Chapter 1065: I Won?

All of sudden, it was as if the entire competition platform had been severed, and countless crisscrossing cracks began to appear over the entire platform. The chaotic cracks spread along the entire stage while the gigantic purple saber descended from above.

Strangely enough, there were not resounding crashing noises, but in that instant, it was as if the entire competition platform had caved in. The protective barrier over the competition platform was instantly pulverized, and the raucous cheers from the spectators had transformed into cries of horror and alarm. Large groups of audience members who were closest to the platform were instantly destroyed, and a gigantic ball of light was hovering at the very center of the platform. 

Terrifying explosions and shockwaves continued to erupt, and within what mere moments, at least half of all of the spectators had been killed. Even those who weren't killed on the spot were flung up into different directions by the violent explosions before crashing down from above.

The commentators' voices had abruptly cut off. Something like this had never happened in the Star Battle Net before!

It was undoubtedly the case that this was a major catastrophe! These were paying audience members, yet they were being killed on the spot!

Even though this was only a simulated match, it was definitely not a good feeling to be paying money just to experience what it was like to die. This was undoubtedly a design flaw of the Star Battle Net, and the tolerance of the Star Battle Net competition platform had been overestimated. In the face of a clash of this caliber, even the competition platform itself had been completely destroyed.

What was going on?

At the Blood God Battalion.

All of the Blood Gods were completely flabbergasted. Never did they think that they'd be treated to such a "spectacular" scene.

Blood Nine's lips twitched at the sight of the violently beating heart behind Tang Wulin. Had he already improved so much in less than a month?

Wild Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi was still only an eight-ring Soul Douluo, but he knew that even though he was a Titled Douluo, there was a good chance that he would lose in a battle against Sima Jinchi, yet Tang Wulin was able to fight on par with him.

What did it entail for the entire competition platform to be destroyed? It entailed that their clash had exceeded the tolerance limit of the Star Battle Net. The official announcement from the federation was that the Star Battle Net competition platform's tolerance limit was a full-power attack from a three-word battle armor master!

As such, one could imagine the caliber of the clash between Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi.

The giant ball of light only gradually vanished after around half a minute, and the spectator stands had been reduced to ruins. The spectators that were still were alive all howling with pain and distress, and less than a tenth of the entire audience had survived!

At the epicenter of the explosion, the entire competition platform had already caved in by over 100 meters, but there were still two figures standing on it.

Tang Wulin's Dragon Moon battle armor was riddled with countless saber marks, and he was gripping tightly onto his Golden Dragon Spear as a crutch to support himself.

Sima Jinchi was also in quite a sorry state. His suit of battle armor was damaged in many places, and he was also having to use his Dragonslaying Saber as a crutch, but his aura was only continuing to swell without showing any signs of being on the wane. What was even more remarkable was that the faint projection of a giant white dragon had appeared behind him.

"Haha, this is it! I've finally found it! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Sima Jinchi suddenly burst into raucous elated laughter, and in contrast, Tang Wulin couldn't even utter a single sound at this point.

Had he lost?

A sense of bitterness welled up in his heart. Sima Jinchi's saber soul was simply far too powerful. He had already unleashed the most powerful Fury of the Masses he was capable of prior to attaining a spear soul, but it appeared that Sima Jinchi was clearly in far better condition than he was in.

However, what was really perplexing to him was that even though Sima Jinchi had also been severely wounded, his soul power fluctuations were even more potent than when the battle first began! This simply didn't make any sense!

"Wait for me!" Sima Jinchi suddenly raised his head to appraise Tang Wulin with an intense gaze.

His eyes were filled with a sense of frenetic emotion, and Tang Wulin was rather perplexed to see this.

Just as he was about to say something, Sima Jinchi's body suddenly vanished into specks of golden light.

Was that a forced disconnect? Had he withdrawn from the match?

Tang Wulin stared blankly at the spot where Sima Jinchi had been standing just a moment ago. At the same time, the electronic voice rang out beside his ears. "The victory goes to Number 33?"

I won? 

Could it be that Sima Jinchi was already a spent force? That didn't make sense! He really was radiating immense soul power fluctuations, as well as an extremely powerful will. Tang Wulin could even sense that Sima Jinchi had made some kind of significant breakthrough during their battle, and following that breakthrough, Tang Wulin had to admit that he was no match for him.

However, he had suddenly forfeited the match and given up on the chance to claim one of the top two spots in this competition.

Tang Wulin had never won under such inexplicable and farcical circumstances before, and a peculiar look appeared on his face. He was planning to give it everything he had and fight till his final breath, but who would've thought that the victory would simply be handed to him?

At the Blood God Battalion.

Blood One looked on at the scenes unfolding before his eyes in a flabbergasted manner. He had given Tang Wulin a mission to become the final champion, but he was never actually going to hold him to this!

Tang Wulin had clearly already lost this match, and he had lost quite comprehensively. He was well aware of Sima Jinchi's reputation in the military; he was known as the number one warrior of the Southern Legion. Regardless of what kind of battlefield he was on, he was always wielding nothing more than his saber. He renounced all types of modern technology, yet very few people could defeat him. 

However, he had just conceded this match! All of the information Blood One had surrounding Sima Jinchi indicated that he was an extremely competitive individual, and even in the Southern Legion, he was feared by everyone.

No one wanted to interact with him, and his only hobbies were fighting, fighting, and fighting.

However, he had just conceded this match after clearly gaining the upper hand!

The communication system of the competition had already been destroyed, so only Tang Wulin had heard Sima Jinchi's parting words.

Nevertheless, the outcome had been decided, Golden Dragon King had secured victory and progressed to the grand final!

He really had won!

At the Southern Legion.

Xu Xiaoyan was staring blankly at the screen before her. Had Sima Jinchi just been defeated by their captain?

As a member of the Southern Legion, she was more aware than anyone of just how fearsome Sima Jinchi was. Even the generals in the legion tried to avoid him as much as he could. He had no friends or family; all he had was his Dragonslaying Saber.

All he did all day every day was cultivate, and despite his senior colonel rank, he didn't have so much as a single soldier under his command, so that military rank was completely just for show.

However, he was always the Southern Legion's trump card whenever the military held military-wide competitions, and the name of Saber Demon was synonymous with invincibility during those competitions. He was truly invincible below the Titled Douluo stage!

He only had the second-highest odds in the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition because the one with the highest odds possessed extremely outlandish abilities, but in terms of actual combat prowess, even the one with the highest odds may not be a match for him!

However, he had lost, and the one who defeated him was none other than their captain.

Sima Jinchi was almost twice his age, yet he had still been defeated!

Xu Xiaoyan took a deep breath, and her blood began to churn within her body. In this instant, she truly understood why Yue Zhengyu had made the decision to undergo the holy cleansing despite how painful it was.

Is Captain already this powerful? 

If they didn't chase him with all their might, they were going to be left behind.

No, I can't be so self-satisfied anymore! I have to become more powerful so I don't weigh down my friends! 

Xu Xiaoyan abruptly rose to her feet, and an extremely determined look appeared in her eyes. She had thought of a place that was most suitable for her cultivation. This place wasn't in the south. Instead...

It's about time I left. Zhengyu, wait for me! 

The massive room was furnished in an extremely lavish manner, but at the same time, it gave off an antiquated and refined air. This was the result of the passage of time, and it reflected the true wealth of nobility.

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