Chapter 1070: Impervious

Right at this moment, the violent explosions were finally beginning to die down, and Tang Wulin's mecha crashed down onto the ground with a resounding boom near the edge of the competition platform.

The Bluesilver Emperor vines around the mecha had already been charred black, making them resemble the blackened skin of a roasted potato.

However, these Bluesilver Emperor vines were then withdrawn into the mecha, and in the process, they shed what appeared to be layers of black skin. The light emanating from them had clearly dimmed significantly, but the attacks hadn't been enough to destroy those vines.

However, Tang Wulin's mecha was currently in quite a sorry state. Its left arm had already been completely destroyed, and its protective barrier was non-existent. There were many damaged areas all over the mecha, and there were even some swaying parts. Erratic light flashed from the unstable circuits of the mecha, and it looked as if it could explode at any moment.

Bubble King sat within the pilot room of his mecha with his eyes slightly narrowed. 

Is it still not over? Can you still take more of my attacks? How many more attacks can you withstand? 

He was a rank 87 Soul Douluo, so there most likely weren't many participants in the entire Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition with cultivation ranks that outstripped his.

His propeller was activated, and his mecha quickly rose up into the air before hurtling directly toward Tang Wulin. At the same time, another massive bubble materialized around the mecha.

Right at this moment, a voice that was intentionally being made to sound deeper than normal rang out from within the opposing mecha. "What is the weakness of your martial soul?" Just that one sentence caused Bubble King's mecha to falter slightly.

"Let's hypothesize that your martial soul has no weakness. In that case, you would've also entered the Soul Master battle discipline and swept the competition there as well, so what are you afraid of? Perhaps you're already used to using a mecha to protect yourself, and that would indicate that your powerful martial soul has a very fatal weakness. In the real world, you've been using your mecha to mask that weakness, so you're an exceptional mecha pilot, but nowhere near as outstanding a Soul Master and battle armor master, is that correct?"

Tang Wulin's voice continued to ring out, and Bubble King's mecha slowed down further and further in as it flew through the air.

"So what is your weakness? It must be something that's very fatal and easy to discover. Otherwise, you wouldn't be so fearful and sensitive. Let me guess; your bubbles are kind of like rubber balls in a way. Rubber is impervious to water, and possessed great defensive properties as well as exceptional elasticity. You can even use it as a bomb, so it's extremely versatile and combines both attack and defense into one. However, I believe it must have a fatal weakness. Rubber may be impervious to water, but what about fire?"

When Tang Wulin uttered that final word, Bubble King's mecha clearly faltered, and it even swayed slightly in mid-air.

Fire! That's right, rubber was susceptible to fire, so it was very likely that his bubbles were also weak to fire. This Bubble King was indeed very powerful and also possessed an extremely outlandish battle style, but what if his bubbles possessed the same weakness as rubber did?

Tang Wulin hadn't deduced all of this from the very beginning. Instead, he had rapidly analyzed the situation and was articulating his words to buy himself time to think.

As he followed this train of thought and articulated his line of thinking, his eyes lit up further and further. That's right, rubber was susceptible to fire, so it was very likely that fire was his martial soul's weakness!

As expected, Bubble King's mecha had faltered slightly, clearly indicating that he had been affected by this analysis.

However, right at this moment, Bubble King's voice rang out from within his mecha. "How naive! If you have fire attribute abilities, you can give them a try!"

Another bubble emerged around his mecha as he spoke, and he flew directly toward Tang Wulin again.

Did Tang Wulin have any fire abilities? Of course not. His Golden Dragon King power could only manifest light that was similar to flames, but it wasn't actual fire. However, just because he didn't have any fire didn't mean that he couldn't procure it from alternative sources.

A burst of black light suddenly expanded in front of Tang Wulin's mecha, and it instantly towered over his generic mecha. As soon as the gigantic figure appeared, all of the spectators erupted into a frenzy.

That thing was way too massive! Only the extremely few people who had watched Tang Wulin's matches in the western competition region were aware that he could summon such a thing.

The gargantuan creature was over 70 meters tall, and it was gently flapping a pair of disproportionately tiny wings on its back. It opened its cavernous mouth before blasting forth a burst of scorching flames directly toward the oncoming bubble.

The bubble abruptly stopped in the face of the burst of flames.

Just as Tang Wulin was hoping that the bubble would melt in the face of his Tyrant Dragon soul spirit's flames, light suddenly flashed before the bubble abruptly accelerated. It then enveloped the Tyrant Dragon's dragon's head before quickly turning red and exploding violently.

The Tyrant Dragon's massive body stumbled backward a couple of steps in the aftermath of the explosion, and it was shaking its huge head vigorously as if it were a little dizzy.

The bubbles weren't susceptible to fire?

The Tyrant Dragon had blocked the attack for Tang Wulin, but it also proved that his theory had been incorrect; Bubble King's martial soul wasn't susceptible to fire! It was truly impervious!

How was this possible? Could it really be that it possessed no weaknesses? That simply didn't make any sense!

At this point, Bubble King had already released a second bubble, immediately followed by a third. One of the bubbles flew toward the Tyrant Dragon while the other flew toward Tang Wulin. Both of them were flying through the air on curved trajectories, and his control was quite exemplary.

No, there had to be a weakness.

Tang Wulin forced his own mecha to rise to its feet, then hurled his Golden Dragon Spear through the air to puncture the oncoming bubble.

But if neither fire nor water was the answer, then what could this weakness be?

Bubble King didn't care what Tang Wulin was thinking. In his current martial soul true body state, his bubbles had become extremely powerful, and he released another bubble, which was quickly expanding around him.

Tang Wulin summoned his Golden Dragon Spear back to himself before appraising Bubble King's mecha with rapt focus.

After the Tyrant Dragon warded off the second bubble, it abruptly stepped forward before charging directly toward Bubble King's mecha, using its own massive body to attack it. It had already raised its huge tail, and even with Bubble King's immense defensive prowess, he definitely wouldn't enjoy being struck by a whip from that tail. This was a being that was truly like a Great Beast!

He released another bubble, and at this moment, Tang Wulin was carefully observing his every move. He suddenly discovered that prior to Bubble King's bubbles being released, there was clearly some kind of light shimmering within the bubbles. Even though the light was very faint, Tang Wulin still managed to catch sight of it for an instant.

What was that? Was he injecting his soul skills into these bubbles? Just what was he so afraid of and trying so desperately to hide?

He was situated within the mecha, so he couldn't be seen from the outside. Could it be that he was trying to hide his appearance as he released his soul skills? Did that mean that his weakness only emerged when he was releasing his soul skills?

With that in mind, a thought suddenly occurred to Tang Wulin.

Perhaps it was...

He hurled his Golden Dragon Spear through the air again, but in contrast with the previous bubbles, this one was extremely sticky; his Golden Dragon Spear managed to pierce through it, but it was also trapped within it. The bubble then descended onto the ground, and the Golden Dragon Spear was unable to break free in a short time, thereby rendering Tang Wulin completely weaponless.

In the eyes of the spectators, Tang Wulin had lost his weapon and was like a vulnerable lamb who was completely at Bubble King's mercy.

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