Chapter 1074: Crystalline Jade Qilin

Even though Tang Wulin had been going to great lengths to conceal his abilities, those who were familiar with him would still be able to identify him, and his teacher was definitely no exception to this.

Show me how powerful the congenital secret method of the Body Sect is, Senior Disciple Brother! 

On the screen in front of Tang Wulin, his senior disciple brother had already sprung into action. His hulking crimson figure advanced forward with a vicious aura emanating from his body, and every single step that he took was like a giant hammer blow on the competition platform, resulting in a string of violent booms.

The name of Tang Wulin's senior disciple brother was A'Ruheng, and there was a ferocious light shimmering within his flashing golden eyes. His aura was so powerful that it conjured up a massive humanoid projection behind him that was several dozens of meters tall.

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had seen anyone else aside from himself with such enormous blood essence power. As expected of the only man to have successfully cultivated the Body Sect's congenital secret method in the past several centuries! It could be said that A'Ruheng was a product of a century of accumulation from the Body Sect, and he was going to announce himself to the world during this competition.

In ancient times, the Body Sect was one of the most powerful sects on the entire continent, and it was even able to contend with the likes of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. However, due to the advancements of soul technology and the difficulty of cultivating the Body Sect's secret techniques, some of those techniques had been lost in the sands of time, and the Body Sect also gradually fell into obscurity.

Now, they had finally been blessed with A'Ruheng, who had successfully cultivated their congenital secret method, and the Body Sect was placing all of its eggs in one basket with him. The sect was going to give him its full support so he could gain enough influence on the continent and lead the Body Sect on a resurgence.

Soul Masters with body martial souls were very rare, and if the Body Sect couldn't recruit more disciples, the future would only become bleaker for them, and it wouldn't be impossible for the sect to disappear altogether someday.

At this moment, A'Ruheng's opponent was also undergoing a peculiar transformation. His eyes had turned green, and eight soul rings, two purple and six black, rose up from beneath his feet before revolving around his body. At the same time, a layer of green scales appeared all over his skin, and his body swelled to over three meters tall while a layer of green energy appeared around him.

A'Ruheng was the trump card of the Body Sect, and he had the nickname of Strength King in this competition. The opponent that he was facing had the nickname of Jade King, and his martial soul was the Crystalline Jade Qilin. Among all of the remaining participants, A'Ruheng didn't have the highest odds. In fact, his odds were even below Tang Wulin's, languishing down at dead last among the four semifinalists. In contrast, the one with the highest odds was none other than this Jade King!

The Crystalline Jade Qilin martial soul was a mutated martial soul that possessed an ancient bloodline. During ancient times, Qilins were even rarer than giant dragons, but their powers could be comparable to those of dragon kings. This Jade King had awakened a type of mutated Qilin bloodline, and his martial soul had been rated as the most powerful in the entire competition.

At the same time, he had displayed extremely powerful combat prowess that was well above the rest of the field, and that was why he had the highest odds.

This semifinal clash between Jade King and Strength King was undoubtedly going to be an extremely brutal encounter, and it garnered even more attention than the match between Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi. After all, Jade King was participating in this match.

A'Ruheng was rushing toward Jade King, while the latter only took a single step forward. A green halo of light spread from beneath his feet, quickly expanding to cover half of the entire competition platform in the blink of an eye. His opponent was naturally also encompassed within the halo.

Tang Wulin was immediately able to identify this as a domain!

Furthermore, it was an innate domain that was similar to his Violent Golden Dragon Domain, which meant that it came with his martial soul and wasn't a soul skill of his. Had this Jade King already attained a domain? How was A'Ruheng going to battle such a powerful opponent?

Sure enough, as soon as A'Ruheng rushed into the domain, he immediately seemed to have lost his sense of direction and charged off to the side.

The Illusionary Jade Domain was similar to a spiritual control domain that could confuse and control one's opponent to a very high degree.

After A'Ruheng rushed into the domain, Jade King's body swayed before splitting up into three clones that rushed toward A'Ruheng from different directions.

At this moment, A'Ruheng launched his fist through the air, triggering a violent deafening boom. At the same time, everything within a radius of several dozens of meters was instantly enshrouded under a burst of reddish-golden light.

His fist naturally struck nothing more than empty air, and a perplexed look appeared on his face. Right at this moment, Jade King's three projections appeared around him in three different directions before unleashing gentle palm strikes toward him.

As their palms traveled soundlessly through the air, their hands took on a glittering and translucent green color, making them appear as if they had turned into chunks of green jade.

"Thump, thump, thump!" Three dull thumps rang out in unison as the three green palms struck A'Ruheng's body at almost the exact same moment.

A'Ruheng shuddered, and the places on his body that had been struck quickly turned green. Furthermore, the green color began to spread over his entire body, and at the same time, Jade King's sixth soul ring had lit up.

It was quite clear that these gentle-looking palms weren't as simple as they appeared.

Was this forced crystallization? What a terrifying attack!

Tang Wulin was quite stunned to see this. This was clearly an attack unleashed through a culmination of his martial soul and bloodline power. It was able to crystallize his opponent's body, and once his opponent's body was completely crystallized, they would inevitably perish.

However, A'Ruheng didn't panic as everyone expected. His massive body seemed to have abruptly stiffened, immediately following which a strange sound rang out from his body.

"Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub!"

This was clearly a powerful heartbeat, and even though Tang Wulin was only watching this match through a soul screen, he could clearly feel his own heart rate accelerating along with A'Ruheng's heartbeat.

Right at this moment, an extremely astonishing turn of events unfolded. Jade King's body clearly stiffened momentarily, and countless agonized howls suddenly rang out from the spectator stands. Plumes of blood mist exploded one after another as large groups of spectators were felled like crops during a harvest.

What the hell was happening?

All of a sudden, countless bursts of reddish-golden light erupted from A'Ruheng's crystallized body. He abruptly turned around to appraise Jade King, and golden light erupted from within his eyes before shining directly upon Jade King's head.

Jade King stumbled back in retreat, and his Illusionary Jade Domain instantly dissipated. At the same time, A'Ruheng's fist was also flying toward him.

There were still three Jade Kings on the competition platform, but for some reason, after the powerful heartbeat sound had appeared, two of the clones had become illusionary and transparent, so A'Ruheng was naturally attacking his true body.

Jade King just barely managed to raise his arms as he tried to activate his seventh soul skill. However, right at this moment, all of the green light around A'Ruheng's body disappeared, and he abruptly stomped his right foot onto the ground. A violent boom rang out, and reddish-golden light suddenly erupted from Jade King's body.

A dazzling golden soul ring emerged from beneath A'Ruheng's feet, and it only had a diameter of around 10 meters, but that was enough to encompass Jade King within it as well.

At this moment, Jade King had only just managed to raise his arms to defend himself against A'Ruheng's oncoming fist. A Qilin projection appeared behind him, but it only appeared for an instant before it was completely pulverized.


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