girl’s physical strength was pretty good. Not only was she able to maintain a constant running pace, but her pace was continuously increasing. Like this, the two of them continued their race, one in front, one behind.

Soon after, they were approaching the end of the tenth lap.

There were still a hundred meters left.

It was only then that Tang Wulin remembered the goal of this competition. He suddenly sped up, unleashing his body’s explosive power. He flew forward and overtook the girl by the fifty meter mark.

“Ouch.” A cry of pain suddenly came from behind him,

Tang Wulin quickly turned his head to look but was met with the sight of that slow pink clad figure suddenly speeding up, surpassing him, rushing straight toward the finish line.

Haha. You little dummy. You’ve been fooled!” The girl’s bell-like laughter clearly rang through the first glimmers of dawn on campus.

He had obviously been tricked, but when he saw this smile that was like a blossoming flower, Tang Wulin couldn’t bring himself to grow angry at all.

Tang Wulin ran over to the finish line where the girl waited. He scratched his head awkwardly as he said, “Senior sister is so amazing.”

As the young lady gazed at his bashful expression, her smile couldn’t help but grow even wider. “Alright then. I’ll stop teasing you. Junior brother’s strength is pretty good. Keep it up!” Finished speaking, she turned around and walked over to the dormitory, waving goodbye to Tang Wulin as she left.

Tang Wulin watched her back. A peculiar feeling had been aroused within his heart. He didn’t understand what this feeling was, but he knew that he wanted to keep seeing this senior sister.

“My name is Ouyang Zixin. I’m in the fifth grade’s class one.” The girl’s pure voice floated on over.

Ouyang Zixin. What a pretty name.

“Stop staring. That senior sister is already long gone.” Right at that moment, a friendly voice spoke from behind him.

Tang Wulin quickly turned around to see Xie Xie watching him with an amused expression. His arms were still bandaged up and while he had a smile, it wasn’t quite a smile as he looked at Tang Wulin.

“You’re better now? How are your arms?” Tang Wulin greeted him in surprise.

“It’s no big deal now. My bones have already reconnected, and they were treated by a healing-type martial soul. I’ll still need at least ten days to make a full recovery though. But you, I return one day later, and I find that you’re actually chasing after senior sisters. You truly are too good.”

“I’m not.” Tang Wulin hastily defended himself.

“Really now? You have enough skills to do it. That senior sister even told you her name. Have you really never heard of Ouyang Zixin before?” Xie Xie asked with a big grin.

“I haven’t!” Tang Wulin blurted out.

Xie Xie said, “She’s the prettiest girl in our intermediate division! I can’t believe you’ve never heard of her before. Actually, I even heard that there are countless seniors from the advanced division chasing after her. She’s in the fifth grade so she should be four years older than us. You can just give up right now.”

Tang Wulin grudgingly said, “You’re talking about age, but why do you have such thoughts in your heart? I only think that senior sister is really pretty, and I admire her. I don’t have any other ideas, okay? Don’t get me wrong!”

Xie Xie’s mouth began twitching. “Fine then! You can just stare at her foolishly. You might not acknowledge it, but who wouldn’t like this kind of pretty senior sister? Every man has a profound memory of a pretty senior sister.”

All men have a pretty senior sister that left a deep impression on them?

Tang Wulin was shaken by Xie Xie’s words. The name Ouyang Zixin had already been engraved into his heart.

They went to eat breakfast before going to class, where they were informed that all the students in the first grade were to gather at the sports field for a grade assembly.

Although Xie Xie’s arms were still injured, his condition had stabilized, and he was able to attend his classes.

A grave expression still colored Wu Zhangkong’s face like normal as he brought class five to assemble at the field.

It could be said that the first grade’s class one had changed now. When they arrived at the field, they attracted the gazes of all of the other classes. Most of these gazes drifted toward Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue.

Of course, the most prominent one among them was Tang Wulin! The day before he had prevailed at the last moment in a desperate crisis, shocking countless people and engraving a deep impression upon their hearts.

“Have we become celebrities?” Gu Yue asked in a hushed tone.

Xie Xie shot her a disdainful glance. “With how mature you act, why are you so interested in how people see you? And besides, it would be more accurate to say that Wulin is the celebrity here. I heard he was the one who won us that match in the end yesterday. Ah, that’s right. Wulin, I haven’t thanked you for avenging me yesterday yet!”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I really shouldn’t have acted that way. It wasn’t right for them to injure you, but it also wasn’t right for me to injure them. After all, we are all fellow students.”

Gu Yue gave a cold snort. “Take a look at Wulin then take a look at yourself. In any case, I don’t care if I’m a celebrity now or not. And besides, there was a certain someone who was so confident but was immediately knocked out yesterday.”

“You!” Xie Xie glowered at Gu Yue.

Gu Yue disdainfully said, “What? You weren’t a match for me even when you weren’t injured, yet you’re still trying to show off in your current condition?”

“I’ve had it with you!” Xie Xie said, smothering his anger. He simply couldn’t bear it anymore! With his arms like this and his martial souls being two daggers, he really couldn’t do anything right now.

Tang Wulin was already used to their bickering, so he held Xie Xie’s shoulder gently and said, “It was just a fluke yesterday. They’re actually really strong, so you should just go and recuperate properly, and we’ll do our best to cultivate together after.”

Class five was already assembled in the field when Tang Wulin finished speaking. He noticed that Zhang Yangzi wasn’t present among the students of class one. After all, broken legs were really too troublesome. On the other hand, Wang Jinxi had a broken arm, similar to Xie Xie, and had that arm bandaged up.

In front of the gathered students wasn’t just Director Long Hengxu, but also President Yu Zhen.

Long Hengxu looked towards Yu Zhen before he began speaking. “Today’s first grade assembly is to announce two things. First, due to the special circumstances of this year’s first grade, the victorious class will no longer be continuing with the Class Promotion Tournament, but the classes of the first grade will still be rearranged according to the results. Namely, what was originally class five is now class one. And all of the other classes have been rearranged accordingly.”

We can’t continue participating in the Class Promotion Tournament anymore? An uproar appeared among the students of the new class one. If they couldn't’ continue with the tournament, then that meant they were no longer receiving the reward for being able to challenge the upper grades!

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