Chapter 107 - Pondering the Golden Dragon Claw

Chapter 107 - Pondering the Golden Dragon Claw

Long Hengxu said with sparkling eyes, “With geniuses such as them, an ordinary teacher wouldn’t be enough. As such, let’s establish a special class in addition to the five classes we already have. The geniuses of this class will have the academy’s strongest teacher to guide them from the intermediate division all the way into the advanced division. That way, they’ll spend at least eight, no, nine years in the academy. As long as we guide them properly, the shining future of our Eastsea Academy’s success will be just around the corner!”

Yu Zhen pondered over it for a while. He had to say that Long Hengxu’s words moved him. A special class for cultivating geniuses with the backing of all of the academy’s resources… With this year’s new students and their unique talents, this proposal would give the academy a chance to truly shine in the future. If that happened, then the academy would be able to recruit even more talented new students.

He envied those first-rate academies in major cities that were able to recruit students from all over the federation. This was exactly one of the reasons why the strong stayed strong.

Although Eastsea Academy was in a major city flourishing with business due to the ocean’s resources, many students were still dissuaded from picking the academy due to its location in a corner of the continent and the nature of the surrounding terrain. Overall, Eastsea Academy could only be considered a rank within the lower middle rankings when compared with the rest of the continent. It wasn’t remarkable at all.

Perhaps this year’s new students truly were a turning point for them?

“Which teacher do you think is most suitable then?” Implementing this plan would be fairly easy, but the creation of the special class would necessitate pouring all of the academy's strength into cultivating this class.

Long Hengxu had clearly decided on someone long ago as he said without the slightest hesitation, “Let’s assign Teacher Wu Zhangkong to this class. He is the strongest within the academy, and the result of the tournament was clearly influenced by his teaching ability. When he was still in the advanced division, he didn’t conform to the group and isolated himself from the other teachers, never displaying his full strength. I think it will be most fitting for him to train these few elite students instead.”

“En.” Yu Zhen nodded. “I agree with your plan. I’ll go make a proposal to the board of directors. Alright then, you may leave now.”

Long Hengxu respectfully said, “President, I’ll take my leave then.” He rejoiced within his heart. The president had surely been swayed by his attractive words and this matter had now come to a close without any disciplinary actions against him. His calculating methods were actually meant to allow him to shirk his responsibilities. Of course, he did have some hopes for this new class.

When Tang Wulin awoke from his meditation, he was gifted with the sight of dawn.

Xie Xie hadn’t returned yet as he was recuperating in the infirmary. Zhou Zhangxi and Yun Xiao were both still meditating. With the provocation of class five’s continuous victories, everyone was now diligently cultivating with renewed vigor.

Tang Wulin’s body was brimming with a power that made him want to face the sky and just scream.

Ever since he had broken the seal, he hadn’t had any time to carefully inspect the changes in his body until now. He subconsciously began to stare at his hands. On the surface they appeared exactly the same as before, but in reality, his skin had become fairer. When he touched his skin, it was also a great deal more elastic.

His soul power had risen by at least one rank while his control over his soul power had also grown much stronger due to his spiritual power increasing too.

In the end, Tang Wulin wasn’t sure exactly how much his power had increased. After all, he had never tested himself in this way before.

Is this the power of the first seal on the Golden Dragon King?

When he recalled his use of the Golden Dragon King’s power the day before, he began to concentrate on wielding that power once more, and very naturally, a familiar feeling reappeared within his right arm.

Immediately, a layer of convex, rhombus-shaped golden scales, covered his right arm like a layer of armor. At the same time, the feeling of power within his arm increased explosively, yet his right hand hadn’t completely transformed into the Golden Dragon Claw.

The Golden Dragon King’s aura was exposed while Tang Wulin continuously and meticulously circulated his soul power and strength toward his right hand. It was only then that the bones within his right hand started to show a change. His hand slowly swelled in size and dragon claws grew from his fingernails. Apart from the feeling of immense power, he could also feel a tyrannical aura being emitted.

This was the transformation that came from breaking the first seal on the Golden Dragon King. His right arm, now covered in golden scales, had doubled in strength. Moreover, the Golden Dragon Claw could further increase his right hand’s strength by another fold in addition to its crushing ability.

It really does feel powerful.

Now that he unleashed the Golden Dragon King’s power outside of battle, he was able to clearly inspect the changes that occurred within his body.

The most obvious change was to his soul power. His soul power was now being consumed at an astonishing rate. After only several breaths of time, a third of his soul power had already been used up.

According to the current consumption speed, he could only sustain his Golden Dragon Claw for about ten seconds.

Just as he expected, a wave of weakness overcame him at the ten second mark and his right hand returned to normal. Yet, the power of the golden dragon scales was still there.

He suddenly had an epiphany. The Golden Dragon Claw required the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power and his soul power to sustain it, but the golden dragon scales only required the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power.

If it’s like this, then I had been really lucky to defeat Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi yesterday!

Looking back upon that battle, he realized that Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi couldn’t completely control their soul fusion skill, so he was lucky to have been able to use his Golden Dragon Claw at just the right time to counter them. The Bone Dragon King was also of the dragon bloodline, so in the face of the Golden Dragon King, it had been suppressed and received double the effects of Tang Wulin’s strikes. This was the reason why he had been able to win after two strikes.

In other words, the reason he had been able to win was because his Golden Dragon King bloodline was able to suppress Wang Jinxi’s Bone Dragon King.

I’m still not strong enough! If my opponent had fought with me a bit longer and realized that I couldn’t sustain the Golden Dragon Claw for long, then he could have won by simply evading my attacks and waiting for my soul power to run out!

Despite his harsh self-judgement, Tang Wulin wasn’t depressed at all. When he compared himself with his past self, he had still gained much from breaking through the first seal. His body’s strength and overall power had increased, and the dragon scales could further increase his right arm’s strength. He now had the explosive power of the Golden Dragon Claw.

In short, his gains had been pretty good. At the very least, he could no longer be considered trash.

Oh right, Goldlight experienced a transformation as well.

Recalling this, Tang Wulin wanted to release his little spirit soul to take a look. He shook his head in disappointment, however, as his soul power had already been exhausted, and he wasn’t even able to release his martial soul, much less his spirit soul! His current cultivation was still too weak!

Breaking the first seal had helped him with his cultivation somewhat, but he was still only at rank 13. Moreover, everyone else was around rank 20 now. He was afraid that the gap between them would just keep growing larger and larger.

More effort! I need to put in more effort!

He leapt down from his bed, his mind crystal clear. Careful not to disturb his roommates, Tang Wulin quietly went to go wash his face and drink a glass of water before going out for a jog. It was the start of a new day, and warming up was first.

He ran laps around the track in the sports field and shouted out, “I am as lithe as a swallow!”

He had always been good at running, but after absorbing a part of the Golden Dragon King’s soul, a normal pace was simply too slow for him now. The scenery continuously flitted past him, the cool wind brushing against his cheeks. This refreshing feeling gave both his body and mind a sense of freedom and indescribable comfort.

Right at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. As Tang Wulin was currently engrossed with this experience, however, by the time he reacted, he had already collided with this person.

A pure voice called out, “Be careful!” Tang Wulin felt a gentle force move his body, causing him to spin around in circles, dispersing all of his kinetic energy.

Tang Wulin didn’t grow dizzy due to his powerful body, but when he stopped spinning and was able to look at the figure before him, he still experienced a split second of vertigo.

In front of him was a tall and slender girl. Tang Wulin could be considered tall among his peers, but he was still only ten years old. The girl in front of him looked to be about fourteen or fifteen years old and was already beginning to turn into a woman. She wore a pink tracksuit which offset her milky white skin and her long blue hair that was collected into a bundle with a comb.

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