Chapter 1068: Bubble King vs Spear King

Someone had once said that with his strange martial soul, even if he were to participate in the Soul Master battle discipline, he'd most likely still make it to the top 16. However, it appeared that he only applied for the mecha battle discipline. If he had applied for the Soul Master battle discipline, his outlandish martial soul would've immediately been identified.

This was the semifinal match between Bubble King and Spear King!

Tang Wulin slowly raised his spear. He didn't dare to drop his guard for even a single instant against this strange opponent. No one could make it to the semifinal stage through dumb luck alone, so this was definitely going to be a formidable opponent. Being able to face such a strange yet powerful opponent was going to be good training for him.

"Five, four, three, two, one, begin!"

Following the announcement from the electronic voice, the semifinal match finally began!

Tang Wulin immediately activated his mecha's propeller, sending it hurtling toward his opponent like lightning. His spear was pointed forward and emanating a powerful aura.

Meanwhile, Bubble King remained rooted to the spot, and no one knew what he was doing, but the two mechas were quickly drawing closer to one another. Tang Wulin's mecha was in full flight and exuded an intimidating aura. In stark contrast, Bubble King's mecha was releasing no energy fluctuations whatsoever, looking as if it were a lamb resigned to the slaughter.

Tang Wulin adjusted his soul power fluctuations and bloodline aura, preparing to deal with any attacks that his opponent threw at him. There was no way that his opponent was actually standing on the spot, idly twiddling his thumbs; it was just that Tang Wulin didn't know what tactics he was going to employ. This Bubble King had the most diverse battle style among all of the mecha battle participants, and Ling Wuyue had been eliminated by him.

Tang Wulin could still recall the unbridled resentment in Ling Wuyue's voice as she described Bubble King. During their battle, he had used a few bubbles to trap her boomerangs, leaving her completely powerless, thereby resulting in a quick loss.

The distance between the two mechas was quickly being closed down. To mechas, even if they were to start from a complete standstill, it would only take no more than a span of three breaths to cover a distance of several hundred meters.

Right at this moment, Bubble King finally sprang into action. A layer of pink light suddenly appeared over the surface of his mecha, and immediately thereafter, the pink light expanded to form a massive bubble with a diameter of over 50 meters, enshrouding his entire mecha within it.

If Tang Wulin were to continue to forge ahead, he would crash directly into the bubble.

At a time like this, he had to display his control as a mecha pilot. The propeller on his mecha's back was immediately turned off, and at the same time, he was able to force his mecha to veer slightly off course through his manipulation of his soul power and bloodline power output. Even though it was only a slight change, it allowed his mecha to slide past the huge pink bubble rather than crash into it headfirst.

Tang Wulin swung his spear around before thrusting it toward the massive bubble, using its sharp point to puncture the bubble's surface.

He could only stick to what he was good at in order to better attack his opponent. Bubble King was renowned as the most unpredictable participant of the mecha battle competition, so Tang Wulin wasn't going to rush nor allow complacency to set in.

His spear struck the bubble, and the latter caved in, but it was extremely flexible and supple. One had to realize that Tang Wulin had unleashed his spear thrust after charging forward with his mecha. Even though he hadn't used any soul skills to bolster it, the momentum of his mecha still made this an extremely powerful attack. However, the bubble was able to display astonishing defensive capabilities.

Not only that, but an even more peculiar turn of events unfolded immediately thereafter. As soon as the bubble was struck by the spear, it adhered to the spear, and as Tang Wulin controlled his own mecha to rush off to the side, the bubble instantly began to elongate as it was being drawn toward the spear.

All of a sudden, a faint light flashed from Bubble King's mecha, and the massive bubble completely detached itself from his mecha. It then followed Tang Wulin's mecha and extended along Tang Wulin's spear, quickly attempting to encompass his mecha.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that being enshrouded within this bubble definitely wouldn't be good news. During Bubble King's previous battles, all of his opponents who had been caught in his bubbles suffered quick losses.

Tang Wulin's heart stirred in response to this sudden development. The best way to deal with the current situation was to abandon his spear to break off his connection with the bubble. However, he didn't immediately do that.

The spear in his hand shuddered, and immediately thereafter, a series of Bluesilver Emperor vines emerged from the gaps on his mecha, forming a series of brand new spears that forcibly kept the bubble away, preventing it from approaching his mecha.

The Bluesilver Emperor vines were quickly elongating, and the bubble was quite gigantic, but its diameter couldn't compare with the length of the Bluesilver Emperor vines in the end. Thus, Bluesilver Emperor vines managed to keep the bubble away to the side of the mecha.

However, it was also right at this moment that the massive bubble suddenly began to turn red.

This was a very short process that only lasted for seemingly the blink of an eye, and in the next instant, the bubble exploded. A violent boom rang out as powerful shockwaves surged through the air, crashing directly into Tang Wulin's mecha. The mecha was immediately sent flying to the side while its protective barrier flashed erratically.

Applause and cheers finally began to ring out from the spectator stands. Perhaps they were cheering for Tang Wulin's handling of the situation or perhaps for Bubble King's outlandish battle style.

The Bluesilver Emperor vines reared up in all directions from the explosion, but it had to be said that the caliber of the Bluesilver Emperor could already compare with that of the most powerful martial souls; even in the face of the such a violent explosion, the vines remained completely unscathed.

Everything had taken place in a very short time. All the spectators saw was the two mechas pass by one another, following which Bubble King passed on a massive bubble to Tang Wulin. After that, the bubble exploded, and Tang Wulin's mecha was sent flying as a result.

At this point, Bubble King's mecha had already turned around, and an identical bubble appeared around its body. At the same time, the mecha's propeller was activated, and it rushed directly toward Tang Wulin's mecha. Furthermore, it seemed as if he were aiming to crash directly into his opponent.

Following that previous clash, Tang Wulin was very cautious, but also quite intrigued. As expected, this Bubble King's abilities really were quite extraordinary. Those bubbles were made from an unknown substance, and they possessed both offensive and defensive prowess, as well as a certain degree of controlling ability.

If he had been enveloped within the bubble before it was detonated, then it definitely wouldn't have been as easy to withstand that attack. He was very curious about this strange martial soul, and he was further convinced of the notion that there were definitely no slouches in the semifinals. Furthermore, from the soul power fluctuations that Bubble King had released during this battle, Tang Wulin could sense that he was most likely an eight-ring Soul Douluo.

He really was an extremely powerful mecha pilot; it was no wonder that even Ling Wuyue had lost to him.

As opposed to taking evasive measures to avoid his oncoming opponent, Tang Wulin decided to return the favor by showing Bubble King the power of his martial soul.

The dispersed Bluesilver Emperor vines converged, and just as his opponent was about to reach him, he unleashed his Bluesilver Impaling Array. A vast expanse of Bluesilver Emperor vines abruptly erupted, not just from the ground, but also from Tang Wulin's mecha. These Bluesilver Emperor vines hurtled directly toward Bubble King's mecha like sharp spears.

Bubble King reacted extremely quickly. In the instant that the Bluesilver Emperor vines appeared, his mecha abruptly changed directions, taking virtually a 90-degree turn to fly directly upward.

One had to realize that this maneuver completely defied the laws of physics, and under normal circumstances, with the tolerance capacity of these generic mechas, that maneuver would've definitely damaged its joints.

However, Bubble King had pulled this off, and he made it look very easy.

Was this due to the buoyancy of his bubbles? Tang Wulin almost instantly formulated this theory.

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