Chapter 1073: The Sharpened Dragon Spear

Following his battle against Sima Jinchi, this feeling hadn't been very pronounced, but he immediately sensed that something was amiss following his battle against Bubble King the day before.

His Golden Dragon Spear seemed to have undergone a subtle transformation. In the beginning, he couldn't quite put his finger on what kind of transformation this was; all he could feel was that the Golden Dragon Spear seemed to be different somehow. Following his forging session, he had entered a tranquil state, and thus, he was able to identify just how it had changed.

The Golden Dragon Spear had become sharper. Sima Jinchi's Dragonslaying Saber had clearly benefited immensely from the stimulus provided by his Golden Dragon Spear, but what about his Golden Dragon Spear? What had it gained from that battle?

Only after some careful inspection did he gradually realize that the Dragonslaying Saber had been like a whetstone for his Golden Dragon Spear. Following every single clash, his Golden Dragon Spear became sharper, and it was truly coming into its own.

He was able to penetrate Bubble King's most powerful defenses, and that wasn't just because he had used his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion; another contributing factor was that his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion had become sharper than before.

In its current state, the Golden Dragon Spear was so sharp that one couldn't help but tremble in the wake of its aura. Even his spear intent had combined to a greater extent with his Golden Dragon Spear, and the two were truly beginning to fuse as one.

As it turned out, the Dragonslaying Saber and Golden Dragon Spear were a pair of symbiotic weapons that greatly benefitted one another, and this win-win situation naturally made him develop a very good impression of Sima Jinchi. If he ever got the opportunity to do so, he really wanted to meet Sima Jinchi in real life.

His Golden Dragon Spear was a divine weapon, and anything that could improve a divine weapon was an extremely rare and brilliant opportunity. Unfortunately for him, Sima Jinchi was all the way over at the Southern Legion, so he didn't have time to go and seek him out.

Perhaps if he had enough time following the conclusion of the competition, he could apply for some leave with Blood One and take Gu Yue to visit the Southern Legion. He would also be able to see how Zhengyu and Xiaoyan were going as well.

Wait a minute! Tang Wulin's body suddenly shuddered.

The clash between his Golden Dragon Spear and Sima Jinchi's Dragonslaying Saber had taken place in the Star Battle Net. No one could take anything out of the Star Battle Net aside from battle experience, so how had his Golden Dragon Spear become sharper in real life? That didn't make sense!

With that in mind, Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly. It was undoubtedly the case that facing the Dragonslaying Saber had allowed him to glean some of the secrets of his Golden Dragon Spear, and those secrets could very likely impact just how powerful his Golden Dragon Spear was going to become in the future.

It could be said that the Golden Dragon Spear was a part of his powers, and it was a very prominent part. If Tang Wulin were the Golden Dragon King, then the Golden Dragon Spear would be the fangs of the Golden Dragon King.

The sharper the fangs were, the more fearsome the Golden Dragon King's offensive prowess would be. But just how had the Dragonslaying Saber managed to sharpen the Golden Dragon Spear?

Indeed, Tang Wulin was already convinced that the improvement his Golden Dragon Spear had made stemmed from the Dragonslaying Saber, but he had no idea about the specific details behind this.

It appeared that he would have to find a way to meet Sima Jinchi no matter what. If his Dragonslaying Saber were also a divine weapon, then he would definitely be able to figure out what had happened once the two divine weapons came into contact with one another in real life.

After making that decision, Tang Wulin switched on the soul television in his room. He very rarely watched television, and as Blood Nine, his dormitory room appeared to be quite sparsely furnished, but all of the furniture that he had were of the highest quality. After flicking through a few channels, he quickly found what he was looking for.

At the center of the soul screen was a massive sports stadium, and not long after this, the countdown from five commenced.

Tang Wulin was undoubtedly very familiar with this countdown. That's right, he was watching the live broadcast of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition.

This was a Soul Master battle, and the two participants were appraising one another from afar.

One of them was extremely tall and broad with a musclebound body. The Star Battle Net made it impossible for one to glean the facial features of the participants, but his bulging muscles were quite clear for everyone to see. This man's figure was definitely extremely rare among normal people. He was over 250cm tall, and his shoulders were at least twice as wide as those of the average person. His arms were completely bare, and the muscles on them were downright terrifying. A series of snake-like blood vessels were visible under the surface of his skin, presenting a rather harrowing sight to behold.

Following the conclusion of the countdown, his hands abruptly balled up into tight fists, and spread his arms in a powerful motion, sending a massive shockwave erupting from his body.


His entire body quickly expanded in size, and a layer of crimson color appeared over his skin. This wasn't the color of crimson flames. Instead, it resembled the color of blood, and this only made him appear even more terrifying. A layer of fine patterns had also appeared over his crimson skin.

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly at the sight of these patterns, and golden light flashed through his pupils.

This was a secret technique of the Body Sect!

That's right, he was able to immediately identify that this hulking mountain of a man was currently using a secret technique of the Body Sect.

As a direct disciple of the Body Sect Master, how could he fail to recognize something like this?

This was an extremely aggressive and powerful secret technique that required one to bathe in countless spirit items and spirit medicines. From the moment one was born, they had to bathe in a certain solution for 10 years.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that bathing in spirit items would be an enjoyable experience. On the contrary, it was far more painful and torturous than the average person could imagine, and one had to experience this as an infant, so the agony would only be even further compounded.

This type of Body Sect secret technique was known as the congenital body refinement method, and it was even more powerful than the cultivation method Tang Wulin had adopted.

It had already been too late for Tang Wulin to use the congenital body refinement method, so Mu Ye used the most difficult acquired secret technique on him. It did enhance his body significantly, but it was still nowhere near the level of enhancement one would receive from the congenital body refinement method.

Not only was the congenital secret method extremely painful, the amount of resources required to facilitate it was quite staggering, even for a powerful sect like the Body Sect. It would take them around 100 years to gather a batch of spirit items required to enact this secret method once, and if the infant's body were unable to handle the process or they possessed insufficient mental fortitude, then the secret technique would fail, and the child would perish, while the spirit medicines were completely wasted.

This congenital secret method was also the reason behind the Body Sect's steady decline. During the past 400 years, not even a single infant had managed to successfully endure this process. That was until this generation, where the secret method had finally been successfully implemented on the man on the screen.

This was the senior disciple brother whom Tang Wulin had never met, and he was also Mu Ye's disciple. He had cultivated the congenital secret technique of the Body Sect from birth, and he was the future hope of the Body Sect. The entire sect was hoping to see him recover the former glory of the Body Sect.

Unfortunately with the inventions of battle armor, mechas, and all types of modern weapons, the powers of Soul Masters were no longer as important, and as such it would be very difficult for the Body Sect to make a resurgence on the back of one person. However, there was hope, at the very least.

Mu Ye had once told Tang Wulin that when he had first taken Tang Wulin as his disciple, he was nurturing him to be the replacement for his senior disciple brother. If his senior disciple brother were to perish, at the very least, the Body Sect would still have a pure heir.

The congenital secret method required one to bathe in spirit items for 10 years, and after that, they had to cultivate for more than 10 years to truly control their own body. If one could succeed, then they would automatically become the heir to the master of the Body Sect.

Even though Tang Wulin's senior disciple brother had succeeded, he had heard from Mu Ye that this hadn't been a perfect success.

He possessed extraordinary mental fortitude and aptitude, both of which were imperative to his success, but the only issue was that his brain didn't seem to work that well. To put it in simpler terms, he was very gullible and had certain personality flaws.

Mu Ye had asked Tang Wulin to look after this senior disciple brother of his if he were to ever go out into the world.

It was undoubtedly the case that his senior disciple brother had successfully cultivated the Body Sect's congenital secret method, and he was displaying an extremely high level of power.

Tang Wulin was staring at the match taking place on the screen with rapt focus. He had to watch carefully as his senior disciple brother was most likely going to be his opponent in the grand final that was taking place the next day.

That's right, the grand final of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition was very likely going to be an internal Body Sect battle, and Tang Wulin knew that Mu Ye was most definitely in a very good mood right now.

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