Chapter 1079: Complete Domination

He had also cultivated the secret techniques of the Body Sect, and at the same time, he possessed the almighty Golden Dragon King bloodline, and both of those factors had minimized the effect that A'Ruheng's powerful heartbeat had on him.

A'Ruheng's body flashed through the air, and he launched his right fist forward with devastating power. His body didn't expand any further, but there was a peculiar aura emanating from him, as if he were a super soul missile that had been compressed to an extreme degree.

In the past, Tang Wulin had almost lost his life to the ninth-grade soul missile, and it was Gu Yue who had saved him. Now, he was experiencing the same feeling as he had when that ninth-grade soul missile had exploded right before him.

He thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward amid his Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Roar, unleashing his Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens once again. However, due to the enhancements of his Devouring Heaven and Earth, his Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was clearly more powerful than the previous one.

His spear intent erupted forth, and the dazzling platinum spear projection hurtled forth like the fangs of a giant dragon. A layer of bluish-golden light instantly appeared over the body of the massive dragon, which was attempting to devour A'Ruheng whole.

Right at this moment, A'Ruheng's eyes suddenly widened, and there was even light flowing out of the corners of his eyes.

"Lub-dub!" A'Ruheng suddenly opened his mouth amid the sound of his powerful heartbeat before letting loose an almighty roar toward Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.


In the face of the enormous soundwaves unleashed by that thunderous roar, the energy fluctuations emanating from the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens decreased sharply by around a third. Immediately thereafter, A'Ruheng rushed toward the Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens with nothing more than his body as his weapon.


Tang Wulin was sent flying in the wake of the clash, and after the Blue Emperor Dragon Shocks the Heavens vanished, even his Dragon Moon battle armor was beginning to emit a string of high-pitched screeching sounds from the immense strain it was having to endure.

If A'Ruheng had been like an erupting volcano before, then in his current form, he was like a scorching sun descending from the heavens. His scorching bloodline fluctuations made Tang Wulin feel as if his internal organs had been set alight, and it was as if his blood essence fluctuations were being evaporated in the face of A'Ruheng's scintillating aura. At the same time, his dragon core clearly began to beat more vigorously.

Only when facing A'Ruheng for himself could he truly comprehend just how fearsome A'Ruheng was when in full flight. Jade King may have suffered a loss against A'Ruheng before he had a chance to unleash most of his powers, but even if that hadn't been the case, he would've most likely been defeated anyway. It was no wonder that Jade King didn't even get a chance to retaliate during that battle.

Just as these thoughts were flashing through Tang Wulin's mind, A'Ruheng's body flashed, and he appeared right in front of Tang Wulin. He was clearly not going to give him any opportunity to catch his breath on this occasion. He clenched his right hand into a tight fist before sending it hurtling directly toward Tang Wulin's chest.

There was no technique to speak of; he was merely exerting pure domination over Tang Wulin with his absolute speed and absolute strength.

In this critical situation, Tang Wulin instantly activated his Violent Golden Dragon Domain without any hesitation. A golden halo proliferated from his body, and at the same time, his Golden Dragon Spear vanished before he also lashed out with his right hand.

A massive set of Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws appeared before flying through the air.

A violent boom rang out from the resulting clash. The Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws combined his Bluesilver Emperor, Golden Dragon Dreadclaws, and Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws, as well as the enhancements from his Devouring Heaven and Earth, yet he was still unable to nullify the force of A'Ruheng's punch.

His fist was like an unstoppable object that would plow its way through any defenses or attacks. It tore through Tang Wulin's attack before appearing in front of his chest, and he only just barely had time to position his Golden Dragon Spear in front of himself as a shield before he was struck by the almighty fist.

His entire body instantly flew back like a cannonball before crashing heavily onto the protective barrier in the distance. In contrast, A'Ruheng had only suffered a few scratch marks on his suit of battle armor from the Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws.

Tang Wulin's body bounced off the protective barrier, and A'Ruheng charged forward once again in his full devastating glory before unleashing another punch.

Tang Wulin swept his Golden Dragon Spear upward with his left hand while his body quickly sped away horizontally. In terms of speed, he received enhancements from his golden dragon wings, so he certainly wasn't much slower than A'Ruheng.

He unleashed his Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Whips its Tail, lashing out with his leg amid a thunderous dragon's roar.

A'Ruheng made no effort to evade whatsoever as he adjusted the direction of his punch, bringing his fist downward.

"Bam!" Tang Wulins right leg dealt a vicious strike upon A'Ruheng's body, but he felt as if he had kicked a mountain. A'Ruheng let loose a muffled groan, but at the same time, his fist also struck Tang Wulin's left arm, which he had raised in defense.

"Crack!" The clearly audible sound of bones being broken rang out, and Tang Wulin plummeted down from above.

Just as he was about to crash down onto the ground, A'Ruheng appeared beside him again, putting his terrifying strength on full display as he sent both of his fists crashing down toward Tang Wulin's body at once. If this attack were allowed to land, there was no way that Tang Wulin would survive.

Right at this moment, a burst of golden light suddenly appeared beneath Tang Wulin, supporting his body from down below and allowing him to quickly dodge to the side. As such, he was able to evade A'Ruheng's fists just when it appeared that the attack was unavoidable. At the same time, a massive figure descended from the sky, landing on A'Ruheng's body and crushing him to the ground.

His soul spirits, Goldsong and the Tyrant Dragon, had both been summoned at the same time!

Tang Wulin's body tumbled through the air before he stabilized himself in the distance. He spread open his dragon wings, and at this point, a large area of the left side of his Dragon Moon battle armor had been damaged. Furthermore, his arm was bent at a very strange angle clearly completely broken. The sorry state that he was in was a great indication of just how fearsomely powerful A'Ruheng was.

Before Tang Wulin had a chance to catch his breath, the enormous body of the Tyrant Dragon suddenly rose up into the air before immediately flying off to the side.

It was a rather comical sight to see its massive 70-meter-tall body flying through the air, but no one could bring themselves to laugh. Just how terrifyingly strong did one have to be to be capable of sending a Tyrant Dragon flying?

Reddish light emerged from the ground like a rising sun before hurtling toward Tang Wulin again. The violent heartbeat rang out across the entire competition venue, and Tang Wulin flapped his wings in a panicked manner to try and accelerate. However, due to the injury inflicted on his left arm, he was clearly flying in a rather unstable manner, and A'Ruheng almost immediately caught up to him.

He reflexively thrust his Golden Dragon Spear backward, but at this point, there wasn't even any spear projection emanating from the spear, so no matter how one looked at it, there was no way that he'd be able to withstand this punch.

A'Ruheng grabbed toward the tip of the Golden Dragon Spear with his left hand while his right fist continued to hurtle toward Tang Wulin's back.

It's over!

Many of the spectators had already closed their eyes, unable to bear watching for any longer. With A'Ruheng's terrifying strength, his fist was most likely going to reduce Tang Wulin to mincemeat!

He was truly far too powerful; the power that he was currently displaying was even superior to the power that he'd unleashed during his match against Jade King.

At the time, Jade King wasn't able to offer up any resistance. In contrast, Golden Dragon King was able to put up some resistance, but it appeared to be completely futile in the face of A'Ruheng's devastating power. How could a human attain such a terrifying level of strength?!

In front of the soul screen.

Mu Ye was nodding gently as he murmured to himself, "It's already quite remarkable that Wulin managed to last this long. Even among eight-ring Soul Douluos, there are very few who can oppose the power of Ruheng's Sun Body, which he attains after his third awakening. With the power from his body as the Child of the Sun, Ruheng is powerful enough to face any Titled Douluo; who would've thought that he would make another breakthrough in such a short time? At this rate, he should be able to reach the Titled Douluo level in another year at most. I finally have a suitable heir who can inherit my position as the master of the Body Sect."

Mu Chen's brows were slightly furrowed. Tang Wulin was his most exceptional disciple, and even though Tang Wulin was losing this battle fair and square, it was still rather uncomfortable for him to watch this.

In contrast, Zhen Hua wore a puzzled look on his face.

When had Tang Wulin ever panicked like this? He was always as calm and calculating as a sly old fox!

All of this had taken place in a very short time, and in the next instant, A'Ruheng had already grabbed onto the tip of the Golden Dragon Spear.

In that instant, it was as if time suddenly stopped. A'Ruheng's rights abruptly faltered while Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear instantly took on a reddish-golden color.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly turned around, and he arched his spine in a very strange pose, meeting A'Ruheng's right fist with his left shoulder.

"Bam!" The battle armor on Tang Wulin's left shoulder was instantly pulverized, and even his shoulder itself had been completely destroyed as a cloud of blood mist erupted into the air.

However, the keen observers in the spectator stands all discovered that his panic seemed to have suddenly disappeared, and it was as if his mutilated left shoulder didn't even have any connection to him.

 At this moment, A'Ruheng felt as if the Golden Dragon Spear that he was holding onto was like a vortex that was devouring his blood essence power in a frenzy. The power of his right fist had also been hampered as a result, thereby weakening his offensive prowess, but in his eyes, even that weakened attack should've been enough to take care of his opponent.

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